What is Happening in the Land of Did That Just Happen

I'm not saying I can perform miracles or anything, but check out Did That Just Happen Blog!

There is no reason for that meme, I just found it the other day and LOVE it!

Okay guys, here is a quick recap of what is happening in the land of Did That Just Happen.

Senior Pictures with Mom at Did That Just Happen Blog

We took Senior Pictures.  I am blessed that one of my dear friends is a photographer and she has known Mr. T since he was little, so I knew I could trust her to capture his essence, and she did a great job.  Plus, she let me get in a few of them, and be still my heart.  I’m about to go pick this picture up, I had it blown up and put on a canvas!

You've Been Flocked from Did That Just Happen Blog

After work the other day I ran into town and Flocked a teacher.  🙂  It’s a fundraiser we are doing for Senior Celebration, and seriously, when I waved at one of their neighbors as I was surreptitiously putting up almost a dozen flamingos, I was sure I was busted! But the flock of flamingos is up, and the teacher has been a good sport, and even tweeted it!  Our goal is to raise awareness and now raise some funds!

Senior Mum Preview at Did That Just Happen Blog

It’s #SeniorYear so that means MUM SEASON!! I can’t show you a picture of the mum Mr. T designed for his girlfriend, as he doesn’t give it to her until tomorrow, but the above sneak peak should tide you over!  And, for those not familiar with Friday Night Lights, I wrote a post last year to help you understand how big of a deal Homecoming is for us! (Oh, just FYI, apparently the kids at T’s school were discussing mums and googled it and my post came up, and well, wouldn’t you know, one of the girls IN THE POST was the one googling and saw herself featured.  Hey, I asked for the picture before I took it!! But it still cracked me up!)

Speaking of Friday Night Lights:

Cheer is Life for us at Did That Just Happen Blog It's all about that Base at Did That Just Happen Blog Cheer is Life at Did That Just Happen Blog

I’ll deny this if you ever repeat it, but I am going to miss being a Cheer Mom.  I did great at it! I stepped outside my comfort zone.  I volunteered for stuff.  I talked to people.  Like, seriously, I voluntarily spoke with strangers.  And, some of those strangers have become my friends.  While I have not cheered in the crowd with poms for more than 2 seconds, I have worn bling.

Bling people.

I’m just saying.

And then some sad news.

Kate and Grandpa at Did That Just Happen Blog

My beloved Grandpa, who was so fond of having adventures with me, passed away Tuesday the 6th.  He went peacefully and I know in my heart he was ready and he is in a much better place, and Heaven was happy (and lucky!!) to receive him.  He served God, his Country and his Family with grace and humor and love and I am a better person for having had him in my life.

And that is my recap of the last couple of weeks!  #Unprocessed October is still happening, and I’m amazed at how well I am doing… I did discover that Diet Coke and Cheetos are still my go-to stress snacks, and yeah, there were a few days that that happened! But all in all, it’s been a good way to kick off the Last 100 Days of the Year!

Now to finish preparing for Homecoming – but what have y’all been up to?

55 thoughts on “What is Happening in the Land of Did That Just Happen

  1. I am sorry to hear about your beloved Grandpa.
    I read that you mentioned counting down 100 days to end of year, I have not even thought about that. Time flies and soon it will be Christmas and a new year will start. Get me thinking about family and relationships now at this time of the year with Thanksgiving around.
    I hope you are alright and I think you are as I hear cheerfulness in your post on the throwbacks. Take care!

  2. I see that you mentioned wearing bling, but then did not document it with a photo 🙂

    I am so sorry about your grandfather. I remember reading a few posts about him, and even in this picture, he looks like he is up for whatever trouble he can get into and have some fun.

  3. I am really bad about keeping up. It seems like during my work week, I have little time for much after I get home, so I am doing this FROM my desk AT work. 😉 LOVE the photo of you and T. I hope you have it framed and put it up somewhere so all can see it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Ah I see. My brother is Mr. T’s age so he is starting to look for colleges too. He’s the opposite, he wants to go off asap 🙂 Personally, I wish I would have stayed home and went to CC the first two years. The classes are smaller, the instructors have more time for you, they are wayyyy cheaper too… you’re able to get the college experience and make friends and join clubs and actually have time for all that cause it’s so much more affordable and you don’t have to work 40+ hours a week like I did. Then if you get a bunch of scholarships and grants you have money you can save to help pay for state! He’ll be fine either way. Does he know what he wants to go to school for?

      • He wants to be a math/science teacher. Those are harder subjects, so naturally there aren’t as many teachers – which means it is higher demand and typically means higher pay. He is also considering being a coach, cheer coach, and using his experience now as a foundation! The principal at our school is amazing, and is really working with T and letting him know what she needs him to do so that she can hire him 😀

  4. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I don’t have senior pics of M, mainly because we didn’t know he was technically a senior until it was later in that school year. One day I’ll get some crazy pics, but I love that one of y’all!

    I am sorry for the loss of your grandfather. That is another great picture of y’all too ❤

  5. Oh, Kate, I love this. I like the full circle of the post. I can see your Grandpa was the “miracle” type. I do remember the posting about the mums- and I remember being like, “Wow, we are so behind the curve here in Colorado” 🙂 You look wonderful, by the way. Your healthy lifestyle is so working ( I write that as I eat Cheetos and diet coke this morning- it has been that type of day 🙂 )

  6. Saving My Belly Button Ring says:

    I’d like to see the bling too. 🙂 And the pic you shared of you and Mr. T – totally awesome and you look GREAT!! I am sorry about your grandfather. I have thought of you often since I found out. ❤

  7. Are we really in the last 10 days? That surprised me for some reason. That picture of you two on the bridge is awesome.
    I am so sorry for your loss but it sounds like you were able to spend quality time with him these past few months and have wonderful memories of him.

    • It was great to spend time with him, and yeah, we are down to the last 80 some odd days at this point I believe! That picture of us on the bridge fills me with joy! I got an email from Walgreens about 40% off wall decor, so I am not kidding, I immediately grabbed that photo and submitted an order on line – and it looks great! It is printed on a canvas and then “floating” in a black frame. I love it!! 🙂

    • Raising awareness of SNAG (Senior Night After Graduation – it is commonly known as Project Graduation on the East Coast) so that we can get more donations! Last year it was toilet bowls… a toilet bowl was left in the yard and you had to pay to have it removed, but that caused some issues, so we switched to flamingos this year! It’s actually a pretty common fundraiser down here! I actually talked to this teacher when I ran into him at the school, all of the kids love him and he has a great social media presence, so he tweeted about it with some great pictures, which hopefully now we will get kids wanting to have it done to their friends houses… and with a $20 removal fee… it’s a fun fundraiser!

      • We host a massive party for the kids. A safe place for them to party and celebrate graduating high school, graduation night is the night that most kids don’t come home, they feel they have graduated and now are adults and want to party like adults, and as such, the mortality rate of teenagers increases at graduation time, they drink and drive, or make other decisions that result in them never coming back home. It’s just so sad, and Project Graduation was started many years ago to give the kids a place to celebrate and still make it home safely, and chemical free. We meet at the school around midnight, and we bus the kids to the venue, and we rent the place out for the night, and provide food and drinks.

        Last year it was at a facility that had laser tag, bowling, arcade, etc., so the money is used to rent the buses and pay the drivers, rent out the facility, pay for security and then for door prizes, we give away microwaves, coffee makers, bed sets, and lots of gift cards, anything to make it easier for them as they go off to college. For our size graduating class, we have to raise $24,000. 😀

  8. Sorry to hear about your grandfather :’)

    But you two look awesome in the first picture! And good on you for sticking to your healthier diet. Has it made you feel different?

    • Last year I started working on eliminating processed food and that made a difference, and then this year, I went vegetarian, and that really helped eliminate processed food, and the #unprocessed challenge has been eye opening more than anything else. I can see where I am great, and I can see where I go for convenience… or where I go for processed to cut calories and is adding chemicals to my body better than the real calories?!? So, it’s been thought provoking… and a challenge for sure, so… I guess the long answer is yes, I feel different, but more mentally than physically. 🙂

  9. Well thanks to my recent FNL obsession I am all over how big Homecoming is. I will still go read that other post though as now it has context. I am so sorry to hear about your grandpa. May he rest in peace.

    On a happier note I love that pic of you and Mr T. You are looking VERY healthy. Obviously this new eating regime is suiting you. Well done you. You should be proud xxx

    • Thank you so very much!! The other day I ran 2.7 miles. I had been steadily running 2, 2.1 miles most days of the week, telling myself that when I could run without stopping, well then I would increase the distance. One day I wondered why I had put that restriction on myself, and just added in an extra neighborhood on my run and it has been great! It is a challenge and I work for it, but it’s been good – and I think back to all of the encouragement you gave me a few years ago as I was trying to run and learning and there are morning that I slow my pace down, because I can hear you reminding me that it’s okay to slow down! You won’t remember having told me that, but I sure do!

  10. You know, that post just loterally teared me up… I was thinking about you and your grandpa the other day and how you guys are doing.. I am so sorry for y’alls loss…
    I hope you and your family have time to grieve but also celebrate his life!
    All the best and I am secretly crying here as well… big hug! (even though we don’t know each other)

    • Thank you so very much Lisa! It was wonderful to see how loved and appreciated he was by family and friends and that has made the grieving process so much easier. And I’m sending really big hugs right back to you! Sometimes life can feel overwhelming, it’s good to have love and support here – even if we don’t know each other!!

  11. As always, you have been a busy bee. I am so sorry for the loss of your grandpa. He looks like a sweet, loving man and I’m sure he’s having a great time in his new home. I love the senior picture! What a wonderful idea to have you included.

    • Thank you, and thank you, and I don’t have a lot of photos on display at the house, but I proudly am putting that one up, it is probably the best picture I’ve ever gotten of the two of us! And I read your post earlier but it hit too close to home to comment, except I’m glad I have always taken the time.

      • It’s certainly a good one to display. 🙂 Aw, I’m sorry and I completely understand not being able to comment. I do appreciate you reading it though. Thank you.

  12. So sorry about your sweet Grandpa. I understand what you mean about knowing he was ready. I felt the same with my darling mom who passed away at the beginning of September. It’s still sad for those of us who are left behind though. xx Great photo of you and Mr. T. 🙂

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