Like Sands of the Hourglass…

These are the Binders of My Life

I have been challenged by Tracie at Life in the Wylde West to the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge.  “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo.  It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph, and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge.”

Now, getting me to do anything for five days in a row is a challenge – but because Tracie said the loveliest things about me in her post, well, I can’t refuse!

Plus, as a friend of mine recently stated “Kate is always doing challenges”

It’s true, I am!

But what is life without a few challenges!

Day 1:

The Binders of my Life | Did That Just Happen Blog

Do you see those four binders?  Those represent my life right now.

The fact that those binders are sandwiched in between my business life, on the right, and my personal life, on the left, is probably the most accurate representation of “balance” that you’ll ever find!

The blue binder is my Drama folder for church.  In here lives all of the scripts we are working on, plus meeting notes and upcoming events.

Next to it is a purple folder. Right now that purple folder is so small – but I know that as the months pass it will start to grow, and soon it will overflow.  That purple binder represents Senior Year.  That binder tells me that Mr. T passed his State mandated tests, that he only needs 4 credits to graduate and is on the recommended graduation plan.  It tells me when to start watching for cap and gown purchases and how much ads in the Yearbooks are estimated to be.  That purple binder is the one that causes a lump to form in my throat!

Next to that is my Cheerleading binder.  Not only did I join the Booster Club to support our team, but I am a member of the Executive Committee – for the 2nd year! I know, it freaks me out, too!  This binder contains all I need to know to fulfill my role on the committee, and it brings me such joy.  I get to be involved, but not intrusive, and it works for me and Mr. T!

But, if that wasn’t enough, the SNAG!16 binder has joined the ranks.  SNAG is Senior Night After Graduation and is our version of Project Graduation, which was started to give graduates a safe place to gather together after graduation. Sadly, graduation night is the night that has the highest incidents of our kids not making it back home and there has been a movement for many years, all over the United States, to give the graduates a place to play and hang out and have a big hooray before closing this chapter in their lives.  Since 2015 is our schools first graduating class, we are all kinda winging it – but guess what I did – I volunteered to be an Executive on this Committee, too.  We will plan and fund raise and do all we can to give our kids the best night after graduation, to give them memories they will carry with them for a lifetime.

I’m happy to report that I’m not the only crazy parent.

Which is good, because the other day I completely lost it on Facebook!

What is the secret handshake I need to learn in order to start getting info on Senior year? Is it too soon to be asking about if yearbook photos have to be a specific company? Or yearbook ads? Or when to take senior pictures? Or announcements? Holy cow, please tell me we get an order form for that! Am I the only one that has started to freak yet? Mrs. S, you’re going thru it now… can you just give me the answer sheet and I’ll copy it all onto my test!

Who let me adult

31 thoughts on “Like Sands of the Hourglass…

  1. Sounds like such fun Kate!! You are awesome!! Mr T is so lucky!! I loved the binders, My life is stored on my phone and in the third drawer in the kitchen which is chaos lol – clearly I need to be more organised.

  2. Gosh how can I just keep adoring you more and more. You are an amazing woman! Seriously. You blow my mind with all that you take on and do well, your organizational skills are off the charts. And I thought I took on so many projects. We need more parents just like you who take an active role. I could learn from you. I do stuff but not as much stuff as you!

    • LOL, Mr, T would tell you that I’m TOO involved! 🙂 He’s a trooper for putting up with me getting involved so *he* can make memories! And I’m usually a pretty hands-off mom, I don’t attend every single event, I give him plenty of space, it just seems that this year all of the planets lined up just right!
      And thank you for the kind words!

  3. Yay for you doing the challenge. That purple folder would form a lump in my throat too. I wish I could do your yearbook photos for you. 🙂 I was challenged to do the 5 photos by Tracie too and started and didn’t finish. I feel so hopeless sometimes.

    • I’m a sucker for a binder on sale 🙂 I probably have more binders for home than I do for work! A big box office supply store by me is going out of business, and while the binders weren’t on sale enough for me, the dividers were! I stocked up on dividers 🙂

  4. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Oh, I like the idea of the Grad Night party. Of course, prom parties are all the thing now with schools (and M went to that without going to the prom), so it makes sense to have one then too 🙂

    • Really? I’ll have to look into that!
      I haven’t joined the Prom committee (yet), but Cheer Coach is in charge of that one, so I probably don’t need too, but I want to – cause otherwise how’d I know what the plans were? 🙂

  5. My kids would have barfed all over the idea of me getting involved in their end of high school activities. The fact that I got to act as a photographer on prom day was my big win. 🙂

    • I am walking a very fine line – involved but not intrusive – that’s my motto. Mr. T will let me do only so much, but because he does, when he asks me not to, I step back! But church camp is coming up and every asks if I am going – and the answer is a resounding “NO”, he would LOATHE to have me there, and that takes away his joy… so I take my involvement where I can get it! 🙂 But with Cheer, there is a lot I get to do that doesn’t cross his path, so it’s working out for us.

    • Thanks! I am having fun, and cherishing the moments because I won’t get them again – and, it has been fun getting to know other parents that are going through similar stages of life, I’ve never had that in my life before (all of my friends have kids at different stages and ages) and it’s been neat having someone nearby that I can relate to!

  6. I got a lump in my throat reading your post! I still remember all of those things about my oldest child’s senior year! I sort of fumbled my way through it…you are definitely more organized! I’m glad I had her to practice on, so that by the second one I was much more with it, and by the last 2 I will be a pro!

    • LOL! One night, I was sitting around a table with other parents, and we ended up going around the table and saying “first and only” “first senior, 2 more behind” “2nd one”. We were letting everyone else know if this was our only child, our first child graduating, if we had gone through it before, and how many times we had to do it again – and I giggled because that’s one of those things that I didn’t know other parents thought about! But it’s always on my mind that this is my only shot – and then we have parents like you who have been through it and provide the guidance and support we need… and then those taking notes for the next couple of kids they will be going through this with! 🙂
      It’s been pretty neat, and I know the goal is to make great memories for Mr. T and the other kids, but I look around and know that the other parents and I are making memories, too.

  7. Sadly, your posting made me realize there are SO MANY THINGS I could be worrying about- that I did not even KNOW about until reading your blog.

    I do love the juxtaposition of these folders with the other aspects of your life. At some point, you must give us an update as these folders (and your life) continue to transform 🙂

    • That thought did cross my mind, that I was giving spoilers to those raising kids younger than Mr. T! I tried not to give too many details, I don’t want to scare anyone off! Of course, my Facebook post where I was a bit freaked was the day I realized that there was so much I was supposed to be worrying about and no one had given me the information yet… and that was what worried me!

      The best part was, the note about the Senior meeting went out like 2 days later… so if I had just managed to keep my crazy tucked away for 2 more days then no one would have known… but no, I had to put it all out there!!

      • oh, I have so been there. Not being patient enough to wait. Sending out one compulsive e-mail after another, letting all my “crazy” out and if I had ONLY WAITED, it all would have worked out anyway.

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