Wordless Wednesday 9-10-14

My Friday Night for Wordless Wednesday.


I helped mom paint a room in their house.

Bowling shoes

I put on some really ugly shoes that I actually really like and got set to have a “ball” with my friends Kevin and Sandi.

Bowling 2

I envied those that actually have “form” when they bowl! (That’s Kevin showing us how it’s done!)

Bowling score

New high score! I hit 70!! And I had a strike! Β It was a great game!


I refueled with a stop at Waffle House.


And you have to have bacon.

It’s okay to be jealous!


36 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 9-10-14

  1. Every time we go bowling, Jake beats me. It’s a rare day I win a game so I’m with you when it comes to lacking in the perfect bowling form.
    (And PS I LOVE Waffle House πŸ™‚ )

  2. I think 70 is great! I doubt I’ve ever scored 70. I one time played “Razzle Dazzle” bowling, where they gave out prizes to people who had most strikes, highest score of the night, etc. throughout the entire bowling alley. I got my money back because I had the lowest score…

    Of course, now all I can think is “Smothered and Covered”! I’m going to obsess on Waffle House… MMMMmmmm!

  3. your an awesome bowler! Dang! I’m impressed. I always wanted a pair of bowling shoes just to wear to school when I was in high school. No joke. I thought they were so cool, still sort of do. Oh and naturally the food part of this post looks yummy.

  4. Your post made me laugh because my bowling goal was to break 100 while my partner would often score a perfect 300!
    Congrats on your 70.

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