The Waiting Game








VaugeBooking idiot

While this post doesn’t have any details, I am NOT doing a vaguebook, er, vaguepost.

I’m not sure vaguepost was a thing before, but it is now!

Because we all now I’m such a trendsetter.


But I am stuck in a waiting game!  Like an endless loop of waiting and waiting and waiting.  And waiting

Have y’all met me? Type A control freak that makes a decision faster than most should ever be made? Yeah, me.

I don’t like to wait.

So, I am opening myself up to the experience that will eventually make its way to me, and I hope to learn something in the process. I am practicing letting go – which in my case, is that I’m not attached to the outcome.  And I’m doing pretty good at it…

But seriously, who drags stuff out? Don’t tell me on Monday you’ll call this weekend… I want to know now!!

This is life altering stuff.  Don’t make me wait!

Okay, maybe not life altering.

Okay, not life altering at all, pretty much not important to anyone besides me and like 2 people, but that’s not the point!! Waiting should be on the list of cruel and unusual torture punishment!

Dean Winchester waiting

Look! I found a gif of Dean Winchester – waiting!  It has been way too long since Supernatural made an appearance over here! (And oh my gosh, they came back from their midseason break with a bang!)

So, on one hand:

Don't rush things, anythign worth having is worth waiting for

Okay, I’ll wait.  But on the other hand:


Well, I don’t want my chance to go by!

But then, there is patience, and well, that applies to every day (and I’m way better about acting good while waiting!)


(I don’t think this post should count towards how I act when waiting… but, if you can’t see me constantly tapping my foot, then it might not be happening – so maybe this post isn’t me being impatient and bringing y’all along for the ride, maybe I’m just sharing my life!)

Who am I kidding – I’m impatient and bringing y’all along for the ride!!

Life is too short to wait

I sense my new motto!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

And yes, all is well, no one is sick or dying.  And in the grand scheme of things, I’ll have forgotten this by next week… the point really is just how I’m not a fan of waiting! When I went back and read this, I realized I might need to clear that up!

37 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. Awe, I’m sorry you have to wait! My husband just finished a job interview and they told him they would call him Friday or Monday…. He’s been dying from anticipation all weekend, poor thing. The point is, I can second-hand feel your pain ;-P

  2. Holy smokes! That was a ride alright. I’m all worn out now! I feel your struggle tho. I’ve been trying to teach myself patience for years now. I believe it’s just around the corner, but I dunno. I like to drag good things out, I know. Good things, like chocolate ice cream and BBQ. Why take something you love and rush through it, I always say. Seems to help. But yeah, what about missing chances on other good things. How does one go about the business of seizing life whilst maintaining a proper posture for enjoying the little things…Reminds me of an old Garth Brooks quote, I guess, of which I’ll close with here.

    “You can still smell the roses if you’re running with them in your hand”-GB

    Take care, Kate!

  3. The back and forth here – I can feel your struggle. And it’s kind of funny.
    Patience is not my strong point either. However there are times and situations when I can be very patient.
    I suggest listening to Patience by G’N’R.

  4. “The time passes quicker if you sing and hop to ‘hop little bunnies hop, hop,hop'” was the advice I got from a 4 yo when sighing at the sight of long queues! 😆

    • Thanks!! Fortunately, I am okay with it all.. except the waiting – I just don’t understand it! LOL, it’s like a band-aid, just rip it off, get it done and over with! (Which is pretty much how I face everything… which explains way too much about the messes I get myself into!!)

  5. Misery loves company, eh, Kate?

    Instead of waiting in silence and then sharing the news in a big reveal, you want us to “wait for it” (whatever it is) with you?

    But seriously, who drags stuff out? Don’t tell me on Monday you’ll call this weekend… I want to know now!!

    That’s cruel. 😛

  6. I hear you Kate! I must admit that in the past year, I have embraced waiting. It’s a way to accept things outside of my control. An opportunity to meditate and be present. Waiting in hospital waiting rooms helped me with this. Sometimes we have no. Voice, other than choosing our attitude towards it! xo

  7. i am not a fan of waiting either, nor am I patient. I find myself mildly annoyed at how “slow” automatic doors open 🙂 I love how you write that you make decisions faster than most people- that is me, too! I hear the options- choose- done. My husband, on the other hand, enjoys contemplating each and EVERY option……anyway, I am wishing that graet things are coming your way, Kate. You deserve it!!

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