A Break & Break-up

(I apologize for the email(s) you may have received yesterday that lead to a dead link, the button I wanted was right next to the “publish” button, and I totally hit the wrong button.  Twice!)

One of my favorite people told me the other day “I’m so sorry, I haven’t had time to read your blog” and I was all “That’s okay, I stopped writing it!”

And I did, and I needed the break.  I was serious when I told y’all that I wanted to live my life and not keep mental notes in my head of “Oh, I need to blog about this!”

The break did me good! But now, oh my gosh, I have stuff that has to be shared!! I mean, I would be doing every single one of you a disservice if I didn’t share it!

Last  we spoke, Mr. T had started his freshman year in college, a friend of his was borrowing our guest room and I was dating Adam.  You can catch up here if you are so inclined, but you aren’t missing anything if you don’t!

Humm… I can’t remember if I used his real name or not in my last post – but he isn’t active in social medial, so I can’t imagine it matters to him! He has social media, but he doesn’t even follow my Instagram account! Dude, we’ve been dating almost a year!

Whats up with that at Did That Just Happen Blog

But let’s move on!

Mr. T is in his 2nd semester of first year and it is just awesome! He seems to be doing so well, and he really enjoys it – and he is still cheering!  In fact, if you follow me on aforementioned IG account, you’d be over-run with pictures from the last two competitions we attended!

TxWes Cheer Competition 2017

It’s pretty awesome.  Both events were out of state, and I got to stay with one of my best friends in the world – it was worth the extra drive to get back and forth!

Mr. T’s friend who was borrowing the guest room moved out.

And moved back in 2 weeks later.  He is paying rent now.  We are working on getting him moving forward in his life.  He talks about all these grand plans, and I’m a task master helping to keep him on track!

Adam and I have been together almost a year – and guys, it was awesome.  It wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was a great relationship.  We were open with each other, we laughed, we adjusted and adapted.  I learned some good lessons about myself during this time.

Have you noticed that I am using the past tense?

He is moving away.  Just a few weeks shy of our 1 year anniversary, he is moving.

I’m not even upset – it’s for family, and it is the right move for him to make.  We’ve spent the last couple of weeks letting those in our life know, and now I’m sharing it with you! I will miss him terribly, and he  feels the same.  In fact, we both  decided that his mourning period should last about 6 month. We feel that is how long it should  take to get over me.

Okay, I feel that is how long it should take.  He just humors me by agreeing!

yes-yes-yes- yes dear at Did That Just Happen Blog

But, you know what this means?

That’s right.

Online dating is coming!! And you’re coming along for the ride!

You’re welcome. 🙂

on line dating

For those runners out there – I’ve complete two races, one virtual and one in real life – both 5k’s.  And now I’m training for a 10k.  I’ve been working on increasing my mileage and I’ve hit week 11 of my training program, after having to take a week off, and then a recovery week – apparently I was pushing myself a bit too hard and my body rebelled!  I’m feeling better, I’m dealing with a medial ankle pain, trying to determine if it’s fallen arch or a nerve – it’s kinda in between the two symptom wise – but RICE is my friend, I’m doing ice compression at least once a day, and twice if I’ve done a run that is 5 or 6 miles long.

Love and missed you guys!


22 thoughts on “A Break & Break-up

  1. Yeah!!! I was so disappointed that I could not open the blog before. And, oh, I love the 6-mos. time frame for your emotional response to Adam leaving. I’ve heard that emotional responses are very linear and chronological. Glad you tapped into that 🙂

  2. I’m still confused by the teaser post. It’s great that Mr. T is doing so well. I’m sorry about Adam though, I just saw your pictures from your trip. Online dating is not my thing… no way Jose. 🙂 You are a running machine these days, take care your ankle!!!

    • Well, the teaser post was supposed to be about how hard it was to find your soulmate… which led to the fact that I was searching for mine… But, since it missed the mark, I hope it at least made you laugh! I got in 4 miles today, knew I was a tad short of 4, so I had been making a few circles in mile 3 to bump the mileage and hit 4 at the house right before mine! Whew – hit my mileage goals for the week – first time in 3 weeks :/

  3. It’s good to hear from you Kate and get an update. I’m happy for Mr T … and happy for you moving into a new chapter. Nothing really stays the same after all. Embrace it and share 😉💛❣

  4. Saving My Belly Button Ring says:

    Dude, I have missed you! Looking forward to your online dating adventure. Then I will decide if it is right for me. hahahaha

  5. I’m sorry I’m late to the party (and clearly missed out on the previous post/guessing game!). I’m sad to hear about you and Adam, but it sure does sound like you are at peace with things. Can’t wait to hear more. Miss reading your words (and just communicating in WP land in general, as it feels more let-your-hair-down-anonymous(ish) than FB, etc.). Glad to hear you are doing great! xoxo nancy

  6. Oh booooo I’m so sorry to hear Adam is moving away after a great year together. That sucks! And booooo to the sore ankle.i am back into running training at the moment so we can cheer each other in there. Could be online dating before too long too hahahahahaha although with the babe it isn’t really a priority. Life is busy!

    So nice to hear from you here and glad you’ve enjoyed the break. Despite some sadness in the events surrounding you you seem very happy and upbeat so I hope that to be true. Sending hugs and joy xx

    • I can’t believe you’re running again already! I know it’s safe, but pregnant and for at least a year after, I’ve always been afraid things are going to bounce and fall out!! Of course, I never even considered running at that time of my life!!

      • Hehe I probably started back sooner than I would have because Eric is a hassling jerk but I’ve been careful not to overdo it. I’ve been doing regular Pilates since maybe Oct last year and it has helped me to strengthen up and get the body fit for running. I actually did the first few days of a Couch to 10k program for WEEKS. I pretty much did it until I felt I had my fitness back and have only just now moved into week 2!

  7. Hum? what the what? As usual I’m confused. That being said. I love that you blogged and I did get those blank links because yesterday when I saw you posted I got so super excited. I even meant to ask you about it but then….this health journey has me serious that and work and I sometimes don’t know which way is up but I’m always glad we are on this journey together.

    Love your friend Tracie

  8. lardavbern says:

    You’ve been a busy women Kate – good for you. Glad you had a great relationship – sorry it’s coming to an end even if the reason is okay.
    Good luck with online dating.
    Glad to hear Mr. T. is adjusting so well to college.

    • Thank you – for all of the above! Mr. T applied and won a position as Orientation Leader, which is highly coveted, it’s not paid, but they get to live on campus for no-charge over the summer so he is getting ready to move out! I’m excited for him!

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