It’s Called Acting

Mr. T finished his latest performance in theater this week.  Attack of the Muffin Man was written and directed by their assistant director, and I have to say, it was quite brilliant!

Due to his Mascot schedule Mr. T took a smaller part than normal, but he knocked it out of the park!

I sent a text to a friend of mine with pictures from one of the performances.

it's called acting

He looks really into it.  

It’s called ACTING.

I hope Mr. T looks really into it!  That’s what was supposed to be happening!

But, my sarcastic comment aside, it is actually a compliment when someone makes a statement like that – it means that Mr. T is doing his job and he is fully immersed in his role!

Now for your viewing pleasure!

There was drama

There was drama

There was story time

There was story time

There was singing

There was singing

And there was dancing!

And there was dancing!

Dead man walking dead man walking 3

There was even an (almost) dead man walking!

There was even an (almost) dead man walking!

Bit Players

And then there were the fun pictures afterwards :)

And then there were the fun pictures afterwards 🙂

47 thoughts on “It’s Called Acting

  1. Another Proud Mom Moment! As a former high school thespian, I think it is great for young people to take part in high school or other local productions! It builds confidence and boosts esteem.
    I can tell from the pictures that he is a natural born actor!

  2. Awesome job!! I was never in drama but was friends with all the drama kids in high school. I think it is awesome to be so expressive at that age. Looks like he really has a blast at it too.

  3. “He’s really into it.” is a way better piece of feedback than, “wow, he’s really just phoning it in, isn’t he?” 🙂

    Mr T looks like he is born to be a star. Well done, him!

  4. Awh Kate this IS awesome ! What a great pleasure it must have been for him to act and for you to watch him do it. Mr.T is a man of many talents I gather. Congratulations on the successful and wonderful play! ^.^

    Hopefully someday we will get to see a small skit video of his play too, so we can enjoy it just as much as you did 🙂

    Have a glorious weekend Kate ❤

  5. Wow, this looks like fun!!! So glad Mr. T enjoyed it. I wish I could see it, is it on YouTube or anything? Teaching is a noble calling and he can inspire young people to do anything!!! 🙂

    • I can’t act at all, but Mr. T sure loves it! And he has from the very beginning! There were a few years that I thought he might take it professional… but no, as much as he loves it, he has other goals (he wants to be a teacher). So, alas, my dream of fame and fortune by association have been set aside!

  6. NotAPunkRocker says:

    The title alone sounds like it would be an awesome play!

    I am glad Mr. T got so into it 🙂 Those experiences are great to watch, aren’t they?

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