Wordless Wednesday 9-10-14

My Friday Night for Wordless Wednesday.


I helped mom paint a room in their house.

Bowling shoes

I put on some really ugly shoes that I actually really like and got set to have a “ball” with my friends Kevin and Sandi.

Bowling 2

I envied those that actually have “form” when they bowl! (That’s Kevin showing us how it’s done!)

Bowling score

New high score! I hit 70!! And I had a strike! Β It was a great game!


I refueled with a stop at Waffle House.


And you have to have bacon.

It’s okay to be jealous!

36 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 9-10-14

  1. Every time we go bowling, Jake beats me. It’s a rare day I win a game so I’m with you when it comes to lacking in the perfect bowling form.
    (And PS I LOVE Waffle House πŸ™‚ )

  2. I think 70 is great! I doubt I’ve ever scored 70. I one time played “Razzle Dazzle” bowling, where they gave out prizes to people who had most strikes, highest score of the night, etc. throughout the entire bowling alley. I got my money back because I had the lowest score…

    Of course, now all I can think is “Smothered and Covered”! I’m going to obsess on Waffle House… MMMMmmmm!

  3. your an awesome bowler! Dang! I’m impressed. I always wanted a pair of bowling shoes just to wear to school when I was in high school. No joke. I thought they were so cool, still sort of do. Oh and naturally the food part of this post looks yummy.

  4. 18mitzvot says:

    Your post made me laugh because my bowling goal was to break 100 while my partner would often score a perfect 300!
    Congrats on your 70.

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