Versatile Blogger and Wonderful Team Membership Awards

I am so blessed!  I’ve been nominated for a few more awards, and in the interest of saving time and not boring you, I’m going to break tons of rules and I’m also going to combine them in one post so that you aren’t bombarded by my bragging!

Mummy Flying Solo nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I love this award because the name says it all “Versatile”, embracing a variety of subjects, fields or skills.  I like the idea that I’m versatile!



  1. Display the Award Certificate on your website/blog. Check!
  2. Announce your win with a post. Make sure to post a link back to me as a ‘thank you’ for the nomination. Check!
  3.  Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers. Kinda Check! 
  4.  Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post. I might do this… or not!
  5.  Post 7 interesting things about yourself.  Yeah Right!
Interesting Things about myself:
  1. I’m a Cancer.  Not that I subscribe to the mass cultural delusion that the sun’s apparent position relative to arbitrarily defined constellations at the time of your birth somehow affects your personality. (15 points if you can name that show)
  2. TV teaches me things – I’ve learned that if you are a secret Santa and you draw the name of a gay man, you get him a cashmere scarf.  A bunch of singing kids taught me this (only 10 points for that show)
  3. I’m a kid at heart and love kid movies.  Seriously, Pixar and Dreamworks have kept me going for the last several years with laughter and lessons.  The secret ingredient is there is no secret ingredient.  It’s all about you.  (20 points if you can guess the movie.)

Okay. Apparently I only have three interesting things to share about myself.  Oh, I’m sure there are more, but this really puts me on the spot – so how about a shameless plug? “If you’d like to find out more interesting things about me – Read My Blog!!!”

In no particular order:

  • Who or What Was That – if you don’t follow Karaboo’s blog full of code names and drama – you really should! Between work, family and friends, her blog covers everything – click the link above to read about The Great Mustard War of 2013.
  • Arash Recovery – I found Arash when he was Freshly Pressed, and so I’m sure at that time many of your saw him too, but if you never read more than that one post you are denying yourself the opportunity to get to know a wonderful man who shares his journey of recovery from an injury that does not define him.
  • The (not so) Secret Life of a PhD Student – I am constantly surprised at how much I learn – and how much I enjoy learning – when I open a new post.  I remember my mom getting her PhD, and it is interesting to see the struggle that the students go through.  We also get links to articles that Student has published, and I’ve been impressed!
  • Shut Up Dad – cracks me up all the time.  We recently were both lamenting the fact that we have to let go of our favorite t-shirt.  He also has a second blog about the comic book he is writing.  Talk about versatile!
  • Today’s Manager – I’m pretty new to following this blog, but I love the way Cranston approaches and offers solutions to common work place situations.  It’s not often that I have to exercise my role as Manager, but I love the articles and keeping my skills fresh and gathering ideas on how to deal with my employees.  Plus, his last article was titled “Booger Fingers”.  How can you not read that?
  • Sarah’s Brand New Chapter – Sarah is newly married, can’t cook and just got a new job.  Despite all of that, I still tend to identify with her and her struggles and her good times.  Her stories are ones that my girlfriends and I tell each other and I’m having fun reading her journey, check her out!



Mummy Flying Solo also nominate me for the Wonderful Team Membership Award.  This one fills my heart because part of blogging goal was to participate.  I didn’t want to be an impersonal blogger that spews forth all of this gibberish, but doesn’t take time to connect.  This is harder than you think, because, at heart, I’m a hermit.  It is hard for me to make connections, and I work hard to be a better person and to connect with others.  So, I feel happy being presented with this, it means that I’m participating!  I’m mingling! (Okay, you can double your points here and get 45 if you can name that movie – but it’s old school!)

I also love this award because there are no rules!!  I don’t have to do anything; however, I want to.  I want to make sure you all know Me, Myself and Kids.  MMK was one of the first people that I connected with when I began blogging, and since then we’ve each done guest posts on each others pages and even a chain blog.  MMK has been my mentor and my inspiration.  He was there when I was ready to quit blogging shortly after starting and he is always there to offer support and encouragement and help point me in the right direction.  I highly recommend checking out Me, Myself and Kids, blog, you won’t be sorry!


Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and follows my adventures.  I look forward to many more years together!

The Baby Shower Didn’t Suck

This weekend I had to attend a baby shower.  I say that I “had” to because it was a social obligation and I literally had to make myself get dressed and get out the door.  I really didn’t want to go.

Don't let the cuteness of the invite fool you - it's torture!

Don’t let the cuteness of the invite fool you – it’s torture!

Reason 1:  I hate baby showers.  I hate bridal showers.  I just hate that stuff.  And, I’m telling you now, if it is an event with a lot of people bringing me presents, I will announce that I am not going to bore them and make them sit there while I open every single one, but that I really appreciate the time they took to celebrate with me – now let’s eat.  I don’t like being the center of attention and it is boring for everyone involved to sit there and have people watch you open presents – or as you sit and watch others.  I’d much rather we mingle and have fun!

Thank goodness we didn't have this - cause I wouldn't be able to actually eat the baby's innards.  Really? Who does this stuff? I don't want to eat what is portrayed as a baby!!

Thank goodness we didn’t have this – cause I wouldn’t be able to actually eat the baby’s innards. Really? Who does this stuff? I don’t want to eat what is portrayed as a baby!!

Reason 2:  The mother-to-be lied.  Now, this is a grey area.  They (the parents) wanted to do a “gender reveal” at the shower.  Which, fine, whatever makes you happy you should do; however, it makes it so much more difficult to shop when you don’t know the gender of the baby, and because of this, I cut my gift giving budget in half – and I only gave diapers and wipes.  But, here’s the deal.  When they were asked if they know the sex, they both said “no, we don’t know”.  We all knew they were lying.  Well, several of us knew they were lying.  Why did they have to lie?  Why couldn’t they say “Yes, we know, but we want to have a gender reveal shower and let everyone know at the same time – surprise everyone.”  And, if that was the case, then those of us that were buying gifts could have the option to buy a gift AFTER we knew the sex of the child.  Also, if they were going to do a gender reveal shower, then it should have been themed like that.  But, since the parents to be didn’t let the organizers know, then it couldn’t be planned as such.  I’ve seen tons of great ideas for a gender reveal shower, but instead of going for it and embracing it – they just lied.  (And they got a lot of clothes, but 90% were “boy” clothes).

Okay, I can get behind he or she themed items that involve chocolate!!

Okay, I can get behind he or she themed items that involve chocolate!!

I am pleased to announce that I had a good attitude!  I chipped in, participated in the games (I didn’t win any, though – and I really tried!!) (But, one of my BFF’s was the host, and she had an extra gift left over because it took forever to open gifts and we decided the last game wasn’t needed and as I was leaving, I noticed that the extra gift was in my purse.  Oh yeah, my friends love me!) (I don’t think anyone else at the shower will read this, but if you were there, just disregard the previous sentence!)

Really? You want to display and then eat a cake that is a baby's butt?  Am I the only one that has issues with this??

Really? You want to display and then eat a cake that is a baby’s butt? Am I the only one that has issues with this??

So, non-optional social conventions aside (you’ll get this if you watch The Big Bang Theory!), it was a good weekend.  The baby shower didn’t suck, which is a huge compliment coming from me! My BFF and her mom did a great job putting it together, excellent food, wonderful punch and they kept it rolling right along.

Of course, the day before, when I was finally getting around to getting the gift, I texted my girlfriend “Is it wrong to put in the card “good luck raising this baby without shopping at Target or Walmart?'”  She laughed and said “yes”.  It’s not my fault that the mom to be only registered at a crazy place that is not common because “I don’t like Target or WalMart”  Uh huh.  You don’t like it, huh?  Let’s see how long that lasts before reality hits.

She's having a girl, by the way... I know you were dying to find out.

She’s having a girl, by the way… I know you were dying to find out.

But, the baby shower didn’t suck!


I’m Getting Too Old For This Stuff

This week was the lunch lady convention.  It has a better name; however, lunch lady convention sounds better!  This is a state conference that has any and everything to do with lunch ladies.  There are classes and lectures, vendor areas and networking.  It’s my favorite conference! I’m not a lunch lady, but I do deal with the huge equipment they cook on, so I actually learn a lot at this conference.  The conference is held at a different major city each year, so we get to see different parts of the state and have different adventures each year.

I’ve been in Houston all week.  Houston weather is hot (which I can handle) and very humid (which I cannot).  It takes not time at all before you are leaving puddles behind you when you walk the block to the convention center.  I ended up having to straighten my hair at the end of every day before the evening activities began.  It was not fun, I’m not that high maintenance!! I had no choice, the humidity combined with my seemingly excessive sweat kept making the roots curl back up!

That was a problem, but that wasn’t the primary problem.  I’m getting older.  I’m not getting OLD, I’m just getting OLDER.  Big Difference!

There was the dinner and bar Sunday night.  Cause you know, we can’t stop after just dinner and drinks, we have to go search out the bar with a couple of guys with guitars, you know, that’s just how we roll.  Never surrender!!

never surrender

Up early Monday to set up the booth.  Which I didn’t really have to do, but I still had to be there, so it counts!  Monday night are when the major parties happen.  Several of the food brokers and equipment reps all throw parties.  We normally spend about 10 minutes on Monday afternoon plotting our route.  What do we want to hit first? What do we want to hit last? What is the most effective and efficient way to attend all the parties?  I’m not kidding, we map them out.  And then you proceed to go from party to party to party.  All of them have free food and most of them have free drinks.  Needless to say, you have to pace yourself!

This year I was on my own.  I had no one going with me.  Even my boss stayed behind.  This severely limited what I can do – cause I don’t know how to take a taxi by myself.  It scares me, there are all of these weird numbers and beeps that happen in a taxi.  It’s overwhelming.  Plus, I am insanely shy.  It takes every bit of willpower I can muster up to walk into a new place by myself.  I mean, I really have to psych myself up in order to do it, I repeat to myself  “Self you can do this.  You can walk in there. You can do this.  Take a deep breathe.  You got this.”

You think I’m kidding.  I’m not.

But I did it!!! I ended up only attending the parties that had a shuttle bus.  The bus would pick me up and drop me off at my hotel.  I can handle that!  And, it worked out that the two parties I picked to attend were just across the street from each other!  🙂

Those were fun!  Did I mention the free drinks?

cape cod

Up not as early Tuesday, but still too early, and off to learn.  Spent the day walking the show and learning from my various reps.   It is good to see and catch up with people, plus, I really do love my job and I love being able to learn about the new products out there!

Tuesday night is the banquet, and after an appearance is made, then we take off again.  It was the play-offs, so naturally we hit a bar to watch the game and nibble and drink.   Then we walked over to a different bar to end the game and then we ended up back at the hotel bar to end the evening.  Have I mentioned that we tend to drink? Can you tell yet that we also tend to miss out on sleep?

Up not as early on Wednesday to finish walking the floor and following up with people, and then it’s time to load back up and hit the road!

I had a friend and work peer, a guy that was with me most of the trip, post this on his Facebook earlier this week “I’m getting too old for this s#!+”  Naturally, there were several Lethal Weapon quotes that followed in the comments; however, I knew right where he was coming from!


That’s How We Roll

I went camping this weekend.  I’m sure you didn’t know that because it’s not like I’ve mentioned it in every post for the past couple of weeks!

We had so much fun!  It felt so good to get away, enjoy the fresh air, play in the water and hang out with friends.  My Amy and Scott ended up going a day early – and I seriously considered it, but I really had to work the next morning; however, I did wrap up early and get there a few hours sooner than expected!


The girls of the trip

Of course, getting wrapped up took a bit of time! I ran to my parents house to drop off my dog and pick up dad’s truck and then ran by Pam’s office to fill my cooler with ice.  Then, Mr. T was awesome and loaded up the truck.

Mr. T has never loaded up a truck, but by the time I got out there, he was all but done.  I hated to tell him how he messed up, so I just told him that we had to go by Walmart to get some straps or a spider bungee.  I really didn’t want to spend money, so we pulled into the Walmart parking lot and I told T “Let’s just see if we can rearrange a bit.”  It only took three items and we had the truck properly done.  He was upset a bit that he didn’t do it right – but when I reinforced that he’d never done it – and it only took us about 3 items in order to fix it – that was pretty darn good!


Mr. T getting ready…




Fire! And I’m sure it was the winning shot!

We arrived at camp and unloaded the truck and set my tent up – and then we set up T’s tent.  His own tent.  He was not staying with me.  It was weird – but I gotta tell ya – I had so much room in my tent!  That was pretty darn awesome! 🙂

We helped everyone else set up as they arrived and got camp situated.  Then there was the trip to Walmart.  I’d forgotten an extension cord and surge protector for T’s tent.  It happens, even to the best of us!


We make roughing it look easy!  Here is our cooking area.  We set up a table and Karen’s way cool camping table (that does include a kitchen sink – 0f sorts!) to the side of the primary picnic table, that way, when we are done cooking, the table isn’t full of camp stoves and grills.  You can’t see it, but there are a couple of grills and a huge fryer to the left.  🙂

We grilled burgers and dogs Friday night, made eggs, bacon, sausage and hash browns for Saturday breakfast and due to the fact that one of the group had a ton of frozen catfish, we had a fish fry Saturday night.  Yummy!  Fried catfish, french fries, fried okra and hush puppies!

Later that night, we made peach cobbler.  Over the camp fire.  No kidding.


So, maybe the picture doesn’t do it justice, but I gotta tell you – it was pretty cool!

We spent time hanging out, many hours in the lake.  We all went fishing. We even had some really cute guys come over from another camp to play horseshoes with us!


Kevin and Scott talking trash during the game of horseshoes

Sunday morning, about 5:30 am I woke to a flash of lightening and the boom of thunder.  I’d been dead asleep – and we’d only been in bed about 4 hours!  So, I was a bit disoriented.  I did get up and grab my sleep pants, I know I need to go help because half the camp hadn’t put up their rain guard.  All I could think about was the instructions you receive on the plane: “In the event of an emergency and the cabin loses pressure, put your mask on first before helping the children and those around you.”  I figured that had to apply, so I zipped my windows up first.

I heard and then saw Karen putting the rain guard on her son’s tent and Brian, her husband working on theirs – but I had to go see Mr. T first!  I went over and unzipped his door and woke him up – bless his heart, he was so tired and zipped up his windows as far as he could reach without getting out of bed! LOL.  I leaned over and finished getting his windows closed.  Then I went and helped Brian – well, tried too – again, I was pretty disoriented! Soon enough we were done, and not a moment too soon.  I went back to bed and listened to the rain plop on my tent and the thunder roll by. I love nature!!

The next morning it was windy for several hours and then the storm was all gone and we were left with muddy tents and everything blowing away on us!  Once the wind stopped though, it was easy enough to pack up – and since we knew we had to come home and set the gear up to wash and dry it – we weren’t all that concerned about things being neat!


That tent was down to it’s last stake before we went and took it down. There was no point in righting the chairs, they’d just blow back over in the wind!

All in all – it was one of my best trips yet.  I had such a good time and really enjoyed hanging out with my friends and playing and just getting away from it all, even if it was just for the weekend.

Cold Front is Coming

It’s Wednesday! It’s the last day of school and it’s a half day! I’m just as excited for summer as Mr. T is!  I also have a headache today – but I think it is sinus related.  We have a cold front coming through, and I think the change in barometric pressure is messing with my head.


See – look – a cold front! It is on it’s way now and my head can feel it!

The cold front is coming in a bit earlier than expected, but the good part of this is that they took the chances of rain out of the forecast for the weekend.  That really excites me because, if I haven’t mentioned it enough yet, we are going camping this weekend!

This weekend a couple of friends and I were talking about my first couple of trips with them, and how reserved I still was.  While I had gone camping as a kid, the trips were few and far between, so I didn’t have much experience.  And thankfully my friends are all awesome and they’ve taught me how to put up my tent and they’ve taken it down for me when I’ve run into a spider and was afraid to touch the tent afterwards.  I’m so much better now – and I do say that with a tremendous amount of pride! I worked hard to learn how to do this, and in doing so, I’ve given my son the love of camping, and opened his world up even further!


A line of tents, ready to go!

We always get a site with water and electricity.  Cause, we aren’t crazy you know! And there are extension cords running from the post to all of the tents!  Almost all of us use air mattresses that have to be aired up, plus, hello, 90 degrees, we all have fans! (Just FYI, for the middle of summer camping when the temps are over 100, we do have A/C units for our tents, too.  Likewise, we have heaters for the cool nights during fall camping.)

This is the first year that Mr. T won’t share my tent.  This saddens me and makes me so happy at the same time.  I’m sad that he is growing up, but I’m so glad that I’ve raised him to be independent, and yes, kinda happy that I’ll have my tent to myself!

There is also power that runs to the communal picnic table, cause the Christmas lights that go up need power!  Pam brings the mini fridge and table that goes over it.  Amy brings the coffee pot (for the longest time we used the standard percolater over the hot coals, but, duh! why wait when we have power!)  Karen brings the kitchen sink.  Not kidding.  She had the coolest table that sets up, and has shelves underneath, racks above and under the flat surface, a sink! We’ve never actually used the sink.  Pam has a basin that we take over to the water faucet and wash our dishes over there, but still, we have a kitchen sink!


Mini fridge, table, and the ever present radio!

By having all the extra tables, we are able to set up multiple grills and the occasional crock pot, off of the table, so that as soon as we are done cooking, we don’t have to clear the table off in order to eat.  Amy is always in charge of the fire, and she does a great job.  In addition to the camping grills, we still cook over the fire pit at almost every meal.  And roast marshmallows almost every night.

The nice thing about the group trip is that we all don’t have to bring everything.  If one person doesn’t have it, another one does.  I almost never take pots and pans and such, because we already have so many – but I do keep us supplied in paper plates and plastic utensils!

The primary camping gear stays stored in it’s own tubs, and this year Mr. T and I got new tubs.  I like them so much better! I’ve been playing a mental game of Tetris, though, trying to figure out how all of this is going to fit in my compact car.  I will continue to play that game, cause as soon as I think I have room for everything, I realize that I’ve missed one of the food tubs.  Or the pee bucket.  Or my air mattress.  In the meantime, I’ve called my dad and asked to borrow his truck for the weekend!


Here is a picture from last years Diva trip (girls only). Obviously we get into so much trouble together! That little gold car in the middle there – that’s mine.  My camping gear has outgrown the car!

I’m looking forward to the time with friends, fishing, kayaking, hiking and so much more! Food just tastes better when cooked outside, and the air is always a little sweeter!

My Cup Runneth Over

I am so very blessed.  I try not to forget this in my everyday life; I frequently say thanks and tell those in my life how much I appreciate them; however, recently my blessing have had a very physical manifestation.

This past month it was made very clear to me how much I am loved and how very fortunate I am to have such wonderful, caring and loving people in my life.


I used to think that everyone else was lucky to have me in their lives – I’m smart, funny, witty and a great listener.  🙂  Now I fully believe that the opposite is true.  I am the lucky one.  I’ve had more people reach out to me than I ever expected.

And it wasn’t out of obligation, either!


I heard from people that genuinely cared! I heard from people that I new in high school, people that I knew when I moved out of the house for the first time.  Mentors that have been there for me since I started in the industry and I heard from the friends I have today.  It was amazing.  I mean, I know I’m loved, who wouldn’t love me, right? (Okay, there are a few, but I think it’s a defect in them, they must be missing the right gene!)


I wanted to just take a minute and not brag or boast, but to tell everyone thanks.  Thanks for loving me.  Thanks for being there for me, for reaching out.  For all of the well-wished, cards, text messages, emails, phone calls and flowers, thank you.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  I’m blessed and my cup runneth over.


So, feel free to just put You’re Welcome in the comments box, cause you know I’m talking about all of you guys, too!  (And notice that it’s totally against my nature to be so mushy, so I had to throw in some e-cards to lighten the mood!)


I’m Okay

It’s Monday, I’m back at work, technically.  My boss called a bit ago and I told him that yes, I was working; however, I probably wouldn’t make it 8 hours each day.  Fortunately, he’s super cool.  He and his wife attended the memorial service Saturday, and I know it was hard on him, it’s only about the 3rd or 4th funeral he’s ever attended.


I know that I’m grieving, but you wouldn’t know it to look at me (except for the fact that I’m sure there are bags under my eyes from the lack of sleep!).  I’m not crying, I’m not prostrate with grief.  I’m going on with my life.  I’m doing laundry.  As if the fact that my entire bathtub was full of dirty clothes wasn’t enough to tell me that I needed to do it, today I pulled out my last clean pair of underwear! I’ve also spent time cleaning the house, rearranging plants to make room for the ones that my friends and co-workers so generously sent and then more laundry.

How do my friends help me? They all want to, and I feel badly that I can’t give them something to help me with.  They’ve done a great job in making sure that I haven’t felt alone, and when I’ve needed help, I have reached out.  I think it would be easier on them if I was prostrate with grief and then there would be something tangible for them to see and help with.  But, there just isn’t.

ImageI have laundry to do.  I have a son to take care of and I have parents that I have to help as they go through this process.  I feel badly that I’m not struggling more with this, based on what society tells us, I should be more upset, I should need more help.  I’m not sure how to tell my friends, family or even you guys that I am okay.

I am okay with living my life from here on out.  I fully believe that my brother would want that for me.  I’m okay with the changes that have to be made in my life and I am okay that things will never, ever be the same.  Don’t get me wrong, it completely and totally sucks, but, I am okay with that.

My Wicked Weekend in Pictures

I had a busy weekend!

Mr. T and I got up and drove to Dallas.  I took the wrong toll-way.  This is not surprising since there is insane construction at the exchange and I was arguing with the GPS.


This is the GPS I was arguing with for part of the trip. Mr. T was a great navigator, though! (See the hand still messed up?)

First, we went to visit Erica and meet her new baby Landon.  He is so cute!  I love babies.


I was more focused on holding the phone properly than I was smiling… but T taught me that the volume button takes pictures! I didn’t know that!


Her daughter Em playing around with me and the camera!


My baby holding her baby. I just love this picture. (You can barely see the steri strips still holding the gash by his eye closed!)

Mr. T and I stopped for lunch, and I took a picture and beamed it to Erica cause I knew there was a Taco Casa by her house, she just hadn’t found it yet.  I don’t think the rest of the country (and Canada) has Taco Casa, and I’m okay with that, cause it just means more for me!!!


You don’t know what you are missing!!

After fueling up our bodies, we headed downtown to Fair Park.  A few months ago I bought us tickets to Wicked, the musical.  I splurged and spent the $15 for a ticket for valet, too.  So worth the $15!! I loved being able to just get out of the car and not worry about finding a place to park!


Mr. T and I eventually found our seats. 🙂


The view from our seats.  We were pretty high up, but we had a clear view of the stage so that was really nice.

Mom and dad saw this play on Broadway and both really liked it, and T and I have been looking forward to this for months.  It was so very good!!  I was reading the Playbill and several of the cast members were from the original Broadway cast, so that was pretty cool!

Now, just minutes before the show started mom texted me that Lee was out of surgery, so several hours later, and as long as we were already in Dallas, Mr. T and I stopped by the hospital to say hi to them.  What I didn’t know was that as soon as Lee was out of surgery and back in his room, something went wrong and they had taken him right back to the OR.  We arrived just as he was getting back to his room, again.  So, we waited.  Eventually mom and dad got to go back to his room to see him and then dad came and got T and I and we went back to see him.  Bless his pea-picking heart.  Poor guy has been put through the wringer. He was taken back originally that morning because his LVAD clogged up.  They put on a new LVAD, removed the RVAD and put him on ECMO.  As soon as he got back to his room they discovered that the LVAD and ECMO were not synced up properly, so they took him back.  Lee is the first patient that they have done the LVAD and ECMO at the same time.  Have I told you that yet?

Anyway… after seeing him and hugging mom and dad, we made the long drive back home.

We got back to our side of the world and ran by my parents house to gather up some things they needed and left them for my Uncle to pick up and take to them.  That was when Mr. T and I decided we were hungry again!  It was dinner time after all!


My view from the dinner table!

We enjoyed a nice dinner out – and I had a coupon for a free dessert!  The restaurant doubled the dessert!! Instead of one serving, they put two on the same plate – so we didn’t really have to share – we got our own!  It was the perfect way to end the very busy day!

Sunday I rested.  A lot. Well, I did laundry.  I cleaned the kitchen and my bathroom.  I pulled a lot of weeds.  But otherwise, I rested.  My buddy BA came over and helped with the yard work and mowed, weed eated and trimmed the big bush up front.  I felt so much better once that was done.  I was too physically wiped out to do it and with T injured, there was no way.  So, I’m glad that I have great friends like that who can help out.  He stayed and had dinner with us, and we laughed and had a good time.  It was the perfect way to end the day.

It was a good weekend.  And I highly recommend Wicked – and Taco Casa!

Swan’s Song

Today Lee had a CT, as his labs keep showing that he has an infection, but he is on antibiotics and doesn’t have a fever.  They didn’t really find anything.  He went down and had more dialysis done today, since his other numbers were still high.

Friday he will have a Swan-Ganz right heart catheterization done.  The doctor will insert a small tube (catheter) into the right side of the heart and arteries leading to the lungs to measure function and flow.  (For future reference, this is really just called a right heart cath.)


This is not the type of Swan Lee is having done…

My understanding is that his body isn’t functioning like they expect and his labs keep going up and they don’t know why.   I’m hoping that all they are doing is going to find a reason, or short of finding a reason, at least a treatment.  I don’t know.  All I know is that I know I’m tired of the ICU, and I get to go home everyday.  I feel so sorry for Lee having to be there everyday.  Not being able to even walk the halls for some change of scenery.  But, like I told him the other day, being miserable over it won’t help anything.  So, we will just keep asking for prayers and praying ourselves.  What will be will be.  My goal is to just help him and my parents out the best I can.

On a different note, my completely modest brother has become an exhibitionist.  Part of it is that he’s out of it so frequently he doesn’t realize he is exposing himself all the time, part of it is that he’s just so uncomfortable and I’m sure part of it is just the fact that he doesn’t care anymore!  All I know for sure is that I’ve spent the last two days hopping up to cover up his junk before he scared away dietary and environmental services!


Last night T and I were in the living room and he was doing his homework… well, he was supposed to be doing his homework; however, he kept coming up with distractions.  “Hey mom did you know this?” “Hey mom…” “Hey mom what do you think about this?” “Hey mom I only have 1 chapter left.” “I wonder what other homework I have to do tonight.” “I think that I have to do this”  “I think that I should do that”.  I finally snapped back at him and, yeah… it got Tweeted later that night…


Of course, then I had to RT it, it was pretty funny…

Tomorrow is Friday and I have a late lunch with BA scheduled, and I’m really looking forward to it.  It will be nice to get away for a bit.  Then, mom gave me Saturday off – I didn’t even ask or bring it up – but since she did, I’m planning on spending the morning with Mr. T and then the afternoon with my girlfriends.  Recharge my batteries! 🙂  Thanks for coming along on this journey with me guys!  You’ve been awesome!

That sounded like I am leaving.  I’m not.  You aren’t that lucky!

These are on Clearance, Go Buy Some!

And then send me some! Send me plenty.  While most of my fellow bloggers are touching on important issues, such as a baby due in a week and the fact that they are doing the 45 minute version of Turbo Jam or how they are spending time with their family on hikes… I just want this:


Heaven in a little blue package!

I’ve never had these, but Monday I picked up one for me and T, cause I’m cool like that, and oh my gosh… heavenly!  So, go buy some while they are on sale and send them to me! Please and thanks!

And now, cause it’s Supernatural Wednesday, here are the images that have hit my Pinterest page related to Supernatural.  Remember, I’m obsessed!


I’ve actually found some pj’s that say this and come with pants… the moment I have money to blow, I’m buying me some new PJ’s!!!


Dean Winchester… ***drool*** (Yes, I know his real name, but it’s his character that I love.)


One more of Dean… Just cause


Sam Winchester, the younger brother. Master of the puppy dog eyes, which are not represented here at all!


Dean and Sam, tied up. Yeah… tied up…