In the Kitchen with Kate: Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins

Alternate title: How Pinterest Saved my Life

Other Alternate Title: How I’m filling my time now that my son is really growing up and developing a life of his own and I’m not use to not being a taxi, I’m not sure what to do with myself and all of this free time I’ve developed and I’m darn sure not trying on-line dating again!!

Take your pick, but any of those titles would work for today’s post – I only selected to make this an In The Kitchen with Kate segment because then I could legitimately use this picture and show you what really happens in the kitchen with me:

Anatomy of my kitchen

Saturday morning I had finished my coffee and the news was over and I started flipping through the TV channels.

I don’t want to be a “flip through the TV channels because the house is so quite” type of person so I shut off the TV.

And sat there for a bit wondering what to do!

Then, my computer called me, it lovingly beckoned me, it all but commanded that I open it up… Pinterest was the lure and I was ripe for taking the bait!

But, I was smarter than the not-so-inanimate-object also known as my computer!

Side note:  Not related to the New Year, not a resolution at all, but Mr. T and I are moving towards becoming vegetarian.  So far, I’m loving it! But anyone who has tried to go out to eat with me won’t be surprised by this at all!

Mr. T was still asleep, having worked late the night before, and lunch was not too many hours away, so I was going to open Pinterest, but NOT get sucked in and actually create something!

I create things based on inspiration on Pinterest all of the time!  I really do agree, there needs to be a button to check “I did this!” each time we actually try something that we’ve pinned – and if it could applaud me and toss some confetti, well, I’d be fine with that, too!

I needed lunch, I wanted a treat, I baked a spaghetti squash the other day that I hadn’t turned into a meal yet and I have discovered that quinoa cooks up like 4x in volume!!

Let’s start with lunch.  I took shrimp stir-fry inspiration and made a vegetarian option.  I buy a lot of veggies, and at any given time will have chopped onion, celery, carrots and bell peppers in baggies in my freezer – so I just pulled out everything that looked good and sauteed it all together in some sesame oil. I had some Thai noodles, and I made a Korean soy sauce topper.  It was awesome.  I subbed quinoa for the shrimp for protein and I reduced the number of noodles and added in some spaghetti squash.

Vegetarian stir fry

Vegetarian Stir-Fry.  It was Instagram worthy!

While that was coming together, I found Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Mini Blender Muffins.  Please click through and visit Averie Cooks, I don’t know her, but she deserves a visit! My friend Erica had mentioned some cookies she made the other day that were flourless, so this recipe was calling my name.

Magic Bullet blender

These muffins really are made in a blender! The recipe says it makes 17 mini muffins, and looking at it in my blender, it sure didn’t look like it would make that many, but it really did!  And yes, I know that eventually I’ll need a grown up blender.  I had one, but someone in my life had a greater need for it, and no joke, the Magic Bullet has worked great so far!

Flourless peanut butter chocolate chip mini blender muffinsTalk about Instagram worthy!!!

But wait – there’s more!

While those were baking, I went ahead and put together a spinach and spaghetti squash recipe, I haven’t eaten it yet – it’s in the freezer right now, but it’s a cheese rue with the squash and spinach, and you can’t go wrong with any of those ingredients!  Mr. T claims he doesn’t like spaghetti squash, so I think this meal will be the real test!

But wait – there’s more!

Pinterest had me collecting free printables, and this weekend I finally had several that really spoke to me, plus, I have ordered a piece of art from Crated, created by fellow blogger Life in the Wylde West, and I can’t wait to get that put up, but I didn’t want it looking lonely!

Now it’s Sunday night and the Cowboys won!!!  Yeah! Go #CowboysNation!!! That’s how you #FinishTheFight!!

Sorry, that just kinda came out of nowhere!

A quick trip to Target, a stop to visit Mr. T at work and I was back by the start of Downton Abby!

wall art

I have my pieces printed on matte photo paper, my little trimmer and the frames; I went to work and at the end of the hour, I turned my stack into the start of a collection!

wall art collection

The blank frame at the top is for the art piece I’m waiting on, but everything else got trimmed and framed!  Now it’ll take me days and a call to my grandmother to help me arrange them on the wall!

But, that’s okay, because Mr. T works again Thursday night, so I’ll have time to spare!

So, I utilized Pinterest to the fullest this weekend, and it really helped me fill up my spare time.  I think I can handle Mr. T growing up after all!

I’m a Sucker

I’m a big sucker.

Did you know that there is a pair of sunglasses out there, HD Vision Fold-a-ways, which are like magic sunglasses with high definition lenses? They give you clear, HD vision, and they fold like five times in order to fit in your pocket or in that tiny purse??  They look way cool!  And, since I’m forever just dropping my glasses in my purse and scratching the lenses, maybe I’d use the cute little bag that comes with them… Maybe.  I haven’t bitten the bullet on those yet.

Okay, exchanged a gift at Target and bought this.  I love it!  It's awesome!

Okay, exchanged a gift at Target and bought this. I love it! It’s awesome!

Have you seen this OrGreenic Non-Stick frying pan?  The coating won’t chip or flake, it had a convenient stay cool handle and you can cook without oil, butter or grease!  And nothing sticks to it!!  You can burn a slice of cheese, and it comes right up.  You can even crack an egg and then slide it all over the pan and it really doesn’t stick – it just slides!!  I must have one of these!!!

I bought this a few weeks ago, $15, to replace the $150 real one that Mr. T broke.  We installed it, and it does serve it's purpose.

I bought this a few weeks ago, $15, to replace the $150 real one that Mr. T broke. We installed it, and it does serve it’s purpose.

There is even this frying pan out there that has a hinge and another frying pan on the other side, so you pour pancake mix into the bottom, hinge it closed and then you can flip the frying pan to the other side! No more messy messes made while trying to flip pancakes! Oh – I bet omelets become a breeze in that pan!  I’m pretty sure I can resist this one though.

Okay, these were in our stockings a few years ago.  They are awesome!  Always take camping with us.

Okay, these were in our stockings a few years ago. They are awesome! Always take camping with us.

I will admit that Wal-Mart had this as-seen-on-TV bra on sale, half price, during the holidays.  It was supposed to lift and separate and be so very comfortable.  And, yeah, I bought it.  I am such a sucker!! Fortunately, I accidentally bought the wrong size, so I could take it back and not feel guilty!

Ha! I bought these years ago when we lived in an apt.  They were perfect! I hung everything with them!

Ha! I bought these years ago when we lived in an apt. They were perfect! I hung everything with them!

I will tell you, though, that the Magic Bullet was worth every penny.  I used mine to death, and my sister bought me a replacement a few years ago.  I’ve about worn it out, too.  It’s the perfect size for me.  It does everything that I could want it to do from salsa to chocolate mousse to traveling with me when I go camping with the girls and making excellent margaritas!

So, while I may be a sucker, and I may have an account with QVC and while my family and friends may have received gifts that I’ve bought off the TV, some of them have totally been worth it!

Give from Santa this year.  It works really well!

Give from Santa this year. It works really well!

As I was sitting here typing this blog, I realized that I come by this obsession honestly, as a commercial for The Olde Brooklyn Lantern just came on.  Santa brought all of us one of these this year.  Call now and they will double your order!! Just pay separate processing.