Wordless Wednesday 11-5-14


Mr. T singing


Mr. T singing at church

For #MCM (Man Crush Monday) Mr. T’s girlfriend posted, “If we could all just take a minute to appreciate how wonderful this man is, that would be amazing.  So proud of him in everything he does, from singing at church, to mascotting at school, to being involved in the school play.”

So, they aren’t my words, but she sums up my Wordless Wednesday perfectly!




33 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 11-5-14

    • Almost as much! 🙂 She’s pretty awesome, and very respectful, and all of the other students speak so highly of her, too. But, I say “almost as much” because I got home from my morning run and Mr. T was in the shower, but I heard noises coming from his room… naturally I had to investigate. I knew that they Face Timed each morning, but I walked in and she was sitting on her end of the phone, just doing her thing while Mr. T took a shower!

      I told him that maybe he should just Face Time her after he was done with the shower and dressed!!

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