Fears are Validated

I have been challenged by Tracie at Life in the Wylde West to the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge.  “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo.  It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph, and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge.”

I figure it’s Day 3, I should change up the opener some… but really, I have no idea what to say – but you can go visit Day 1 and Day 2 of the challenges to see how awesome of an opener I originally wrote.

Day 3:

Here is the text message where my dad discovered that my sister loves me more than she does him.

text message Did That Just Happen

And yes, half of our text messages are like this.

What starts as an innocent “don’t let me scare you I’m coming in the house soon” devolves into “my sister loves me more than you” message.  I would like to say that this was the only time our text messages have devolved, but alas, I’d be lying!

And yes, a screen shot totally counts as a photograph.  It’s in my camera roll, so it counts!

In The Kitchen with Kate: Healthy Banana Ice Cream

Happy Hump Day! Or whatever day it is when you are reading this!

It’s been a rough week. Like way rough. I was talking to my dad and telling him about it and he goes “you’ve had to pull out the $10 words this week!”

I’ve said things like

“if I had known then I could have allocated resources differently”


“returning your call to discuss the viability of the suggested value engineering”.

Oh, and the ever popular

“I think we need to work on our communication skills”

In fact, I was talking to my dad because Mr. T surprised me by letting me know yesterday that he was going to stay at Grammy and Papa’s the rest of the week to house sit.

I wasn’t aware both of my parents were going to be out of town! They thought Mr. T told me and Mr. T thought they told me.

In the meantime I was just sitting over here in the dark!

All alone.

Alone in the dark.

Well, not the dark, I do have the lamp turned on!

But you get the point!

So, what’s a mom to do when she discovers that she has a night all to herself?

She decides it’s time to make healthy frozen chocolate banana ice cream!

Here you go:

Get out your food processor.

2 frozen bananas.

Now, you can also add in flavors. Like a scoop of peanut butter. Or some cocoa powder for chocolate! 


Put bananas in the food processor and hit start.

That’s pretty much it! I happen to almost always have frozen bananas on hand because apparently it is beyond our ability to eat the last banana! So I always just pop it in a baggie and put it in the freezer… And it paid off tonight!

Blend until smooth and then add in your flavoring!

Scoop out and enjoy 🙂

It’s approximately 200 calories for that bowlful,  and  it is so yummy!