What Leftover Halloween Candy?

(This is a repeat, highly edited at the end, but it still applies!!)

It’s that time of year, and I am seeing these posts all over the place (Pinterest!)

Turn this left over Halloween candy:

halloween candy

Into this:

From Yahoo! Shine article

From Yahoo! Shine article

All of these tips and tricks for the leftover Halloween candy.

Make a Christmas advent calendar with the candy.

Toss it all inside a pie crust and make an insane chocolate/caramel/nut/pretzel/dots pie.

Halloween bark.

Halloween popcorn.

The ideas are endless!  Apparently even the Elf on the Shelf tends to get in on the action.

All of those great ideas and I’m all:

belly full of candy


Who has left over Halloween candy?  I did break down and buy my first bag of candy (apart from the bags of candy bought to hand out that is safely boxed up) yesterday – but it was to drop off at Mr. T’s job for him and his co-workers to enjoy.

The fact that I only gave them half of the bag doesn’t matter.

Okay, I had a miniature Hershey bar.

How processed can it be?

Okay, it’s really processed!

But I’m okay with that.  #unprocessed October has been going pretty darn well! I’ve actually lost a couple of extra pounds, which I’m reading is normal for this – and I’ll take it!

Happy Halloween everyone!