Family Picture Time

This Thanksgiving, whilst we had the family gathered, my sister and I thought it would be a great time to get some family pictures.  We would all be fairly dressed up, most of us had combed our hair and makeup was applied.  Plus, my grandmother would actually be there.

This was imperative because, as I’ve mentioned before, it is super hard to buy for her.  She’s 84 now, or so, and don’t get me started on how picky she is.  Now, I will admit, I am particular.  I like what I like, and as such, if you ask what I want or need, I’m liable to send you a link or a picture. But my grandmother takes the cake when it comes to picky.

Which, is okay, I don’t mind picky.  Like I mentioned, I am too, so I understand it.

Here is the difference.  If you ask me what I want for Christmas, or my Birthday, or just because you love me, I can give you a list of half a dozen things that I’d LOVE to have! I keep a running list on my phone.

I’m not even kidding.

But, if you ask my grandmother, she has no clue what she wants.  In fact, she hates that we start shopping for Christmas so early because she can’t even think what she might want before December 1st.

I’m getting off track.

She’s picky and hard to buy for.

But my sister came up with a brilliant idea.

A few years ago my sister bought a beautiful picture frame collage thing.  She didn’t use it for what she wanted, so we are going to use it and fill it with pictures of her grand kids and great-grand kids.

We pulled pictures off my computer to use, but as long as everyone was at the house, and sort-of cleaned up, after dinner we grabbed her for some “family pictures”.

I was going to just use my iPhone camera.

It works fine.

But, my mom recently got a DSLR camera thing.  So, we grabbed that.  I was told to turn it on and press the button.  So, I did.  Several times.

Then I got in the picture and had mom take some shots.

It was awesome!

Here is how my favorite one turned out:

empty pictureAnd here is how my second favorite one turned out:

empty pictureBecause you guessed it… the camera didn’t capture any of the pictures.

Something about the SD card or whatever.

So, after she left we discovered that none of the pictures took.

I wore makeup for no reason.

But, the food was good!

Will Smith that just happened

50 thoughts on “Family Picture Time

  1. this was so funny to read. I love your honesty about yourself- you keep a running list of items you want on your phone. You just have to own up to things like that. And then your grandmother! She is apparently sooo picky but don’t ask her before Dec. 1st what she might want. I really like people who know their limits and can convey them so clearly. (I won’t even mention the pictures at the end 🙂 ) Thanks for a burst of laughter in my day, Kate.

  2. Haha! bummer though! I have had that happen when I am trying to video something fairly important…either something of my kids or once when I was trying to video myself teaching yoga. I spent time getting it all setup and ready then later find out it taped like 2 seconds. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving in makeup!! 🙂

  3. Oh no how disappointing Kate!! That sounded like the perfect present too. Maybe you can still give her the photo frame and take photos at Christmas – with the IPhone much safer- and it can be like a souvenir of your family Christmas. You will have to all do the make up thing again though lol

  4. So funny!! Reminds me of the time I had to play “Santa’s Helper” for my uncle who was dressing up as Santa for Christmas. He decked out his motorcycle and had a bunch of fake presents and a mounted deer head on the handle bars (it was a sight). He wanted photo cards to send out for Christmas. I was thin enough back then and so I obliged. My grandmother got her old school 35mm Minolta out and proceeded to take 30 photos. When she kept going, I thought “You haven’t run out of film?” She checked the compartment and there was NO FILM. She put film in and we had to do it all over again, except I didn’t want to play along anymore so only about 6 pictures were taken.

  5. That’s both funny and desperately annoying too! It’s not like you’ll have another opportunity to do that again any time soon! (Sorry, you probably didn’t need me to rub it in!). On the plus side, you got an entertaining blog post out of it 🙂

    • I’m a list maker! And I’ll admit that my gift list is pretty much one of my favorites! 🙂 And, after a bit I was able to laugh over the lack of pictures, it just took me a bit! and I stated about a dozen times how “I should have just used my phone!” Once I got it out of my system, it was easier!! 🙂

  6. oh my goodness! oh my word! I was like how come I can’t see those family pictures??? Then I read your blog. I always look at the pictures first. always, even in magazines. Then I read. dang it! I wanted to see grandma. And I’m just like you. I think I’m so easy to buy for because my lists are nice and long and detailed.

  7. Let me just say that I totally understand your pain. My husband is a professional photographer and several years ago did an entire photo shoot without ‘the card’.

    I’m so glad the food was good (I’m guessing great) and I just know you had an awesome time with your family!

    Also, I would like to suggest that we are particular, not picky… Kids are picky, Women of Worth, such as we are… are particular.

  8. That’s a shame. Something like that happened at the 25th anniversary party for my parents. But back then you had to mail the film off and wait 10 days to find out you had NOTHING.

    An idea for you grandmother ~ a digital photo frame or tablet linked to a Flickr account. My brother set one up for my mom. When I have photos to share with her, I just e-mail them to Flickr and they auto upload to the tablet in her family room.

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