Ear Buds for the Win!

I recently mentioned that I’ve started an upper body fitness challenge, and it became very clear this morning how extremely necessary this is for me!

Mr. T had to be at school at 8:30 am for a cheer function and while I didn’t want to, the yard really needed to be mowed.  Normally we split the task – I weed eat and he will mow.  Unfortunately, we just haven’t had a free weekend – and we won’t have a free one for a bit – and even though Mr. T was gone today, I was still here.

And my neighbor was working on his yard.

Peer pressure!

I pulled out the lawn mower.

Pressed the prime button as instructed.

And yanked.

And yanked.

And yanked.




And yanked

And yanked

And yanked.

Then I stepped away, took a deep breath…

And then, well,

See above…

I swallowed my pride and popped my head over the fence and asked my neighbor for help.

And he proceeded to start the mower on the first try.

So, it became clear to me this morning that picking an upper body challenge was the smart move for me!

But wait – it gets better!

Apparently some ants decided to make a home in the back yard, but I didn’t discover them until I had run them over and one or three dozen decided to bite me!

Well, I won’t stand for that.

So I walked over to the back door and then stopped.

I really wanted the ant spray.

But I couldn’t let go of the lawn mower.

But I really needed the ant spray.

But I’ve already proven that I can’t start my own mower!

ear buds to the rescue

Problem solved!

Ear buds for the win!

44 thoughts on “Ear Buds for the Win!

  1. Kate, you had me smiling here. I can never work mechanical devices. I am still struggling with our can opener on a daily basis. What I loved about this is that it was empowering how you solved the problem at the end. Can’t start the mower? Bitten by ants? No problem for you- you are truly unstoppable 🙂

  2. BFF hated to restart the mower every time he had to move a branch, or chase a snake away, or wipe his weary brow. So he rigged up a twist tie ~ much like your ear buds.

    You IZ Smart!

  3. Necessity is the mother of invention! 🙂
    Love your problem solving ingenuity.

    p.s. We have a MAJOR issue with those biting ants in my backyard. I have never had an ant bite me in Toronto until we moved to this house. The backyard is a true oasis, but hold sh&t, those ants are deadly. 😦

  4. Oh, my! First, let me say that I can’t start a pull start mower. I got a new one that has a key start…
    Next, let me say… OH, NO! Fire ants! That’s awful – just awful! I can definitely see the rock and hard place you were between! I think the Marines would be impressed with the way you managed to adapt and overcome your obstacle. Way to go!
    On a side or back note, I wanted to laugh, but felt that would be wrong considering the biting fire ants! So, I did not laugh. I chuckled a bit, though.
    You Are Awesome!

    • When Mr. T leaves home and I have to do it all by myself all of the time, I’m totally buying one like yours!!
      And the quantity of ants caught me off guard and those suckers deserved payback! Apparently I’m a bit blood thirsty 🙂
      And you can laugh away, afterwards I sure did!

  5. Ingenious!! Nice one!! I liked the Macgver comment made me laugh :). I don’t know why they make lawn mowers so hard to start my poor sister struggles with hers too. They must give boys/men private lessons at school or something lol

  6. Paul says:

    Well done, Kate, Most resourceful. The MacGyver of the lawn maintenance world. Love that the srtiung/shoelace is pink. It says so much.

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