Thoughts Not Usually Expressed

I’m flipping back and forth between The Corpse Bride and The A-Team. Both are totally awesome movies, but as I watch, there are tons of thoughts that I have to leave unsaid. I’m weird enough anyway, and it gets worse when I ask questions during the movie.

For example, at one point during The Incredible Hulk all I could think about was “wow, who is going to clean up that mess?” I got some weird looks for that one.

There is a scene in A-Team where the plane has exploded and the team is in a tank trying not to get shot down by the drone planes who are trying to take them down. They exchange a lot of bullets. And then the team discovers the cannon on the tank and they decide to “fly” the tank to position it over a lake. You know, to soften the blow when they crash land.

I see the issue in this… But have never said anything. Mr. T walks through the living room and goes “So, what happens to all of those bullets and cannonballs that they are shooting? They have to land somewhere, how many people do you think they are killing?”

YES! Thank you!!

How sad is it that I can believe a cartoon movie about a Halloween skeleton that takes over Christmas before I can believe that those bullets and cannonballs didn’t kill several innocent people hundreds of yards down?

Movie logic kills me.