What To Do With The Left Over Halloween Candy

Yet again, this applies!!

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I am seeing these posts all over the place.

Turn this:

halloween candy

Into this:

From Yahoo! Shine article From Yahoo! Shine article

All of these tips and tricks for the leftover Halloween candy.  Make a Christmas advent calendar with the candy.  Toss it all inside a pie crust and make an insane chocolate/caramel/nut/pretzel/dots pie.  Halloween bark.  Halloween popcorn.  The ideas are endless!  Apparently even the Elf on the Shelf tends to get in on the action.

All of those great ideas and I’m all:

belly full of candy


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29 thoughts on “What To Do With The Left Over Halloween Candy

  1. I used to buy the Hallowe’en candy on clearance and use it in the Christmas goodie basket I would give to friends and co-workers. After I picked out my favourite treats, of course.

  2. StrongNewMe says:

    Leftover candy? With a sweet tooth like mine, the candy doesn’t last long enough to worry about what to do with it! 🙂

  3. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    Store it so when you get the urge for chocolate you don’t have to go the the 7/11 and pay a buck fifty for their candy..

  4. I used to just throw it away…Monster Teen just caught on last year that her candy didn’t actually “go bad…” Of course…that phrase came about bc is eaten her chocolate bunny one Easter…ohhhhhh, the shame!

  5. jeff7salter says:

    too complicated. I just eat all the good stuff and leave the stuff I don’t like until the next grandkid comes over.

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