A Trip to the Mall

The other day I went to the mall with Mr. T and the Twins, my niece and nephew.

In case any of you still thought I made up the stuff I put on my blog, please see the attached photographic evidence.

Mr. T at the mall

The twins at the mall

Yes, that all happened.

And none of it was prompted or scripted! I looked up and Mr. T was styling it on the escalator.  Then I heard my niece giggling and I turned around and there she was pulling her brother over for a picture!

On another note – here is my picture inspiration for the new year:


And lastly, is anyone else as excited as I am about the return of Downton Abbey? Like, seriously!

Downton Abbey


36 thoughts on “A Trip to the Mall

  1. Mr T is so cute! And you manage to snap that photo quick enough before the escalator runs off. I love that T-Rex pic too, in fact, I am always amazed by how you sift through images from the internet and present interesting ones on the blog 🙂

  2. Mr. T is hilarious and so is your niece and nephew ! As for Downton, did you see the Christmas special? Can’t wait for it to start all over again 😉 Love your picture inspiration for this year! Mine would probably be Nike’s slogan … Just do it! 😉 x

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