I Said Hi to My Brother

So, I don’t know if this is weird or normal.  Actually there are several parts of this story that I don’t know if they are weird or normal, but we are to focus on my actions today!

Have I shared that Grandpa has moved in with mom and dad?

Kate and Grandpa at Did That Just Happen Blog

He and I like to go run errands, so my Instagram is frequently littered with pictures of us out and about! It’s fun and he doesn’t mind taking a selfie! It kinda cracks me up how as soon as I pull out my phone to take a picture he leans in and smiles 🙂

For those not aware, I work from home.  I have a great boss and it’s a wonderful company, very small and very high tech.  We all share information on our cloud, and when you call our toll free number and pick an extension, it is routed to our cell phones.  It’s taken me many years to work my way to this spot and every couple of days I remember to give thanks for the blessing!

My dad also works from home.  (His home, not mine.) So he is able to be here (there) for Grandpa, who due to a couple of health reasons can’t live on his own. Dad was called out of town for work this week.  So I get up early, come over to mom and dad’s armed with my laptop and phone and at 6:30 am mom and I trade off.  She goes to work and I set up at their dining room table.  Usually about 8 am Grandpa is ready to get up and so I’ll have breakfast made, he gets up, we eat, hang out, he watches TV in the living room while I work, it’s been pretty easy to get into a routine.

What trail do you follow when you lose a Grandpa? I follow the oxygen at Did That Just Happen Blog

The other day I posted on IG: Oxygen, the giver of life.  Also the trail I follow when I hang up from a work call and I’ve lost Grandpa.

Today I had breakfast ready to go and heard him stirring.  I went in, helped him get untangled and he said he wanted to rest a bit more.  An hour later, I checked again – he still wasn’t quite ready to get up… Okay, a bit concerned but not worried.

Finally at 10:30, he was ready to get up; however, he didn’t feel well.  Wanted some Pepto.  He even pushed away his breakfast plate! So, off I went.

I wasn’t sure mom and dad had any of that pink liquid, but I went through the medicine drawer.  Then I went through the medicine cabinet upstairs.  Then I broke down and called mom to see if I had missed looking somewhere while I searched for some peppermint tea as a back up.

Mom goes “Upstairs in the wardrobe where we keep the Little’s clothes, there is some medicine left over from Lee, he might have had some.”

I found the medicine, but no pretty pink liquid.

And then I looked up, patted a box and said “Hi Lee!” and walked out.

Is that weird? It didn’t hit me what I did until I was walking away and then I was like, huh.  Yeah, that just happened.

Most of the time when I’m in that area, it never occurs to me that Lee, technically, is right there… and I can’t say I’ve ever said hi to him… so either my life is evolving – or things got weird 🙂 Let me know.  But if the answer is weird, I’m already prepared to blame a lack of sleep!

That moment when you talk to yourself and you start smiling like an idiot because you are just so hilarious

37 thoughts on “I Said Hi to My Brother

  1. I don’t think it’s odd to talk to family who are no longer with us. It was said that not long after my grandfather (the one in Reno) passed away (11 years ago), that the lights flashed on his Jeep a few times and everyone figured that was his sign to let us know he’s around. My lamp in my bedroom here in Juneau flickers a lot. Now, it could be just a bad connection with the bulb but it makes me feel better to think it’s my Gpa. The first time I saw it flicker, I said “Hi Gpa.” As with him, a few of us have thought that whenever a butterfly or a hummingbird are nearby, that it’s my grandmother (the one from Reno). I saved a hummingbird from being stuck in the garage this summer and saw a lot of butterflies in the back yard. Yup, I said hello to my grandmother. Then…. my dad’s dad (who passed 2 years ago) is said to be an owl. Even when I was living in suburbia NM, several nights I woke up hearing an owl hooting right outside. I figured it was him. 😉

  2. Are you sitting down?
    Let me give it to you straight! It’s a bit weird but totally understandable. Being in that part of the house reminds you of your brother and he is still prevalent in your subconscious. You miss him and felt it more at that moment and expressed it.
    Much weirder has happened.

  3. I didn’t know your brother had passed away but no I don’t think that is weird. I think that if anything it shows you’ve found a way to cope with the loss of a sibling. And in a way I think it’s beautiful 🙂 Plus dang have you been busy!

  4. there’s so much love in those words for your family, it makes me cry! (in a good way) It is so sweet how y’all take care of your grandpa and he looks so nice on the picture, makes me wanna hang out with him, too haha.

  5. Whenever a photo of my dad scrolls up on the screensaver I say, “hi dad!” So I will NOT judge you for patting a box and saying “hi” to Lee.

    Hope your granddad feels better tomorrow morning.

  6. OK, once I dabbed away the moisture…oh Kate, you had me crying and laughing and nodding, sometimes all at once.
    Who cares what’s normal or not, you’re fabulous and it makes sense, you clearly come from a fabulous family.
    Thank you for sharing yourself and your Grandpa with us who no longer have them with us.
    Happy Grandparents Day (it’s Sunday)!!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Donna, your words mean a ton to me today!! And, I wish I could say I posted about Grandpa because it was Grandparents day Sunday, but I had no idea… he was just the fun side note! It’s been a rough afternoon and you made my day much brighter, thank you!

  7. this brought tears to my eyes… your Spirit is so beautiful. I love the vicarious window I have into your family dynamics. YOu guys really seem to have it all together as far as contributing and taking care of one another 🙂

    • Thank you Ronit! I had never done it before, and afterwards, once it hit me, I couldn’t decide why I had or if it was off the scale on the weird side!! Of course, for anyone else, leaving it to the internet to decide wouldn’t be a wise decision – but I’m lucky to have found the awesome part of the internet!
      oh, and I did love your post today – I really do hope Barnes and Noble can make a comeback… I even like the scaled down version idea!

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