Everyone Thinks They Are Too Old…

Until You Have the Stick in Your Hand!

pinata 1

What you can’t see is the little 1 year old taking her turn with the pinata.  Due to past experience, I’ve learned that it’s not worth a good picture when I almost lose an eye!

pinata 3

There’s my niece Bella, just over a year, taking her turn!  And apparently Shorty decided to dress up as a demon dog. Oh wait, maybe that’s just the camera flash reflecting!

pinata 4

Next up is my buddy Joshua.  One of my favorite nephews 🙂

pinata 5

Now it’s getting serious!

pinata 9

My other niece, Samantha, who cracks me up… “Mr. T, you aren’t supposed to move it that much when I go to hit it!”

Uh, I think that’s actually the point!

pinata 11

Ding! Ding! Ding!  And this was the winning hit!

pinata 13 pinata 14

Time to gather the loot!

Everyone rolls their eyes and thinks they are too old, until they have that stick in their hand!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

38 thoughts on “Everyone Thinks They Are Too Old…

  1. Paul says:

    I’ve never hit a pinata. It looks like a lot of fun. Do the little ones get any candy in the scramble after it is broken?

  2. Hahaha! Nobody is too old for pinata! I remember one birthday, a niece I think, they had a pinata only that it was a real pot and when it finally broke, kids swarmed underneath to get the candies then a big chunk of the pot (which was still hanging on the rope) suddenly fell and hit a kid on the head. It did not stop him though. He was too concerned about the candies than his head! Thankfully he was okay, just a tiny bump LOL

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