Weapon of Choice in the 80’s

I’m house/dog sitting this weekend.  We all know how much I love to do this – remember the time I thought there was a ghost rearranging the furniture at my parents house? Turned out to just be the dogs… So, we are sticking close to home to try and alleviate any issues.

The problem is, it is too nice a day to be stuck indoors!!  Way too nice! So, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to run into town – grab some lunch and see if the Halloween store is open yet! I ran upstairs to mom’s vanity to try and find some makeup to dust on my face.  (Yes, I know you aren’t supposed to share make up.  It’s my mom’s, I’m not worried.)  (Hi Mom! Uh, by the way, I went through your make up!) Despite the fact that we have similar coloring, we wear different colors when it comes to makeup.  It’s always fun to dig through and see what I can find.  Eventually I found some powder and some eye shadow and mascara.

Then… I found this… the weapon of choice of every 80’s girl!


It looks like a simple black box; however, when you open it up


Ka-Chow!  You are a ninja!  You mastered the flip and could pop the lip, flip your wrist and all of the sudden the world was at your feet!  You had the mirror so you didn’t have to fight for sink space to use the community mirror; you had mascara, lip liner, eye liner, and oh my – the eye shadow!


Look at those colors!  But wait! There’s more!


What?? You say there are 10 different shadow options? There isn’t a girl out there that couldn’t do her eyes with all of those colors!

But wait!  There is still more!


Five lipsticks?!? Get out of town!  Oh, the lipsticks can double as blush?

We are not worthy! We are not worthy!

There you have it – my mom is apparently a makeup ninja!  The funny part is – this isn’t left over from the 80’s… it’s pretty new! Either way, I had fun having an 80’s flashback this morning!

Now I’m off to enjoy the day!  Happy Saturday everyone!