February 2016

Guys, nothing funny is happening in my life.

I’m not having many “Did That Just Happen” moments right now.

And, (with a worried sigh), I’m afraid I might not have many more.

You see, Mr. T has picked a college.

It is all becoming very real that the little boy I JUST HAD is growing up.


I made him stop and take a picture with me at a college visit the other day.

“Mom, we don’t need to now, there will be time later.”

“Get your butt over here and take a picture with me! Don’t make me go all mom on you!”

And you know what – there wasn’t time later!

The trouble is you think you have time_Buddha at Did That Just Happen Blog

Time is not linear for me, when I say it happened the other day, I could mean yesterday, or 6 months ago.  I don’t waste space in my brain for things like “time”; however, there is a pressure in my chest that tells me – either I’m having a heart attack – or that time is currently paying very close attention to me!

Here is the super-duper good news, though.  My son is bound and determined to expedite his college time and leave with the least amount of debt as possible.  He has saved up to take classes at the community college during the summer, and he is filling out every scholarship form there is… and… he is applying for the housing waiver.  He will live close enough to the school he wants to attend that he can commute.

He won’t be moving into the dorm (fingers crossed) in the Spring.  He’ll be staying at home.  And, while he is never here now, and will probably be here less in the future, it still gives me some peace that I’ll have a little bit longer to yell at him to not leave dirty dishes in the sink or to pick up his shoes from the living room floor because I tripped over them and almost broke my neck!

I look forward to that.

OH! But wait!  The other day I bought a new washing machine!  And Mr. T had exactly 1 hour in between Job #1 and Job #2, so he met me at Lowe’s to load up the machine (it wouldn’t fit in my car) and drive it home – and he unloaded it and set it in place for me before taking off to head back into town for work.

So, I made him some homemade donuts! Homemade chocolate donuts at Did That Just Happen Blog

Double chocolate donuts with a plain glaze.

Yeah, that just happened!

(and if you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll find the inspiration for that recipe, which of course, I modified.  Almond milk instead of regular, greek yogurt instead of sour cream and truvia instead of sugar… and they still turned out divine!)

Oh! One last thing – one of my SMART goals is to hit 50 miles per month with my running.  February miles

Not only did I meet my goal, I increased my mileage from January, so #DoubleWin.  This month also included a longer run, added in an extra half mile towards the end of the month – and it was scary but it went really well!  I think I’ll work in a few more long runs now and work on increasing my stamina.  It’s been feeling good, and I haven’t always been able to say that about running!

Maybe I have a few more moments left in me yet!

50 thoughts on “February 2016

  1. Hi, Kate! My son is waiting to hear from colleges for next year. At this point, it looks like he is going far, far away to Edinburgh, Scotland. If he’s that far away, I’ll be eating donuts for comfort.

    • Ann! Did you tell him that is less than ideal! Oh my goodness! I am pretty sure if Mr T was considering that move, I would be selling the house and moving with him! LOL… Yeah, pretty sure that would have to happen!! Wow, what a great young man you’re raising that he is considering that move!

  2. Yes, they do grow up so fast! Mr. T is such an amazing young man! I love that he has a plan! Good job, Mom. Kudos on the running goal! Super duper! You are really kicking some buns with your running goal! Could you be any cooler??? And those donuts???? Hello! Yes, please! Not only are you a super mom, but you deserved that little treat for all of your hard work! Now, I’m looking forward to all of the awesome adventures that (I know) you will continue to have!

  3. Exciting times for Mr T! And you! But you raised him well, he’ll do well – now you only have to keep up 😉
    Those doughnuts look like an awesome way to thank him 🙂

  4. Wow! I bet your crazy proud and impressed with your Son! Way to go Momma, you did a great job. Sounds like he is on the right track …also sounds like you have plenty of moments to blog about 😉

    • I hope I have plenty of blog moments left! At church yesterday the music minister’s wife stopped to say hello and ask if I was attending a certain event, and I scrolled through my mental calendar and was like “no, I have a Senior thing” and she laughed and goes “we’ll see you in June, from now until then you’ll be very busy with Senior things!”
      I think she’s right! 🙂 Thanks for your kind words and stopping by!!

  5. Congratulations on smashing your February running goal! I need to get back at it myself.

    My oldest stepson will be a senior next year, and all I can think of is him sitting on my lap when he was still little. Where did the time go?

    • Right?!? Sometimes I look at Mr. T and can barely remember the little guy he used to be!
      And I’m still inspired by your running – hitting the 13.1+ was amazing! And yes you should get back at it – aren’t you training for a half? I know I read that!

  6. I hear ya! Time is moving on around here too but it sounds like you have a pretty cool young man there. Good for him for being so responsible and good for you for achieving your goal.

  7. I like reading your posts! They always crack me up like how Mr T told you photo can wait, but you know better yeah?!
    I really like Mr T. He is so sensible to help you load the washing machine, set it up. I feel that I will miss him too when he stays in the dorm.

    I am so proud of you to run 57 miles in a month! This will be my goal and part of my to do list when my kids are grown up and I will be left with nothing much to do or less things to nag on.

    Reading about you is like fast forwarding my life as a mom. You are an inspiration! Keep up the running and your positive outlook in life! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Christy! I am so impressed with all you are doing in your life with your 3 kids! I love how you have made it a priority for them to be kids and how you are balancing time with them – it’s not easy, but you are doing a great job!!

    • Thank you!! I’m not going to pretend, but I’m proud of me, too!! You know there were so many times that I struggled to get going, and it took several years but I’m so happy about it right now, and appreciate it so much more because of all of the struggles!!

    • Thank you!! I’m super excited about all of it! (and I found a recipe for some healthy brownies and pulled out everything to make it and realized I used the last of my cocoa powder making those donuts!!)
      Go put a baby update on IG!! I’m dying!!

      • Ok haha, I have a dr apt tomorrow so if we get anything good I’ll share it. Otherwise me and Gabriel will be hanging out so I’m sure I’ll find something to share there 🙂

  8. You know, Kate. I do not see too many blog postings with a homemade chocolate donut/increasing my monthly running mileage juxtaposition. Not surprisingly, though, you pull it off and pull it off well. Happy for you and Mr. T!!

  9. They do grow up way too fast. I’m still very happy that he gets to stay at home for now. That will hopefully help ease the growing up transition for you. Also, 50 miles a month? That’s great! Keep it up!

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