It’s the End of the Year as we Know it!

Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014.

I’m currently thinking about New Year’s Resolutions… I can’t wait to share them with you all!

Until then, I’ve decided to get on the band wagon and provide you with my Top 5 Blogs from the past year!  Whoo Hooo!  Lucky you!

Now, I do have a disclaimer.  I eliminated my very top blog as it has 2,000 more hits than the next one down… obviously not a fan favorite, just a search engine favorite!

A Supernatural Obsession

Nerd fandom

I think that this post is a hit because of the search terms; however, I’m super happy to include it because I like to share the love of the Winchester brothers.  You’re welcome.

Lessons from the Movies: The Bucket List

The Bucket List

The Bucket List

I did love this post.  Looking back, the formatting is off and I can tell that I have modified the way I blog just a bit; however, I’m really pleased that this one made the list!  I love my bucket list!

The Baby Shower Didn’t Suck

Really? You want to display and then eat a cake that is a baby's butt?  Am I the only one that has issues with this??

Really, you want to display a cake that looks like a baby butt and then expect me to eat it.  Not happening.  And if you give me a part of the cake that looks like a human leg I will personally cut off your toes and see how YOU like it!  Okay, sorry, but baby showers can be freaky things and even just posting this brings up an irrational response apparently…

Then He Kissed the Back of my Hand


Now, this post still brings a tear to my eye.  In fact, I almost didn’t re-read this post, but I couldn’t help it.  Thanks to all of my fellow bloggers who followed me through this journey, you guys were there through the medical jargon, the laughter and the tears.  This is still my favorite post of all time.  And probably always will be.

What Does Being Brave Mean?


There are days that just making it through the day makes me feel brave.  I know that everyone has a different definition of “bravery”, and some of the items that I have trouble with you might be able to breeze right through; but the fact that I do them despite the fact that my heart is pounding out of my chest – well, I’ll take that as a win!

Thank you to those who have read my blogs, and many thanks to those of you that take the time to leave a comment.  I’ve really enjoyed meeting and interacting with all of you this past year – you’ve all brought laughter and light into my life.

Carving a Faux Pumpkin

I love Halloween!  I know, you are all surprised to hear that, but it is true!

Today I want to share this totally awesome tip I have for carving fake pumpkins – it will change your life.

I love carving pumpkins!  Every time I see a Pumpkin Masters book, especially when on sale, I grab it! They have awesome templates that range from super easy to the insane I would never attempt to do on my own!


We used to get real pumpkins and carve them, and sometimes I still do; however, I’m in love with the fake pumpkins!  I can carve them and then bring them out year after year.  I like to pick them up once they go on sale but I have been known to pay full price (well, okay, I always have a coupon!).  I did pick one up this year with my 40% off coupon but while I was shopping I found the most amazing gadget!


It’s called a Styro Cutter.  This little gadget is a thin wand that heats up. It is meant to be used on Styrofoam – wreaths, decorations, etc. but I have discovered that it works well on fake pumpkins, too!  This is awesome!  So, you tape your pattern onto the pumpkin, use the little tool that comes with the Pumpkin Masters kits to poke the tiny holes to create the outline and then you plug in the styro cutter.  Within minutes you will be engrossed in creating masterpieces!  Once the knife is hot you slide it into the pumpkin and then slowly work your way around doing a grown up version of connect the dots.

There are several reasons why I love this, first off – this little wand replaces all of the serrated blades that have the tiniest handles in the world!  Don’t get me wrong, those blades are awesome and do work, but I love not having to switch between the different tools.


Secondly, the mess is minimal!  Before, there would be tons of orange shavings all over the place – but now, the orange foam shavings are minimal, I collect them in my hand and toss!  If you know me, then you know that I don’t like messy, so the fact that this minimized the mess makes it worth it.

Lastly, this cuts the carving time in half.  Since I don’t have to switch serrated blades and don’t have to stop to give my hand a rest, the time it took to make my pumpkin went by in a flash!  Mr. T had fun helping, too, which makes it even more fun for me!

This year the pumpkin we carved was double sided.  The front is a witch with a bubbling cauldron and when lit, it casts the outline of a couple of ghosts on the wall dancing behind the witch.  It is super awesome!!!




Back – and these ghosts dance on the wall behind the witch!


Not a good picture, but the one on the right we did last year… by hand… with the small serrated blades. Trust me, the hot knife makes carving so much easier! (The one on the left was pre-purchased like that, I can’t take credit!)

Along these lines – Penney at My Journey to Live an Authentic Life sent me this pin the other day… Do you remember how much I love baby showers?

Halloween party

The Baby Shower Didn’t Suck

This weekend I had to attend a baby shower.  I say that I “had” to because it was a social obligation and I literally had to make myself get dressed and get out the door.  I really didn’t want to go.

Don't let the cuteness of the invite fool you - it's torture!

Don’t let the cuteness of the invite fool you – it’s torture!

Reason 1:  I hate baby showers.  I hate bridal showers.  I just hate that stuff.  And, I’m telling you now, if it is an event with a lot of people bringing me presents, I will announce that I am not going to bore them and make them sit there while I open every single one, but that I really appreciate the time they took to celebrate with me – now let’s eat.  I don’t like being the center of attention and it is boring for everyone involved to sit there and have people watch you open presents – or as you sit and watch others.  I’d much rather we mingle and have fun!

Thank goodness we didn't have this - cause I wouldn't be able to actually eat the baby's innards.  Really? Who does this stuff? I don't want to eat what is portrayed as a baby!!

Thank goodness we didn’t have this – cause I wouldn’t be able to actually eat the baby’s innards. Really? Who does this stuff? I don’t want to eat what is portrayed as a baby!!

Reason 2:  The mother-to-be lied.  Now, this is a grey area.  They (the parents) wanted to do a “gender reveal” at the shower.  Which, fine, whatever makes you happy you should do; however, it makes it so much more difficult to shop when you don’t know the gender of the baby, and because of this, I cut my gift giving budget in half – and I only gave diapers and wipes.  But, here’s the deal.  When they were asked if they know the sex, they both said “no, we don’t know”.  We all knew they were lying.  Well, several of us knew they were lying.  Why did they have to lie?  Why couldn’t they say “Yes, we know, but we want to have a gender reveal shower and let everyone know at the same time – surprise everyone.”  And, if that was the case, then those of us that were buying gifts could have the option to buy a gift AFTER we knew the sex of the child.  Also, if they were going to do a gender reveal shower, then it should have been themed like that.  But, since the parents to be didn’t let the organizers know, then it couldn’t be planned as such.  I’ve seen tons of great ideas for a gender reveal shower, but instead of going for it and embracing it – they just lied.  (And they got a lot of clothes, but 90% were “boy” clothes).

Okay, I can get behind he or she themed items that involve chocolate!!

Okay, I can get behind he or she themed items that involve chocolate!!

I am pleased to announce that I had a good attitude!  I chipped in, participated in the games (I didn’t win any, though – and I really tried!!) (But, one of my BFF’s was the host, and she had an extra gift left over because it took forever to open gifts and we decided the last game wasn’t needed and as I was leaving, I noticed that the extra gift was in my purse.  Oh yeah, my friends love me!) (I don’t think anyone else at the shower will read this, but if you were there, just disregard the previous sentence!)

Really? You want to display and then eat a cake that is a baby's butt?  Am I the only one that has issues with this??

Really? You want to display and then eat a cake that is a baby’s butt? Am I the only one that has issues with this??

So, non-optional social conventions aside (you’ll get this if you watch The Big Bang Theory!), it was a good weekend.  The baby shower didn’t suck, which is a huge compliment coming from me! My BFF and her mom did a great job putting it together, excellent food, wonderful punch and they kept it rolling right along.

Of course, the day before, when I was finally getting around to getting the gift, I texted my girlfriend “Is it wrong to put in the card “good luck raising this baby without shopping at Target or Walmart?'”  She laughed and said “yes”.  It’s not my fault that the mom to be only registered at a crazy place that is not common because “I don’t like Target or WalMart”  Uh huh.  You don’t like it, huh?  Let’s see how long that lasts before reality hits.

She's having a girl, by the way... I know you were dying to find out.

She’s having a girl, by the way… I know you were dying to find out.

But, the baby shower didn’t suck!