Internet Tips and Tricks

Thanks to the World Wide Web, we have a ton of information at our fingertips!

For example, did you know there is a proper order to put your make up on?


Thanks to Lenacy you now have it all in one handy dandy diagram.

Want to know how I put on make up? Slather on foundation, curl lashes, line and color lids, smear on blush.  Put up make up bag.  Get make up bag back out cause you forgot mascara.  If I have time, I might paint on some eyebrows to even mine up.  That’s a mighty big “IF”.


Thanks to Fit Body HQ, you can now have the Ultimate Butt.

I’ll tell you honestly that I don’t have a clue what a glute bride/hip thrust is.  I thought that was a dance move I learned in middle school, and normally a grunt was part of the move.  And whatever Bulgarian Split Squats are – they sound painful.


Oh how I wish!  I’d love to do a cute cheese tray like Real Simple suggests; however, is it wrong to tell you that it would be lost on my friends?  No offense friends – but you gotta admit, you’d look at that and go “Kate has too much time on her hands!”  You guys love the jalepeno/grape/cheese cube that Amy puts together for the parties (which I showed her, by the way!) and really, no matter how good the Mountain Gorgonzola is, it can’t compete.  (P.S. when you see Gorgonzola dressing on a menu – it’s just blue cheese dressing.) (You’re welcome.)


Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens, we learn that the proper way to serve buffalo wing bits is with an expensive lollipop stick… Apparently the $2 for 1000 box of toothpicks I have just isn’t cutting it.


Penney at My Journey to Live and Authentic Life, and my Pinterest buddy, you haven’t seen my garage…


Oh, Martha Stewart, you have so much more time than I do!


Yes, we have a world of information, tid bits, tips and guides at our fingertips.

And 90% of them are useless.

Having said that, I will be making dinner tonight based on a recipe I found on the internet, so, sometimes that 10% that’s left over does come in handy!

Martha Stewart Took Over My Body

I’m not sure what has happened, but let me tell you about it and maybe you’ll have an answer for me – an answer that doesn’t include my body being possessed by Martha Stewart.

On Monday mom and I ran to Hobby Lobby so I could get the spool of ribbon that I was short and then I finished making the wreath for my sister.  Check it out! Do you think she’ll like it?


After that I made a gift for my Divas.  I can’t show you because 1) they aren’t finished and 2) some of my Divas read this blog! I’d hate to ruin the surprise!

Then, since I still had time, I made my sister’s other present.  It was a combination of several different DIY ideas I had seen.  I made a Menu sheet, a Calendar sheet and a To-Do sheet, and put them all in a nice frame.  Along with a package of dry erase markers, she can now decide what template to use, and will have a custom dry erase station!


On the left is a look at the pages I made, and on the right is the calendar inside the frame – the glass makes a great dry erase platform.

Today I had a busy day at work, but it was busy in spurts.  I’d have a huge emergency and then it was dead.  By lunch I was bored, so I was browsing Pinterest and ran across this great recipe:  Tin foil salmon.  Get some foil, put some lemon slices down, put fish on top of it, season it and add two pats of butter, wrap up the foil to form a packet and bake.  Well, I had some fish in the freezer, so I popped up and made four of these packets, put them in a zip-lock with baking instructions and threw them back in the freezer.  I can pull them out later in the week and they will be ready to go!

I finished at work and saw the package of corn tortillas that mom gave me yesterday sitting on my counter.  She had extra, and I’m a single mom on a budget, so yes, I’ll take any food they want to hand over (unless it’s full of tomatoes.  I draw the line at tomatoes!)


This is not welcome in my food!

Well, what do you make with corn tortillas?  Enchilada casserole! Now, I’ve never made enchilada casserole, and I assume it’s just a deconstructed enchilada, but I did a little Google action and discovered that you layer the corn tortillas with a meat mixture and cheese.  I can do that.  One recipe I looked at added corn.  I can do that.  I opened my pantry to get the enchilada sauce and corn and I saw some black beans.  I can do that!.

So, I browned my ground turkey (which as you know I buy in bulk, come home and add in shredded carrots, diced onion and bell peppers and garlic and then freeze.)  To my ground turkey mixture I added my homemade taco seasoning and then a can of corn, drained and a can of black beans, rinsed and drained, and a can of enchilada sauce.

Here’s where it gets weird.  I pulled out two loaf pans.  My thinking is – why make a full casserole when there are only two of us eating? I thought two smaller casseroles made more sense.  I lined my loaf pans with foil and proceeded to layer tortillas, meat, cheese – repeat.  Then, I closed the foil over the top loosely, and put the pan in the freezer for a few hours.  After they had time to set, I pulled them out and took the casseroles out of the loaf pans, wrapped them in more foil and put them in zip-lock bags.  Now, when I want them, I can get them out of the freezer and drop them in a loaf pan and bake away!  I’m not wasting my money on the disposable pans, but by partially freezing them, they are now the shape that’s perfect to drop into my loaf pan!  I’m brilliant! (Okay, I’m not, I saw that trick somewhere!)


Won’t this taste yummy? Image from, cause mine is frozen!

Whew!  I’ve done a lot in just two days – and today alone, I’ve made three freezer meals!

Apparently I wasn’t done.  I sat down and answered a few emails that came in after I left… and got right back up.  I needed food, I needed something sweet.  Mr. T had mentioned cookies the other day, and that sounded great!

I only had half a bag of chocolate chips…

Which is enough to make a batch of those no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies!  Of which, I’ve already eaten two… But, I’ve also hand washed all of the dishes I have used today and got them dried AND put back up!!!

So, you tell me – have I been taken over?