Pamper Yourself Giveaway


It has been a busy week and it is time to share the joy, so I am giving away gift cards to Starbucks and Panera!

I have been away at a work conference, it is an annual event and it is simultaneously the most exhilarating and exhausting event I attend each year! I get to learn a lot, get a ton of training and plenty of time to play catch-up with my colleagues.

I love hotel rooms. They really are my guilty pleasure.  I just feel different getting to stay in a hotel and I just love them! I’m very fortunate that my hotel room is usually paid for by a company that I work with, and this year it was a new company and I posted on Facebook that I was having a Cinderella moment!  

Cinderella moment and a giveaway at Did That Just Happen Blog   I had a living room.

 Not kidding when I say that this bathroom is about the size of my first apartment.
 And the bedroom, so luxurious! And do you see that chair?
 Yes, that chair! I’m so in love with that chair!
But it was late (late, late, late) nights and (way too) early mornings and when I wanted to sneak in pool time (or a nap) I actually had to work!

It was rough, I tell ya!

But I couldn’t even complain, all I could do was think about how fortunate I was to be able to attend and work in such pretty surroundings.

I felt very pampered and posh!

Now I want to share the love with you guys and give away a gift card to Starbucks and Panera Bread. It’s time for you to get a nice cup of coffee and a delicious treat and then curl up with a good book! Or a cool frappe and warm bowl of soup to enjoy before a bedtime bath!

The possibilities are endless!

Tell me what your favorite guilty pleasure is and you’ll be entered to win. Share for a double entry! Let me know your deepest secrets 🙂 and don’t forget to tell me if you shared! Good Luck!

***Wordpress, Starbucks and Panera Bread are not affiliated with this giveaway. It’s sponsored by my love for you! Contest ends Sunday June 28, 2015 and is open to residents in the U.S. and Canada. For my international readers, I love you but you don’t have Panera or Starbucks in some cases, so we will come up with the equivalent in a gift card or PayPal.

78 thoughts on “Pamper Yourself Giveaway

  1. My guilty pleasure is chocolate any kind! And I love that chair too!! Turquoise is my favorite color that chair would look great in my bedroom with all my other turquoise décor.

  2. Oh that’s one sweet ass hotel room, and that chair oh my gosh I’d eat a Klondike bar for it! My guilty pleasure is hiding Dad’s oatmeals from my kids, taking them and my phone out to my hot tub. I sit on the side and eat cookies and drink cold milk, then I put on my Spotify play list and soak my cares away. I’m Canadian and I love Starbucks chai and Tim Horton’s Timbits. 😃

  3. Love the chair!!! The hotel room looked lovely too, so nice to have some pampering time. I have so many guilty pleasures that I don’t even know where to start lol – champagne (definitely) , chocolate (absolutely), trashy romance novels (guilty), chic flicks (Yep) , there are many many more but you get the picture xxx

  4. My guilty pleasure is spending the day curled up reading. Just reading. Maybe an occasional bathroom and snack break, but 12 of reading is one of my favourite things!

  5. Yay! I love hotels too…on our recent vacation I loved having my sheets folded down at night and the little chocolate on my pillow!! So nice to walk into.
    My guilty pleasures are The Bachelorette on Monday night (it is so ridiculous!!), pizza on Fridays and popcorn nightly with Tim watching our shows…currently Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad 🙂

  6. I loved the pictures of the room! It was lovely!

    Hotels are also one of my guilty pleasures! I travel on business, and love to use points to upgrade to a suite! I love if my room has a balcony, and I love if I get special perks (chocolates, fruit, etc.) as part of the upgraded room!

    I have other guilty pleasures. I’m wondering if I am just guiltier than others, or more self-indulgent? I love reading a good book that is so provoking and enthralling that I have to stay up all night to finish it, to the point of blurry eyes and missing a day of work to catch up on my sleep. I love good chocolate (especially Belgian) ~ the kind that kisses your taste buds with deliciousness. I love a good glass of wine, especially if it’s paired with a really nice cheese, which is also a guilty pleasure (humboldt fog or Irish porter). Ooooh – I love a good vodka tonic. I also love coffee – but on a level more akin to addiction / obsession~ Next to hotels my absolutely favorite guilty pleasure is bread. Good bread. Fresh baked bread. Artisan bread. Homemade bread. Bakery bread. I love eating bread, baking bread, breaking bread! I love hearty breads, flaky breads, sweet breads, and savory breads. I love big, soft pretzels. I love English muffins. I love bagels. I love yeast bread and quick bread! I love cornbread, oatmeal bread, banana bread, zucchini bread. I love bread!!!

    I also love reading your posts and sharing in your life!

    • I saw you share this, so thank you and score a double entry – and you know I’m a coffee fan, and I seriously believe Carbs are my Soulmate (and it says so on my Pinterest board dedicated to all things bread!!)
      I’m with you on cheese – the other night for dinner, I’m not even kidding when I confess, I almost ordered the artisan cheese platter. It wasn’t even an entree, but I was totally going to go for it!!

  7. I’ve been to the Gaylord Texan a couple of times, and it really is a lovely hotel!

    I won’t bother you with entering the contest because I know it’s a pain to add extra stamps on the envelope to mail to Canada! 🙂

    My pleasures are generally guilt-free. I work hard, so I feel no guilt in spoiling myself when I want to. 🙂

    • LOL, Canada was the least of my international worries!! And I’m working to get to the guilt free stage. I’ve been focusing on the fact that food nourishes my body and soul, it is not a treat or reward, and it is not something to be used or viewed as a punishment either. And to eat with love and see that every thing I put in my body I do with kindness to nourish myself. (Can you tell I have food issues if it takes that long to describe it!!) 🙂 Everything else is pretty good – I felt like Cinderella in the room, but it didn’t take long to see how hard I worked to deserve it!

      • the only time I’ve felt remote guilt at a hotel was one of my last conferences with Microsoft. I checked into the hotel very late due to delayed flights/thunder storms. They told me they had upgraded me (complimentary). I expected a slightly larger room. what I got was most of the 33rd floor. I kid you not when I say that this “room” had a foyer, a long hallway, 2 guest bathrooms, one formal dining room that sat 10, a living room, an office and then the bedroom and en suite bathroom. I called down immediately to tell them they had made a mistake. They told me, no – that they were grateful for our business, etc. I wasn’t in charge of the conference, but I suppose they saw my title and assumed I was heading things up. Crazy. I’m still scratching my head on that one. 🙂

  8. Hehe I love your disclosure. I have to admit, I love hotels too! I try to ignore everything I know about bad housekeeping in favor if pretending I have an alternate life for a bit 🙂 And I’ve to got say, that new company really hooked you up! I’m trying to think of what my guilty pleasure is… probably watching teen dramas like Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf. That and eating family sized bags of Doritos in one sitting. Anyways, this is super sweet of you to host 🙂 You should be pampering yourself after all that hard work but thanks so much for the opportunity 🙂 I can smell the broccoli and cheddar soup now 🙂

    • Oh, I totally ignore the germs! I just lock that part of my brain up for the duration of the stay or I’d go mad!! LOL.
      I was totally going to get the broccoli and cheddar soup the other day, but discovered it’s not vegetarian! Then I decided that chicken broth didn’t count 🙂
      And I saw your tweet – double entry for you, thanks!! 🙂

      • OMG I’m laughing so hard! You broke my heart about the “not vegetarian” part because I just decided to be one like last week. You should have seen the look on my face… until I read “broth doesn’t count” omg!!!! Too funny 🙂 Thanks for the double entry!!

      • I’m vegetarian because I’ve discovered my body handles it so much better, but I’ve had to recognize that there are just times I have to be a bit flexible! 🙂 Good luck with it, I’m loving it, I have been doing it for several months now and am so insanely happy with the decision!

      • I’ve been vegetarian for 18+ years . . . it pays to be flexible on occasion. And it sounds cool ~ “I’m a flexitarian.” 😎

  9. Glad you enjoyed your time away, Kate.
    Your room away from home seems relaxing.

    As for pleasures ~> I enjoy them sans guilt. 😛
    We are here to be Happy!

  10. Although I’m on Canada and technically Canada has Panara bread and Starbucks my town does not. But I’m still going to share. My guilty pleasures are my cleaning lady (I love the feeling of coming home to a clean house, even if it’s only twice a month). Dinners in amazing restaurants, and flying first class. Let me tell you the flying first class thing happens once in a blue moon, so it’s super special when I get to do it.
    That hotel looks amazing BTW.

    • I can only imagine how awesome it feels to come home to a clean house… especially one you didn’t have to sweat over!! I was really spoiled with the hotel room, it was totally over the top, and I loved every minute! 🙂 Thanks for entering!

  11. My fav guilty pleasure is re-watching Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth one) even though I should be cleaning. And you know chocolate is somehow involved.
    Love that you were pampered Kate, you deserve it and congrats on your win and the time away!!!
    All the best Kate. 🙂

    • Sweet! I figured Starbucks was world wide… but the Panera wasn’t, so if an international wins, I’ll just go grab a full $10 to Starbucks… but can I do that? Do they take American gift cards? Do you know how hard this is to figure out?!? LOL!

      • Oh Kate, I was just teasing you! We do have Starbucks, yes, but I don’t expect you to do that for us 🙂 And yes, we do love you too (your “international” readers)

  12. i love hotel rooms, too. one time I had to travel w work and got to stay in this awesome hotel with the most awesomest breakfastbuffet and spa area ever… but had to leave for work every morning at 5:30 and wouldn’t come back until 11:30 pm (and of course breakfast started at 6 am and the spa area closed at 11pm…)
    guilty pleasures… hmmm at the moment toasted bread with butter and honey! and the double dirty chai at my favorite coffeeshop!

  13. I love hotel rooms too Kate. (The clean and fancy ones of course!)
    It makes me feel so free and independent. I can be myself … or even someone else if I choose 😉
    To add to the pleasure? A leisurely room service breakfast of course!!

  14. I am one of those pesky internationals so I don’t need to enter the comp. I’ll talk guilty pleasures anyway though. hehe Btw that rooms looks amazing! Lucky you!

    Anyway I have had a few guilty pleasures over the years. One of them for a long time was smoking. I didn’t smoke full time but I did love a smoke when drinking. I wouldn’t smoke all day at work or even when I went out as it was usually non smoking everywhere but sometimes I’d get home all tipsy from a big night out and sneak a couple of smokes before bed. Such a bad habit but I did really enjoy it!

    These days I think it is that some weekends when Monkey goes to hang out with his dad I plant my arse on the sofa and binge watch shows. And besides sleeping it is sometimes the only thing I do for the entire 24 hours. I know lots of people would think that crazy when it is the only 24 hours I am without him where I don’t have to do anything else, but that’s the point, not having to do anything else. It really is so enjoyable to just do NOTHING and with kids it just doesn’t happen that much.

  15. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    My guilty pleasure … hmm. #1 would be lemon bars, which are not remotely Paleo but 100% tasty! If you made it a lemon bar, an IPA (beer) and a crappy horror movie, it’d be true guilty pleasure indulgence!

    • oh wow, now that’s a trifecta!! I’ll join you in the IPA and a lemon bar, but you lost me at the horror movie… and, this is awful, but I think the B horror scares me more! And I saw you share it, so score a double entry for you!! Thank you!

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