Die Winter Die


This is how I live – if it dips below 60 degrees, I get a chill.

So imagine how wonderful I feel now that we’ve had 5 winter weather events in less than 2 weeks.

cold weather - nobody has time for that

That’s pretty much how I feel.  And if you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you are aware that I don’t have enough clothes for this.

texan 10

Yes we will.  And we will not feel badly about it.  Live through our summer before you judge our cold weather attitudes!

Die winter die

Yesterday we got rain, all day long.  That turned into sleet and froze to our roads.  That turned into up to 7″ snow. I only got 5″ of snow.

Right now, it’s 22 degrees and the sun is shining brightly.

weather aliens


37 thoughts on “Die Winter Die

  1. I’m in Rio Rancho (Albuquerque) and I’m freezing! It is 52 degrees outside. 68 inside. I’m still freezing. I exercised for 20 minutes to warm up and no joke, I was cold again not long after I finished! I even took a shower to help warm up. That worked for a little bit. My hands are little icebergs. My nose is cold (one of my pet peeves). I have a throw blanket on my body in addition to a sweatshirt, t-shirt, fleece pants, socks and shoes. I’m thinking of putting a stocking cap on next. To think I spent the last 6 years in much colder climates surprises me. This is WARM compared to those places I used to live! I think Texas messed me up last summer. I got used to that hot weather and now I can’t take the cold…and it’s not even that cold here! :/

    • LOL! It only takes one summer in Texas to start thinning out your blood! And yes, I’ve showered to warm up this winter – and frequently I go hop on the stationary bike for a 15 min spin class and that heats me up! And I laughed as you told me everything you were wearing – my friends and I do that all the time!! “Today I have one this and this and this” and “I have that plus today I had to wear this!!” Until it hits 70 dg outside, you’ll be frozen! 🙂

      • Yes I agree. I got acclimated to Texas heat and as soon as it got cold in Washington, I was not happy. I may gripe about the heat but I don’t hate it near as much as the cold. I remember thinking to myself (while living in TX) that I never had to give much thought to my clothing. It was going to be shorts and a tshirt every day (unless I was at work). I’m glad to be back but Northern NM is not as warm as southern NM.

  2. I remember being in Dallas in March, in the outdoor hotel pool and we were those crazy Canadians outside in swimsuit during winter :). I can only imagine what cold weather with freezing rain and snow can do to a place who normally doesn’t get that kind of weather. We, at least, are ready and expect it. We have the clothes and winter tires for our cars. Bundle-up for now, your spring is just around the corner while ours is not coming anytime soon…. 🙂

    • I’m so ready for Spring!! My dad and I had to get out over the weekend and he goes “you know, I only use my 4 wheel drive once every 5 years, but when I need it, I’m glad I have it”.
      I’ll just keep putting on layers! 🙂

    • I love Texas because we usually don’t have extended Winter cold, much less cold on top of cold on top of cold!! I actually had to buy shoes this year! I needed some shoes that covered my feet so I could run to the store – or anywhere – during the cold! I only own flip flops, sandals, my cowboy boots and my running shoes! I had to buy like, every day shoes! It was horrible!

      • haha I have all these covered in shoes from when I used to live in a colder area. They barely get a look in up here either so I know what you mean!

    • It is a lot of snow! And we’ve had it over and over again!!! Our transportation department was so cute, last week before all of this started they were so excited about a new “brine” treatment, and they were out and pre-treating the roads and it was going to be wonderful… uh huh… yeah, not so much! LOL We haven’t heard about brine again, but we’ve heard about the sand trucks out and about!

      • Brine treatment? That sounds interesting. I’m glad they went back to salt. Better to stick with what works. The sun will shine its hot rays on the earth again very soon! 🙂

      • We got some sun yesterday and it melted a good portion… and then we dropped below zero (AGAIN!!) last night, and so this morning the news is full of the people who have spun out because they hit black ice from the snow that melted and then refroze on the freeway!!
        I can make it! I will survive! You are right, the sun will be here soon!! 🙂

  3. Temperature is supposed to go up this week. It’s 10C here right now, it feels colder than that actually because of the breeze. I have to go out in awhile to pick little T up and it’s also parents’ night. Wish me luck 😉 x

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