Then he kissed the back of my hand…

There will come a year when I don’t reblog this, but this is not that year!

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My parents always knew that they wanted to have 2 kids and to adopt.  So, after me and my sister, they began looking to adopt.  They wanted to adopt a special needs kid, provide a home to a child that might be overlooked.  They were aware of their own limitations and knew that they wanted a child with a physical handicap.  We took sign language classes together for a while when we thought we were getting a deaf sibling.  That fell through and in the end, we found out about Lee.  Lee had a little red triangle that appeared on his forehead above his nose when he cried and got upset.  The Koreans considered that a handicap.  It was meant to be!

Image Lee at Universal Studios, he’s so strong, he is lifting up the A-Team Van with one hand!

His Korean name is Man Ho Ha and we picked him…

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23 thoughts on “Then he kissed the back of my hand…

  1. forever and ever re-blog this. He will never ever leave your heart. I love to read about Lee, I loved when you guys re-did the floors in your folks home and his name was there! I love how you kept his letters and tattooed his handwriting on you. This is how I first met you, when you spoke of the love you have for your brother. That will never change, I wish he could be with you here now in his earthly form, I hate loss so much. I find comfort myself in re-telling stories of my lost loved ones and even finding little signs they still leave.

    sending love and hugs from afar
    your friend Tracie

  2. It’s a very moving post. I think you and your family are really wonderful people. Lee was blessed to have you as a sister too. By reblogging this every year, shows that you love him very much. I am touched by your love for him.

  3. Wow, I can’t say anything that hasn’t been already said above, But this was so heart touching to read and hit really close to home since I lost a family member recently too. Lots of love and prayer to you and your family. By the sound of it your brother was no less than an angel and a blessing who left you with good memories to cherish.

  4. Made me cry. I’m glad though that you had your moment with your brother and had that really touching conversation with him before he passed away.

  5. This is so lovely, Kate, sad, funny, amazing, and just lovely. Thank you for sharing, it helps and hurts at the same time, doesn’t it? I hope the pain has dulled with time and happy memories prevail. Big hugs. 🙂

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