Funny Faces

Hello November! Nice to see you!

It has been a whirlwind October, but I’m so happy to report I survived #Unprocessed October!! I feel like I need a shirt or something announcing that!! I had 3 “exception” meals built in before I started, and that helped remove some of the stress, but I still faltered.  But, here’s the deal, because of the heightened awareness, when I did falter, I was able to identify the trigger at the time, so I am totally taking it as a win! I was able to see what situations lead to what food decisions – and that was very insightful.  And yes, I lost a few pounds.  🙂  so… #winning! And yes, I’ll probably do it again next October!

October Calendar for Did That Just Happen Blog

This was a unique October full of grand adventure.  We said goodbye to my beloved Grandfather, and then I think I spent the rest of the month making funny faces to a camera.

Don’t believe me?

Pimpin' at the Pep Rally on Did That Just Happen Blog

We had several pep rally’s, and here is a great shot of Mr. T after one of his performances… he was awesome, he slowed his walk down so I could snap the picture!  Love that kid!

Pep Rally funny faces at Did That Just Happen BlogMaking funny faces at the pep rally at Did That Just Happen Blog

And then we made funny faces!  And were photobombed by the cheer coach.  It was pretty much greatness… even if Mr. T and I were totally out of sync on the face making!

On our way to Meatloaf at Did That Just Happen Blog

BA and I went to the Meatloaf concert!

Paradise by the Dashboard Light before at Did That Just Happen Blog Paradise by the Dashboard Light after at Did That Just Happen Blog

And when I say concert, I use that term loosely, it really is more like a show than a concert – it’s pretty awesome.  Above is the start of Paradise by the Dashboard light… and the end… needless to say, if you know the song, you’ll totally understand why her top is off! Like I said, he puts on a production!

Funny Faces at the Meatloaf concert at Did That Just Happen Blog

And then we made silly faces!

Senior Night walking the field at Did That Just Happen Blog

We had Senior Night at school, before the football game all of the Seniors in activities are honored and get to walk across the field with their family, and it was my honor to be able to walk my son across the field.  I don’t have the actual picture yet, but we snapped one while waiting.  All of the Senior Cheerleaders had sashes made with their names, except Mr. T, he got a crown!

Silly faces made by cheerleaders at Did That Just Happen blog

But first, we made silly faces!

Cowboys v Seahawks on Did That Just Happen Blog

BA and I also went to the Cowboys vs Seahawks game.  Man, I just can’t even.Cowboys v Seahawks big screen at Did That Just Happen Blog The host with the most at the Cowboy game with Did That Just Happen Blog

But the cheerleaders were great! That is a positive, and Rick, the other guy in the picture, is pretty much the best host in the world.  We’ve worked together for so many years and he is so generous and shares these tickets with us each year, I’m so very grateful for the adventure he grants me each year!

Funny Faces at the Cowboy game with Did That Just Happen Blog

And happy to have an adventure buddy that will take silly pictures 🙂

So, like I said, I think I spent the last half of the month making funny faces and sticking my tongue out at the camera.  At one point I asked BA if he was going to out-grown going to the games with me… we looked at each other and laughed, I have plenty of evidence to indicate that neither of us plan to really grow up!

How about y’all? Ready for November?

35 thoughts on “Funny Faces

  1. October looks like it was a good month – despite your grandfather passing away (I’m sure he was watching from up above and smiling). Love the happy silly face photos!! Well done on getting through unprocessed October, you really are very inspirational Kate xx

  2. Kate, so sorry for your loss. I’m sure your Grandfather is seeing all those smiles and feels the love. 🙂
    You did awesome on your #Unprocessed month, Kate, way to go!!! 🙂

  3. Awe I’m glad you survived lol and I’m glad you were able to have so much fun this month! I do agree that it went by way too fast though. It’s crazy!

    • LOL, Mr. T was easily pre-teen before I went back to seeing concerts – he was finally old enough for more of the “concert in the park” type events, and that helped instill the love of music in him. The other day he was upset I hadn’t taken him to a “real” concert… oops! 🙂

    • Meatloaf has gotten older these last couple of years – but yes, it was awesome, we laughed, I cried, and I will probably always go see him when he’s nearby!!
      And thank you! I crack myself up on IG all of the time, it’s nice to know someone else finds it funny!

    • LOL, I took away from the challenge the knowledge of where I should do better, and to me, that is what I needed!
      I had a friend just announce she is putting up her tree soon, so as to enjoy the holidays, and I’m all like, it’s Nov 2nd, I’m not ready!!

  4. Oh man I cannot believe it is Nov! Crazy! I had to write the date yesterday and almost fell over. Hugs for you saying goodbye to Grandpa. So sad for your family. 😦 You are looking fabulous BTW. Unprocessed Oct certainly worked for you. What were your cheat meals??? Hey your HS football team even has purple like FNL! He he

    • My cheat meal was a Taco Bell bean burrito (they are vegetarian) on game days, because I leave the house at 3 for the pep rally, then run around town picking up stuff for the concession stand (we get the proceeds as a fundraiser) and then setting up and opening the concession stand, before I even get over to the game! So, that was my cheat, it was totally processed, but nothing has the right mix of ease, and protein and carbs like their bean burritos!! 😀

  5. I love your funny faces and the way you take on each day! I’m sorry about grandpa. And boy did October fly by. I can’t even believe we are quickly approaching those holiday’s. Mr. T looks like he is having a really fabulous Sr. year too.

  6. WOW! That month was packed full! I feel pretty much the same about #unprocessedOctober as you. I had some built in cheats (my anniversary) and did falter a couple of times. Like you I learned some triggers and some things that I need to change in my world.
    I am still sending you healing energy for the loss of your grandfather…

    Thank you for sharing the awesomeness of Mr. T’s Senior Cheer Year! I sometimes miss being a “cheer Mom”! (rarely)

    Love the funny face pix, but more than that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair! It looks so great, and the pix from the Dallas game are lovely! You look Fabulous!

    • Thank you!! I’m so glad you were doing the challenge and brought it to my attention, it was so worth it! And, as much as I hate to admit it, I’ll miss being a cheer mom… unless he goes for it in college, and everyone is recommending he do so 🙂
      Thanks for the compliment on the hair, that is my greatest struggle right now!! LOL, and if that’s my greatest struggle, I have NOTHING to complain about! 🙂

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