Ear Buds for the Win!

I recently mentioned that I’ve started an upper body fitness challenge, and it became very clear this morning how extremely necessary this is for me!

Mr. T had to be at school at 8:30 am for a cheer function and while I didn’t want to, the yard really needed to be mowed.  Normally we split the task – I weed eat and he will mow.  Unfortunately, we just haven’t had a free weekend – and we won’t have a free one for a bit – and even though Mr. T was gone today, I was still here.

And my neighbor was working on his yard.

Peer pressure!

I pulled out the lawn mower.

Pressed the prime button as instructed.

And yanked.

And yanked.

And yanked.




And yanked

And yanked

And yanked.

Then I stepped away, took a deep breath…

And then, well,

See above…

I swallowed my pride and popped my head over the fence and asked my neighbor for help.

And he proceeded to start the mower on the first try.

So, it became clear to me this morning that picking an upper body challenge was the smart move for me!

But wait – it gets better!

Apparently some ants decided to make a home in the back yard, but I didn’t discover them until I had run them over and one or three dozen decided to bite me!

Well, I won’t stand for that.

So I walked over to the back door and then stopped.

I really wanted the ant spray.

But I couldn’t let go of the lawn mower.

But I really needed the ant spray.

But I’ve already proven that I can’t start my own mower!

ear buds to the rescue

Problem solved!

Ear buds for the win!

My Life is Full of Challenges

I know, I know, you have challenges, too.

All of our lives are full of challenges.

Some are not by our conscience choice, but due to decisions that we’ve made and placed us in certain circumstances.  Some challenges are completely brought on by us and some challenges we actively seek out.

Because sometimes we are all a bit nuts!

Last month I took this:

30 day fitness challenge

And turned it into this:

completed 30 day challenge

Look at that!!  Go Me!! I completed the challenge!

1840 squats.  902 lunges, 1550 crunches, 500 very long seconds in push up plank.


Now, as you know, I also took the declutter challenge.  One item on day 1; two items on day 2; three items on day 3; etc.  If you add that all up, it comes up to about 500 items.  I chose to break it into sections of my house.

And, guess what?

I failed.

declutter challenge

I could not toss 500 items.  I made it to 362 I think the sheet says.

But, I gave it my all! I even parted with items I really didn’t want to!

The flip side of this is that I learned a bit more about me.

At one point I was in the kitchen and all of the cabinets and drawers were open, and all I had managed to do was find about 10 items, like an extra coffee scoop and some broken magnets that used to be on the fridge, and I was feeling very dejected.  Then I got mad! If I hadn’t had that garage sale 2 years ago where I got rid of all of my extra kitchen stuff, then I would have had another 50 items – easily – to count towards the challenge!

Next I was in my closet.  I knew that Mr. T had just bagged up about 50 items, so I just had to match that.  I think I found about 20 items.  And that includes socks with no mate and broken earrings!  Again, I was defeated! I couldn’t come up with more than 20 items! Then, again, I got mad! If I hadn’t been cleaning out my closet for the past couple of months, if I hadn’t sold those 10 pairs of shoes, I would have been so much further along!

Do you see the trend? The past several years I’ve been getting rid of things, which is great – but here’s the good news – I haven’t brought back in the items! The items that have been purged have not returned to my house!  I haven’t replaced my unwanted/unused/not necessary items!

So, yes, I totally failed.

And I’m totally taking that win!

have nothing in your house

So, how do you follow-up these challenges?

With more challenges!

30 day arm and shoulder challenge

I may have little upper body strength, and I may be using girly weights, but I’m taking the challenges!

And I hope your life is just as full of challenges, too!  Grow through what you go through

A Bakers Dozen

1. I had a nectarine for dinner. And a cinnamon roll.

2. I started a new challenge and I currently hate Lisa at 40 is the New 30 for posing it as just such a dare that I immediately latched on and said yes.


3. You should join!! It’ll be fun!!

4. My mom is in the hospital. She didn’t feel well Tuesday. Didn’t feel any better on Wednesday and thought she’s call the doctor on Thursday. Meanwhile, while sitting at her desk Thursday all of the sudden a spot on her ankle started hurting. She was sent home with bronchitis and either a blood clot or cellulitis. By Friday they were admitting her for IV antibiotics because the oral meds weren’t working.

5. Turned out to be cellulitis. Good news, the strong antibiotics have kicked the butt of the bronchitis. Still waiting to see the antibiotics work on the cellulitis.

6. Mr. T got a Fitbit.

7. I’m feeling extremely jealous.

8. I have been doing yoga every day for over 2 weeks now and it feels good! I know that in the past I have made it very clear that as much as I want to be a yoga person, it just wasn’t for me, but I’ve found a teacher that oh my goodness, I’ve found my love for yoga!

9. All I want to do is go buy 10 pairs of yoga pants!

10. I’ve also decided to aim for a minimalist lifestyle and declutter my life. Toss/Recycle/Donate approximately 500 things this month. 1 thing on day one. 2 things on day two, etc.


11. I don’t think buying tons of yoga clothes fits with my minimalist goals.

12. But maybe selling some of the old stuff can finance the new!

13. I may have a second cinnamon roll 🙂