Life Hack Test: Lotion Socks

So, I’m a big fan of Life Hacks.

DIY expo markers

Splish Splash Ms Lander shows us that if you glue pom pom’s to the bottom of Expo markers, you have a built in eraser!

Or, did you know that you can get an autographed picture from a Disney character?

life hack 1589

So, when I kept seeing one for soft heels and feet, I had to try it out!  And yes, I’ve heard all about putting lotion on your feet and then putting on socks before you go to bed.

I cannot sleep in socks.

I don’t trust people that can sleep in socks.

It’s just weird.

Yes, I called YOU weird.  (I don’t know who it is, but I’m positive at least one of you does this!)

Moving on.

I grabbed an old sock that was hanging out in the sock graveyard.

You know, the pile of socks that don’t have a mate, but you can’t toss yet because the mate Just Might Show Up!

Yeah, that graveyard!

Grab one of those.

Cut the toes off.

life hack lotion sock 1

Then put your lotion on, and now put on the sock… Then take a very awkward picture – and trust me, this was the best of the bunch!

Life hack lotion sock 2

Now you can go to bed, with the lotion on the foot now trapped, but with your toes being able to breathe!


Well, it works well enough.  Usually by about 3:00 am I’m prying those suckers off – but really, the socks just live under the covers until the next night when I put them back on.  Which now that I type that out, it kinda sounds gross.  Don’t judge.

But, I struggle with rough heels – mainly cause I never wear shoes – and I’m kinda excited, after about a week of this, my heels are still really smooth! So, if you have challenging heels, and can’t wear socks to bed, I highly recommend visiting the sock graveyard and trying out this life hack!

You’re welcome. 🙂

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37 thoughts on “Life Hack Test: Lotion Socks

  1. This is genius Kate! BUT…admittedly, I’m one of the weird ones wearing socks to bed, maybe visiting the sock graveyard will cure me! 😀 So great co-hosting with you at Whatever Wednesday this week. Oh, and that Walmart Life Hack…almost made me fall off my chair! lol Thanks for a great post! 🙂

  2. Those are great! I may have to do the Disney one, my daughter would love that. But I cracked up at this post…I can’t wear socks to bed either. However, it sounds as if really you are ok with people who wears socks to bed but just can’t trust those who suffocate their toes. haha 🙂

  3. I ALWAYS wear socks to bed!! Well, except in the summer, but sometimes even then because the a/c is on. My feet are always freezing cold. But now I’m going to start putting lotion on THEN my socks. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  4. Good tip Kate, I am one of those weird people that can actually sleep with socks on lol 😜. Loved the life hacks, will have to try the one about car sickness, my Harry gets that when he is playing with his DS in the car. xx

  5. Martha B says:

    Life hacks are so fun! I don’t know if I can stomach the whole lotion sock thing, though… I know it probably works, but it just kind of yucks me out.

  6. OMG! These are fabulous ~ especially #28 & #29.

    OK . . . question for you, Kate.
    We see you have strong feelings about socks in bed. What about . . .

    Feetie pj’s?

    • My sister loves the full body suit, footed pajamas. and she’s a grown woman. There is no way I could do that! I move and shift, a lot, and it feels like the clothes are strangling me and getting all tangled up! I would feel claustrophobic!

  7. You never sleep with sock cause you don’t live in a place where gets all that cold. You do what you have do to stay warm. Actually, most times that I wear socks to bed, I end up taking them off because i’m too warm.

    • I’ve always heard that body heat was the way to go and that you shouldn’t sleep in layers and socks when it’s cold out… but, you’re right, I don’t live in a place where it gets all that cold! I almost always have one leg outside the covers! We call that the “thermometer” sleeping position!

  8. Life Hacks are awesome, Kate! And lotion/sock deal is the key to soft heels, for sure. I can’t sleep with socks either, so I find that if I throw them on during my last hour or two of TV watching at night, (and assuming I make it an other hour after I’m under the covers) that’s usually enough time for the lotion to work it’s magic. Even with the toes cut out, it still gets hot and weird to have the socks on!

  9. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    I could see this bit of advice being handy for me and my often bare feet! (My oldest seems to be following … um … my footsteps. Ahem!)

  10. I only wear socks to bed in winter. But as soon as it’s warm enough under the duvet, I take them off! … I did hear of putting lotion on and I can’t remember where I read it, but one suggested using vaseline instead of lotion on and then socks. But I guess that’s only for those who have really dry or rough heels, which I sometimes have especially in the summer when I’m constantly wearing sandals and flip-flops! 🙂 I’ve tried both btw… and the vaseline really works, but it is kinda icky and I think next time I do it, like you, I’ll stick with lotion instead.

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