When We Last Spoke…

When we last spoke Mr. T was back from church camp and cheer camp, I was back from my Vegas birthday party trip, had completed my challenge of 40 Random Acts of Kindness before my 40th birthday and discovered I was getting older.

We shall not discuss me getting older.

Since then we’ve been just as busy!

First, there was the fund raiser for the cheerleaders – look at Mr. T striking a pose!

Cheerleading fundraiser car wash

And several of the girls were happy when the Shelby showed up!


Right after that I went to our family birthday party for me and the Twin’s.  Because you can never have too many birthday parties!

birthday party

Jayman checking out his gift.

birthday party

Samantha super cute and excited over her gift. Birthday party Bella asking if I need any help0102dc9c5a40f91352d71d726ef084716cc79fea6c

And Joshua just jumping in to help me unwrap my gift!

The winner of the funniest gift goes to my parents.  They got me a “Cut Glove”

cut glove

It is designed to keep your hand safe when using sharp objects.

Baby blue

Which, we all know, I need all the help I can get!  (This picture is from several months ago when I sliced my finger open!)

The very next day I left for a four day work conference in San Antonio.  I am fortunate that several of my friends are also colleagues and we have fun – but more importantly, they are almost always up to driving me around carpooling.  At this conference I meet with clients, meet potential clients, and do lots and lots of training.  I try and hit every manufacture and rep group that is there and learn about the new equipment and get refreshers on the existing.  I did manage to get in some socializing time, as well.  🙂

Look! A car on a car!


No flash, but one of the work parties was a Guns N Roses theme.  In case you were wondering, I’m not dressed up! I’m just naturally that rockin’! 01bb6ac18eb130be2d3ed73053c3a0a7771b7e8aa9

Check this out! It’s a Pirate Pigeon!  We had fun watching him one day at lunch time! 01a5aa0376b31dc21fd2360b72125f22a41d057b4d 01ca5a507ea4105a5d9c61ca06d8de71da2f8790ee Here is BA winning a contest at Coyote Ugly.  I’ve never been in this bar, but IT WAS JUST LIKE THE MOVIE!! I even had to duck when I ordered a glass of water – she had the soda gun aimed right at me!  I begged and pleaded, and she spared me! (This only makes sense if you’ve seen the movie – but trust me, I was almost drenched!)01b85db90470e00eb4c3f49561b9b9c6168b2e4a1c The view from my hotel room.  The strip of water below is part of The Riverwalk 01939db6759a6798d602a9a3d89f6c6c11585e1c01Little drink… big straw!  I got the straw for my birthday from the bar.  Because again, you can never have too many birthday parties!
01036c373659283d98e80bd6e9f93c30de68c6b73a And this is what we do when we are breaking down the booth but the truck isn’t at the dock yet!  I didn’t have the booth, but my wonderful car pool buddy did, and I was just along for the ride!


I made it home safely and had one day to catch up at work and home and then jumped right into the Annual 4th of July Family Reunion!  This event is hosted by my parents every year, for over 25 years now, and it while it takes some time and effort to get the house and yard ready and the food prepped and cooked, it is so worth it!  We had so much fun!  And a really good turn out!

We broke in a new pool float!

018609932f739b60572ef2b0bd870f45d502036559 015a9d6b5d5302c0eebac5ebc03a53289ac5dc527d

Gathering in the kitchen
0121095222b633bd8c2663176aa43f2ad7d49dca91 010b8a59b674661e9af61dba3891824977b93544a0

Check out my Pinterest inspired fruit dish! I was pretty jazzed over it!


Dad’s homemade ice cream is second only to his BBQ Ribs!
01d0da9739e21825f6282f32e1044ac1646c10325c 01ffd33e1fb961c49b1274827d9cd4749961bdc52e 01d72c4f4084a38958366da020bef200187cdd744f


So, that was my last two weeks!  And for everyone who invited me to participate in an event or blog hop, I hope you will forgive me for turning your invitation down – there was no way I was fitting any more on my plate last month!  But, we had So. Much. Fun!  I’ll trade the lack of sleep for all of the memories made!