Welcome to Isabella Kathleen

So, on Friday, I talked to a couple of people, and told them, either I’m forgetting something important – or I actually have a free Saturday.  I finally decided that I had a free Saturday and that if I had forgotten something, they’d have to just forgive me.

I proceeded to make plans with my friend Karaboo.  I mentioned to her that since I had a free Saturday, my sister was going to have her baby.

Sure enough, I got the call at 2 am Saturday from my nephew “uh, Aunt Kate, mom’s water broke so we are going to the hospital.”  Does she want me there now or closer to time? “Up to you”.

I went back to bed.  Of course, I failed to set an alarm, but ended up waking up about 6:30 and jumping up and showering – didn’t have time to do my hair so I left it natural.  Threw on some makeup while downing a cup of coffee and was out the door by 7:30.  It’s an hour drive, and mom told me at 7:30 “she’s at 4 centimeters.”

I hit the gas.  My sister tends to deliver within 20-30 minutes after she hits four centimeters.  Sure enough, 30 minutes later Isabella Kathleen arrived!  Since it is an hour drive, I missed it.  I’m not upset about this – I was there for her last birthing and oh-emm-gee, you can’t un-see something like that.

Isabella came out just as fast as the last – and that was too fast.  Apparently there is a whole symbiotic thing that is suppose to happen as the baby is exiting the birth canal, and because my sister pops them out so fast, it didn’t happen with Isabella, and the result is that she got a big gulp of fluid before she came out, so her lungs are a little wet – and her entire head is bruised.  I mean bruised… like purple… and enough that every single medical professional commented on it “Wow, we almost never see this!”.

Beyond that, baby Bella is just awesome!  She’s eating like a champ (again, the nurse said “wow, normally babies only a day old don’t eat this much!”).  And the fact that she’s eating means that she has become a pooping machine! She’s also already lifting her head up (again, she shouldn’t be doing this – but she is!).

Now, because I’m a really proud aunt – please enjoy!


About an hour after birth, getting our measurements taken.


All bundled up getting ready to move to a new room.


A few hours later with her favorite Aunt Kate. Here you can really see how purple her face is!


2 days old sitting with Aunt Kate again! My sister is apparently an expert negotiator and came home from the hospital a day early, so we are at her house for this picture.

Since Amy convinced everyone to release them both a day early, my mom stayed in Dallas yesterday with them and this morning took Bella to see her doctor.  Just a bit of jaundice, which is fairly normal, and now they are all back in FW at mom and dad’s place.  Amy and the kids will stay there a few weeks.  (Amy has the 13 year old twins, Jayman and Samantha, and 2-1/2 year old Joshua, and then now baby Bella.)

Which means I get plenty of time with baby Bella!

As a side note – her middle name Kathleen – is a combination of my first and middle name, so technically, she’s named after me! 🙂

Selective Deafness

I’m cuddled on the couch, ice pack to my cheek, pain killers at my side.  The extraction I had done yesterday did not go well, there were some complications.  As such, I’m just in no mood to do anything and was so very please to have gotten an email from one of my favorite bloggers yesterday.  Larry has been a huge inspiration to me as I started blogging and has been there pushing me along when I needed help.  His blog, Me, Myself and Kids, is hysterical. It takes on every subject under the sun, from his fear of morning showers to the lessons he learned watching Spongebob, I am always entertained and am pleased to have him write a guest spot for me today.  Please read on and leave your comments for Larry below, and go check out his blog!


I am enraged. It is Sunday morning, nearly 11:30 am. I have been doing errands all morning. I am standing outside my house with grocery bags in my hand.

I can’t find my house keys. Therefore, I am beholden to one of my dear family members to answer the door. Twelve rings of the doorbell, multiple poundings on the door, screaming for attention, tapping on the window.  Nothing works.

And I am left waiting. Two minutes. Four minutes. Still, I wait. I am livid.

Sunday morning is a quiet time in my house. I am sure BR is playing some computer game in the den. This is the only place/activity where his attentionally-deficit mind can focus to the point of shutting everything else out.  I know SJ has his trains lined up on my bed while watching yet another episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in my room.  My wife must be in the shower or the laundry room. She would not leave me out there.

Finally, SJ, my 6 year old, opens the door. I scream at him. I am not interested in any excuses. The tears flow and his wailing begins. I send him to his room, not concerned that I may have gone too far. I yell at BR and send him to his room. No computer for him.

My boys have a skill. Selective deafness. I believe all children have it.  It’s beyond annoying and sure to leave a parent muttering, if not worse (see above).

On the other hand, I think selective deafness is a very necessary tool for adults.

Consider this, ladies. How many times have you heard your man drone on about sports or another topic that holds little interest to you? You feign interest and shake your head periodically, but in reality, you are practicing selective deafness. I am sure my wife practices it. And you know what? I’ll bet you this helps our relationship. Guys – how many times has your wife gone on about work drama or a sale that, in reality, interests you none. Well, if you are wise, you practice selective deafness.

Selective deafness is helpful outside of the home as well. Have you ever been in a meeting that goes on for too long? The speakers start to sound like the parents in a Peanuts cartoon. I’ll bet you practice selective deafness. You zone out and hear nothing. This, people, is a good thing. Save your sanity.

Ever sat near someone on some form of public transportation that does not realize they are not in a private car? You know, that person who thinks everyone is interested in their cell phone conversation? Meanwhile, you are trying to sleep, read, or surfing on your computer. Well, if you practice selective deafness, you can focus on whatever it is you are trying to do.

So my boys were practicing for adulthood. I can appreciate that. Selective deafness will serve them well. Still, they better get off their butts the next time I ring the bell, or I am going to be pissed! Selective deafness be damned.

 Can you hear me now?.
Larry D. Bernstein
Blog:        memyselfandkids.com

Shaving Legs

A friend of mine called the other day and told me she totally had a “did that just happen” moment, but couldn’t blog about it on her site, cause it was waaaay too much information.  So, naturally, since I’m happy to share other’s issues as well as my own and make them public (well, how public is it when you have like 9 readers??) I decided to share her TMI story.  

She’s pregnant.  And I mean waaaay pregnant.  Okay, she’s not that far along, but as this is her 2nd child, she started to show pretty darn early.  I saw her the other day and even though she told me not to react, I couldn’t help it, my eyes did the cartoon WAAHOOOGAAA as they popped out of my head and landed on her belly.  I’m sure I covered my reaction just fine… Anyway, there is like this huge basketball under her shirt.  I think that’s the best description I can give, she has a basketball in her belly.  So, she went to shave her legs the other day – and apparently she twisted and turned and propped and bent in all sorts of funny ways.  It’s not easy to shave your legs when there is a basketball constantly in your way!  When she was finally done, and had gotten every last piece of hair, she was exhausted! LOL.  She got out of the shower thanking God that no one saw her attempting to do that!  She told me that the moment she stepped out, after she was grateful that no one saw that, her first thought was “did that really just happen?”.  🙂

Of course, what I didn’t tell her was that it’ll get worse.  At least, it did for me. Let’s travel back in time a bit to when Mr. T was little.  Being a single parent, there are concessions that have to be made for the safety of your children.  When he was tiny, I could put him in his bouncy seat and put it on the floor of the bathroom while I showered.  Now, normally, I would get up before him, shower and get dressed, so that it was done and out of the way, but occasionally life interrupted my plans and so when he was older, I’d plop him in the shower with me.  He was too young and doesn’t remember any of this, trust me.  But, we’d shower together, it got him clean and he really did enjoy sitting at the back of the tub with the random shower of water hitting him while he played with his toys.  Anyway… One day I was washing my hair and felt something on the back of my legs.  I thought he was tickling me.  He was going up and down the back of my calf.  I rinsed my hair, looked down to play along… and the kid had the razor and was shaving my legs.  Moment of panic sets in – how on earth did he get the razor?  Is he okay? Did he cut himself?  Nope, all is good, he was just helping mommy out by shaving her legs like he had watched her do.  

Needless to say, at that point I was much more vigilant about getting up and showering before he woke up.  Which is why, to this day, I’m still an early riser!  I got out of the shower that day going “holy moley, did that just happen??”  

Several years later, once I felt it was safe to retell the story, my aunt got a knowing look on her face about half way through my tale… her son had done that to her, too!  So, it’s a relief to know that Yes, That Really Did Just Happen!