I Bought a Fanny Pack

I bought a fanny pack.

I wish I could say I was joking.

I even have to admit that I don’t regret the purchase!

Let me back up a bit.

You know I’ve been on a journey to better health and recently I’ve started running.  I can’t say I love it, but I can’t say I hate it either!  It’s not easy, but I miss it on my rest days.  I found an arm band and have been using that to hold my phone, and while it’s not my favorite, I was fine with it.

Until I noticed that it is starting to rub against my workout shirts.

So I started my search.

And by that I mean, I sorted by lowest price on Amazon!

I really wanted a Flip Belt, but they don’t come in my size.

Nothing against Flip Belt, it’s just not easy at all to find fitness gear for a “plus” sized woman.  It involves a lot of measuring and guessing and then a quick prayer that it will actually fit and work!

I found a belt, it was nice and compact, and if my measurements were correct, it would span my waist.  And, it would hold my iPhone.

Fitness belt or fanny pack? Check it out on Did That Just Happen Blog

The belt looks good, right? Not obtrusive at all.  But, I still can’t figure out what the model is storing in hers.  I mean, if you are going to show a picture of the product being used, shouldn’t it actually be in use? I mean, would it be a shame to show products doing what they are supposed to, but whatevs!

Fitness belt or fanny pack? Did That Just Happen Blog

The picture shows that it holds the phone and keys… and it claims to be able to hold more – but my phone is all that really mattered, as my running shorts have a pocket for my keys, I just need to be able to have my headphones in while I’m pounding the pavement – and for the low price of $9.99, I clicked “order”.

I’ve used it twice and pretty much love it. It is an elastic band attached to the yellow banana pack, but it is able to be tightened up as the elastic stretches… or as my waist shrinks!

But every morning, when I’ve snapped this on, I’ve giggled, cause, really, it’s nothing more than an elastic fanny pack.

And I’m rocking it better than anyone!  Well, anyone except…

The Rock rocking his fanny pack on Did That Just Happen Blog

The Rock.  He is totally rocking the fanny pack.

And This is Why I Hate Yoga

I had a credit at a store so I ordered a yoga DVD.

I love the idea of yoga. The reality is different.

Let’s start with the one that sounds easy:

Child’s pose

Now, my forehead can touch the mat and my butt can touch my heels.  But not at the same time.  I was alternating between butt in the air or chin jutting out trying to touch the mat with that.

It gets better.

Let’s move onto Seated Spinal Twist:

I did the first side pretty well.  Then it was time to switch sides.  For the life of me I could not get my one leg over the other leg and after extra maneuvering, I managed to finally get into position… and that was when the move was over and she was “moving back to center.”


But wait, there is more!

The next one was called Pigeon Pose.  Yes, it was just as much fun as it sounded, if getting pooped on by a Pigeon sounds like fun to you.  Because I was a few steps behind, I heard her call it out, and by the time I looked up, she was in this pose:


I told the TV that it was nuts! Then I tried to figure out how to modify that move.

There are 20 more minutes of the DVD left.  I’m a bit scared.

If she asks me to do this next picture, then I’m selling this DVD.

PS.  I’m not using a DVD by any of the people pictured above, they were just the first pictures I ran across.

PPS. Currently I hate all of you yoga people.  You know who you are with your hot yoga and your couples yoga and your aerial yoga.  You all suck.

PPPS.  Fine.  I don’t hate you.  I think it defeats the purpose of the previous 42 minutes of yoga that I’ve done if I invoke hate so soon.