Fairy Gardens Are Not For Me

Today at lunch I was scrolling through my Pinterest feed and ran across a Fairy Garden:

Fairy garden

So, I did a search, I was wondering how many people actually did Fairy Gardens.

Fairy garden 2

Apparently a lot of people!  You can even get a Fairy Garden Camper.

Fairy garden 3



Or a Pirate Fairy Garden House!

Fairy garden 4

And this is all very cute – but I have to wonder…

HAS EVERYONE LOST THEIR MINDS?  Fairy’s are not nice creatures!  Fairy’s are known for mischief, and malice and the stories about “wee people” are always ones of how to survive an encounter! What ever you do, don’t eat the food!! If you eat food offered by a fairy, then they will enslave you and you can never return to your life.

Fortunately, you can defeat a fairy if you are close to being ensnared.  If you spill salt, a fairy must stop and count each granule, thus giving you time to escape.

I’m not sure what type of people are inviting fairies to move into their yard,  but I can tell you – it’s not me!

Keep calm and fight the fairies