Here is a Hint

(PS. The “publish” button is right next to the “schedule” button, and I may have just accidentally hit publish, when I meant to hit schedule – so if you got an email or tweet, and it sent you to a blank page, I apologize!!)

Hi guys!!

Just wanted to drop a line and give you a hint of what is coming up in my life!

I hope that doesn’t give away too much!



13 thoughts on “Here is a Hint

  1. Okay, Kate, I was so, so excited to see your blog pop up in my inbox. But, now, I am feeling awkward. I think I get the hint, but perhaps not. I prefer bonding over your more blatant “Let me spell it out for you all” approach. 🙂 I hope you know I am kidding! Miss your words and writing! 🙂

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