This is What Sad Looks Like

I have found the physical manifestation of “sad”.

freezer meals

Freezer meals.

For one.

Meals just for me.

Not to share with anyone.

That my friends is what “sad” looks like.

Mr. T is growing up, and he’s out of the house more than he is there – but, let me tell you before I forget, he’s so awesome!! He had signed up for some things and declined to sign up for others because he was “stretching too thin”  He said that he had certain priorities and wanted to be able to commit to them, and still needed to be able to balance everything else in his life.

I don’t know if he is the smartest teenager in the world – or if he was throwing my buzz words back at me so I wouldn’t question him, but either way, it was a win! 🙂

Back to being sad, now!  I’ve been keeping an eye open for small individual containers because I knew this day was coming, no matter how often I visited the river Nile!

mark_twain_truth_3323I found these on sale at the grocery store.  5 for $1.

individual freezer meal That is twenty cents each!  I had to grab a set – I figured for $1, if it failed, it was worth the experiment!  I took the left over quinoa, spinach and artichoke pasta from the day before, portioned it out and sealed those suckers up! Now they are stacked neatly in my freezer ready for a day when I’m all alone… all alone…

On the plus side, I learned how to make a frappuccino at home!

home made frappuccino

That my friends is the physical manifestation of Happy!

You can go here to watch Collin at Hip2Save teach you how, too! It’s not an endorsement, I’m just giving credit!

OHHH… here is a sneak peak of our Pin Pen Pals Project!! Thanks to every one who participated and mailed their pieces back!  I can’t wait to share the competed project with y’all!

Pin Pen Pals

And lastly, here is my final thought:

denial Calvin and Hobbes

Happy and Sad


So, something happened the other day (like it does frequently around here) and I have mixed emotions about it.

I broke a record on my blog.  It is very exciting news!  I had a day where I had more views than ever before – and it was awesome! It means I’m reaching and touching others with my life and stories.  I mean, that’s the whole reason we blog, right? It’s cathartic and we feel we have something to share with the world.  What better validation than breaking the record of most views in one day?


This graph has surprising powers over us sometimes!

I am not obsessed with my stats, for the most part, as I really do enjoy writing and I love the comments and conversations that get started.  I will tell you, though, that on this particular day, I quickly became obsessed with my stats.  As soon as I saw that number rising, I was checking it frequently.

Not for the reasons you may think.


The best example of mixed emotions I’ve ever seen! 🙂

The old record for most views in one day was held by the post I did in memory of my baby brother who had just passed away.  That post was by far the most gut wrenching blog I have ever written – I bawled almost all the way through writing it – and the fact that it held the record for the most views in one day was a comfort to me.

On this particular day, I began checking my stats page like a fanatic watching the number rise.  I was alternating between being so excited that I was getting so many views and “oh wow, it’s going to break the record” to being upset and saying “oh no, it’s going to break the record!”.

The it happened, the record was broken, and I put my phone down.  There was no longer any need to check the page.

Just like in life, things change and we have to move forward.  This was a very realistic example of how my life has to move forward and how nothing stays the same.  It was very tangible to me on that day as I watched my stats change every time I picked up my phone that life was not meant to stand still.


For those new to my blog, you can read my memorial of my brother, Lee, here: Then He Kissed the Back of my Hand.