January Recap

I can’t think of a catchy title for this blog… and since it will be a smorgasbord, I figured that “recap” is fine.  Okay, disclaimer over with it! Let’s get started!

One of my SMART goals this years, under “Personal Betterment” is

I welcome January 2017 in as a sharp-dressed woman, as I have made an effort to be more presentable, and accountable in my attire and stepped outside the house always dressed for success.

Honestly, I really thought this was a good idea.

And I’m not ready to abandon it yet… but…

SMART goal not met at Did That Just Happen Blog

Yeah, that happened.

This month, we celebrated my mom’s birthday with a family gathering.  Mr. T had to work, so he spent time with her and dad earlier in the day and had a pleasant lunch with his grandparents, but since I was busy, I wasn’t there and don’t have any pictures – so we’ll start with a picture I snapped of the two of them a few days prior!

Mr. T and Grammy at Did That Just Happen Blog

They were having an intense discussion! Cassius, Lee’s boxer, came over for a visit, and if you look closely, even Shorty was taking part!

It was a fun gathering, and at the end of the night, it was time to take some pictures!

Group Selfie at Did That Just Happen Blog

The best part was when Grammy wanted some pictures with her grand-kids.  This is what we posted:

Picture worth at Did That Just Happen Blog

This is the behind the scenes of what all we have to go through in order to get just a few good shots! I am sure this is something most of y’all can relate to!!

Group shot at Did That Just Happen Blog

Taking family pictures at Did That Just Happen Blog

How to take a family picture at Did That Just Happen Blog

How not to take a family picture at Did That Just Happen Blog

Notice how we were all jumping in to help.

Yeah.  Not so much.  We are more of a sit-back-and-laugh family!!

Remember that I mentioned being busy that morning so I couldn’t join Mr. T during his visit with his grandparents?

Heroes for Hope 5k at Did That Just Happen Blog

Boom! First 5k of the year done! *happy dance* Heroes for Hope run benefiting St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

BA ran with me, and after we had cooled down, grabbed some food and water, I checked, and they didn’t have a computer set up for us to check our official times, but they gave me the site I could log onto later – and then pointed me in the direction of the guy that had the print out!

I did not medal.

Well, if I’m not getting a medal, then we could go.  Not going to lie, there were 30 more minutes to go until the ceremony, and I couldn’t hang!

The next day I got on and checked the official time.

I did not medal, BUT…

I knocked 3 minutes off my race time!! 3 minutes y’all!!  It was insane!  I did start way too fast, and it came up and bit me in the butt at the 2.5ish mark, but again, I’m just amazed at the love of runners, I was struggling, and another runner came up beside me and slowed down, told me I could do it – and then stayed to run with me for a bit!  She and I kept together for a good bit, and it felt good.  I love the sense of community that has come with running, I really do!

As long as I was checking my time, I pulled up BA’s time.

And then I called him and asked “When I was checking the time sheet for me – did you happen to check it for you?  I think you medaled.”

No, he hadn’t checked the sheet, so I contacted the race coordinator, and sure enough, BA came in 3rd place in his group!  They are mailing his medal – it took several hours for it to really sink in with him, but all of the sudden, I think I can convince him to run with me again!

Is there a medal and finisher shirt  Did That Just Happen Blog





Family Picture Time

This Thanksgiving, whilst we had the family gathered, my sister and I thought it would be a great time to get some family pictures.  We would all be fairly dressed up, most of us had combed our hair and makeup was applied.  Plus, my grandmother would actually be there.

This was imperative because, as I’ve mentioned before, it is super hard to buy for her.  She’s 84 now, or so, and don’t get me started on how picky she is.  Now, I will admit, I am particular.  I like what I like, and as such, if you ask what I want or need, I’m liable to send you a link or a picture. But my grandmother takes the cake when it comes to picky.

Which, is okay, I don’t mind picky.  Like I mentioned, I am too, so I understand it.

Here is the difference.  If you ask me what I want for Christmas, or my Birthday, or just because you love me, I can give you a list of half a dozen things that I’d LOVE to have! I keep a running list on my phone.

I’m not even kidding.

But, if you ask my grandmother, she has no clue what she wants.  In fact, she hates that we start shopping for Christmas so early because she can’t even think what she might want before December 1st.

I’m getting off track.

She’s picky and hard to buy for.

But my sister came up with a brilliant idea.

A few years ago my sister bought a beautiful picture frame collage thing.  She didn’t use it for what she wanted, so we are going to use it and fill it with pictures of her grand kids and great-grand kids.

We pulled pictures off my computer to use, but as long as everyone was at the house, and sort-of cleaned up, after dinner we grabbed her for some “family pictures”.

I was going to just use my iPhone camera.

It works fine.

But, my mom recently got a DSLR camera thing.  So, we grabbed that.  I was told to turn it on and press the button.  So, I did.  Several times.

Then I got in the picture and had mom take some shots.

It was awesome!

Here is how my favorite one turned out:

empty pictureAnd here is how my second favorite one turned out:

empty pictureBecause you guessed it… the camera didn’t capture any of the pictures.

Something about the SD card or whatever.

So, after she left we discovered that none of the pictures took.

I wore makeup for no reason.

But, the food was good!

Will Smith that just happened