Mr. Chisholm Trail

I blinked

I blinked and all of the sudden my little bit of nothing that I used to dress up every year for Christmas pictures was now voluntarily putting on a suit.  Not just any suit, but a real tuxedo, for our first (and only?!?) beauty pageant.

Mr. T tux fitting

After the tuxedo fittings (yes, there was more than one), I was on the search for props!


Then the magical day was here!  Naturally, I snuck backstage!


Then it was time to begin!opening 3 (2)

Oh the opening number!

Then it came time for the talent portion. I never thought I’d enjoying seeing Mr. T in a cheer uniform; however, he did showcase his skills nicely!


Then it was time for my props to be put to use, in the swimsuit competition!

But don’t get me started on the formal wear!

presentation 3

He’s sexy and he knows it!

formal wear 4

He was the winner in the swimsuit competition!

awards 6 He was awarded Mr. Entertainer!awards 5 And he was first runner up for Mr. Chisholm Trail!! awards 3

winners 2 Mr T 4

30 thoughts on “Mr. Chisholm Trail

  1. Yayyyy, congrats Mr T, he did well! What a fun event, he is such an entertainer too so am not surprised by that title! So, Kate, are you already bursting from pride?! I would be if I were you! 🙂

  2. That is so awesome! Thank you for sharing this awesome journey with us! He is such a talented young man, and quite handsome! Those trophies should be on display…he earned them.

  3. Oh wow! Well done Mr. T. I loved, loved the swimsuit portion! especially loved his moves 😉 And he looked so dapper in his suit! So handsome. He’s looking so grown-up too!

    • So true!!!
      He did such a good job, I’ll take 1st runner up! And he handed me his trophies as soon as he got home, because he wanted them displayed (but didn’t want to say so!!), and the best way to get something displayed is to hand it to your mom! LOL

  4. Kate, I am so glad you took the time to post the videos. Words really wouldn’t suffice to describe all of this. And, seriously, the photo at the beginning from when he was younger? Are you kidding?
    How did you ever have the heat to discipline such a cute, endearing child?? 🙂

    • I’ll tell him Congrats, he may not know you, but he always appreciates the kudos! And he was just on pointe the entire time, it was such fun! It was awesome that he was 2nd place in the main pageant, but the Mr. Entertainer award was the one that the other contestants voted on and awarded to him! That was a big honor.

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