Texas Homecoming

I grew up in Texas, except for my middle and high school years, which were spent in Nevada.

So, I missed out on the whole Texas Friday Night Lights and Homecoming.

And yes, I meant to capitalize those words, because they are that big down here.

We just had Up and Coming.  Which is what happens when you’ve never had a graduating class in your high school, because until you have a graduating class you can’t have a Homecoming.

But that doesn’t stop us!

homecoming mum 1Senior mums can be school colors or gold and white – but they usually are over the top.

homecoming mum

But this is Texas, how do you know what is over the top?

homecoming mum

And sometimes we do forgo school colors.

homecoming mum

We almost always have animals showcased.

homecoming mum

And giraffes apparently are not over the top.

homecoming mum

And they aren’t just for the ladies!

homecoming mum

Can you see his, it’s camo!

homecoming mumAnd sometimes you just have to go for it!

And the owner of that massive mum? He was Homecoming King. 🙂