I Would Blog, but Size Matters

I would blog, but…

There is Valentines Day candy in the stores! I fell in love with this, it was a heart, with a heart and had a dream catcher on it!  It was like it was practically calling my name in the store and begging to be eaten.

I heart youI obliged, by the way.

I would blog, but…

Mr. T ended up getting a different car.  I drove a little compact car for many years intending to saving money so I could buy me a car and I would give T the compact car when he turned 16, which I did.  And, he warmed my heart, because at least once a week he was telling me about an issue that had come up, but how fortunate he was that he had a car to drive!

size matters

We got this Expedition for a steal from my boss.  Mr. T went from a 4 door compact to a massive 3 row Expedition.  When we were at Walmart, I saw the decal that said “Size Matters” and cracked up.

That decal now adorns his new car!

I would blog, but…

project wall

I finished my Project Wall!  As soon as I got it up and all of the art work I had picked out in the frames, then naturally the Universe sent me new art – but – I was smart, and got frames that make it super easy to change the pictures!

I love my project wall!  I can’t believe I waited as long as I did!  And, if you look closely, you’ll see this:

Tracie photography

It’s a beautiful postcard, made from an original photograph taken by Life in the Wylde West, it also has a feather in the frame, if you follow Tracie at all, you’ll know feathers are her thing, and the fact that she shared with me just fills my heart! (PS, you can purchase artwork from Tracie and many other local artists at Crated.com, I’ve ordered from this site before and had a great experience!) <— Not getting paid for that, I just really like it!

Speaking of filling my heart, I would blog, but…

tax time

It is tax time!  Mr. T grabbed my laptop, sat on the couch next to me and we did his taxes for the first time.  There just aren’t words!

I would blog, but…

I lost my pinky toenail.

lost my pinky toenailIt just fell off.  We all know how very graceful I am, well several months ago I was unloading a cooler and wouldn’t you know, turned around to pull more items out and walked right into it!  Stubbed my pinky toe, hopped around and wished that I was one to let loose with explicit language and then went on with my life!  Every time I got a pedicure we noticed that the nail was still bruised, but I really never gave it any thought.

Until it fell off!

I would blog, but…

college info

We’ve been getting letters from colleges in the mail.  I’m not happy with getting letters from colleges in the mail.  It freaks me out a bit to tell the truth!

I would blog, but…

We patiently wait

I’ve been spending time with teenagers that aren’t mine!


And time with 1st placers!

We are the champions

So, I would blog, but sometimes you just don’t have anything to say!

54 thoughts on “I Would Blog, but Size Matters

  1. You have been so busy! Isn’t that the way? Life just gets in and BOOM all of the sudden you have completely forgotten about the things you love. That happens to me all the time – I blame having too many hobbies.

  2. Oh, I love it when you have nothing to say! It’s amazing that you actually find any time to blog! Love all that you’re doing! Just raises my spirit a little bit higher!

    • Oh, thank you Kim!! That is so sweet to hear! I just realized that I missed several comments (I’d blame WP and the changes it has been making, but I’m sure it’s my fault), but what a joy to be surprised by this lovely one from you! 🙂

      And, I did get on IRS today and check the status of his refund – I sent him a text that he should get it tomorrow. It’s surreal!

    • Today I cleaned house! Went grocery shopping and am now playing online reading blogs. Sometimes I do have a boring day! But I love my life too, and how amazing is it to have Tracie’s photograph?!? I am in love!

      And having said that, there are days I love your long walks on the coastline 🙂

  3. Pretty awesome! I haven’t driven a small car in a long time and when I am inside one, I feel a bit vulnerable but love the fuel mileage. That being said, I love my behemoth of a truck and feel pretty safe in it. Glad that T has a big vehicle. I bet he loves it! That is crazy about your little toenail! I have never had a nail fall off. Considering the many times I’ve whacked a finger with a tool over the years… I really liked the cheer competition videos you posted. I was a cheerleader but we were small time so we never did any competitions. I used to love watching that stuff on TV. Made me feel nostalgic! And chocolates…. I bought two bags of that stuff over the last week. I haven’t eaten a lot of it but when I start, it’s so hard to stop!!! 🙂

    • I am glad you have enjoyed the videos, I hate to be one of those moms posting all the time, but hey, I can’t help that Mr. T is so cool! Lol! I just got back from Walmart and I almost bought mote hearts, but then remembered I bought a clearance pie. I should NOT go shopping when hungry!

  4. Saving My Belly Button Ring says:

    I would blog but…..I enjoyed reading your post too much that I was kinda busy living in your world for awhile!!! All of it, so cool. Except for the toe nail thing. That is what would freak me out. hahaha I *LOVE* your art wall and congrats to Mr. T on the new Size Matters vehicle! I would congrats him on the taxes front, but as you, that that sucks and only goes down hill from here. Excellent read!!

    • Thank you Lisa!!! I am so excited about the new car, it is so much safer and that has put my mind at ease! And I am glad that you enjoyed reading the post, I had so much fun deciding which pictures to include! It was one of those magical weekends for us!

    • I am so glad you enjoyed it and let me know! It was a magical weekend and it gave me such peace that I had to share! He got all of his $46 coming back, which isn’t bad considering he only worked about 2-1/2 mo! He was excited, and yes, so happy about the size matters car, it is so much safer than the other that it makes me feel better!

  5. Mr T has really grown up; car, tax, college letters… that would freak me out…!
    Lovely nail polish on all the other toe nails that are still where they should be 🙂

  6. For nothing to say, you sure said a whole lot. Your son is really growing up. I don’t think I’d like to be getting college letters in the mail either. The idea of letting go of our children is a frightening thought.

    • For many years now, his plan was to live at home and attend the Jr college down the street for his Associate degree and save money to attend the University, so now that it is looking like he may go straight to University, all of the sudden the nice, slow adjustment period I was expecting has been expedited and I’m not sure I like it!

    • I thought of you when I got the Valentines box! And thank you, I love the postcard and feather, I walk by and stop and smile at it each time I walk into the hallway, it’s pretty awesome! I actually wrote your thank you note today, and mentioned that I was at such a loss of words over your generous spirit that until I wrote you I wasn’t even able to blog! Happy weekend my friend!

  7. I just love and adore you! The size matter sticker cracks me up and I do think that Mr. T NEEDS that larger V because he has a boat load of friends to drive around with so it’s just perfect. Just perfect. I drove one of those for a while, great turning radius. First place!!! Yes! So I’m so excited to see my little postcard with the feather frames. Oh my HEART! that’s just the sweetest most coolest thing ever. And…..I sat with my oldest this week and did taxes too, he did most of it, I just sort of sat there as from time to time he would ask a question or so. Have a great weekend friend.


  8. Just Call Me Bee says:

    Your posts are constantly making me smile. Thank you for that 🙂

    By the way, I’m right there with you when it comes to grace and poise. I’m waiting for the day one of my toenails falls off…

    • Thank you for saying so, that just made my day!
      And really, the toenail cracked me up, the fact that 6 months later it was still bruised was just a fact of life – it never dawned on me that losing it was an option! Today, I got out of the shower and went “Seriously, what is on my elbow that didn’t wash off?!?” I took my towel and scrubbed at it… and then realized it was a bruise! Have no clue what graceful action caused that one!

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