My Life is Full of Challenges

I know, I know, you have challenges, too.

All of our lives are full of challenges.

Some are not by our conscience choice, but due to decisions that we’ve made and placed us in certain circumstances.  Some challenges are completely brought on by us and some challenges we actively seek out.

Because sometimes we are all a bit nuts!

Last month I took this:

30 day fitness challenge

And turned it into this:

completed 30 day challenge

Look at that!!  Go Me!! I completed the challenge!

1840 squats.  902 lunges, 1550 crunches, 500 very long seconds in push up plank.


Now, as you know, I also took the declutter challenge.  One item on day 1; two items on day 2; three items on day 3; etc.  If you add that all up, it comes up to about 500 items.  I chose to break it into sections of my house.

And, guess what?

I failed.

declutter challenge

I could not toss 500 items.  I made it to 362 I think the sheet says.

But, I gave it my all! I even parted with items I really didn’t want to!

The flip side of this is that I learned a bit more about me.

At one point I was in the kitchen and all of the cabinets and drawers were open, and all I had managed to do was find about 10 items, like an extra coffee scoop and some broken magnets that used to be on the fridge, and I was feeling very dejected.  Then I got mad! If I hadn’t had that garage sale 2 years ago where I got rid of all of my extra kitchen stuff, then I would have had another 50 items – easily – to count towards the challenge!

Next I was in my closet.  I knew that Mr. T had just bagged up about 50 items, so I just had to match that.  I think I found about 20 items.  And that includes socks with no mate and broken earrings!  Again, I was defeated! I couldn’t come up with more than 20 items! Then, again, I got mad! If I hadn’t been cleaning out my closet for the past couple of months, if I hadn’t sold those 10 pairs of shoes, I would have been so much further along!

Do you see the trend? The past several years I’ve been getting rid of things, which is great – but here’s the good news – I haven’t brought back in the items! The items that have been purged have not returned to my house!  I haven’t replaced my unwanted/unused/not necessary items!

So, yes, I totally failed.

And I’m totally taking that win!

have nothing in your house

So, how do you follow-up these challenges?

With more challenges!

30 day arm and shoulder challenge

I may have little upper body strength, and I may be using girly weights, but I’m taking the challenges!

And I hope your life is just as full of challenges, too!  Grow through what you go through

55 thoughts on “My Life is Full of Challenges

  1. Good luck for your challenges! You have exceeded 1000 crunches and squats and near 1000 lunges! I am totally impressed! You have so many challenges and I love that you always share them with us. You motivate many people out there. I think one of my favourite is your good deed challenge that you and Mr T did. That touches me greatly. Recently I have been telling the kids to write one sentence on what they are thankful for the day. It can really be just one simple gesture and my girl wrote her first,”I am thankful for the school canteen lady who gave me more sauce.” It got her thinking and looking out for things to be thankful for 🙂

    • Christy, I love to hear this, and first off, thank you! And secondly, I love that you are inspiring a life of gratitude in your kids! It really does help us when things are challenging and we are struggling to look around and see what all we have to be thankful for!

  2. Awesome job Kate! Those challenges are NOT easy! You did awesome on the declutter challenge too. I really love that quote, “Grow through what you go through”….could not be a better thing for my life lately. xo

    • You were a huge inspiration for the declutter challenge! And I really was so happy at the end to discover that it was great that I couldn’t really complete it! I must be growing – and I think you should totally use that quote – it really does apply to your life right now! 🙂

  3. In April, I started this things where I took everything out of my cupboards and they had to earn their way back in. It was very messy to begin with, as you can imagine, because everything came out. It amazing how nearly six months later, there are still so many things ‘out’ (unused) that could really be thrown away or given away, as I never use those things or wear those things. It has been an eye-opening exercise.

  4. Paul says:

    Yikes, you’re scaring me.Now i fell like I have to try to keep up or feel left behind. Are you a list type peson or is this just an anamoly? I am jealous and at the same time happy for you that you are making progress. I seem to get into enough trouble already.

    Oh, as an aside Kate, I recently did a guest post over at Cordelia’s Mom I’d be honored if you’d drop by and have a read. Thank you very much.

  5. Saving My Belly Button Ring says:

    You go with your bad self Kate!! Love the check marks on your 30 day challenge. I so did that too! Congrats on the de-clutter and it is a good thing that you didn’t have more to release – totally means you were winning from the get go. 🙂

  6. You are a star Kate!! Well done on all your challenges there is no way I could have completed that de-clutter challenge or gotten anywhere as near as you did to 500 items. I tried boxing for the very first time on Thursday I don’t think that I have ever sweated so much in my whole life!! But I loved it !! Very sore today lol but I am definitely taking it up. I have been challenging myself to try new things and do things that I would not orherwise do (outside my comfort Zone) so far it has been awesome. Good luck with your new challenges xxx

  7. Well done, with both challenges! And good that you reminded me of me needing a new fitness challenge now… hmmm… Won’t do the decluttering one since I am constantly on that (and then my mum visits me and brings me something i don’t have and I never knew I needed 😉 Mums are the best!)

    • Oh my goodness!! I thought I was the only one with a mom like that!!! I get more stuff from my mom! But, my poor mom is a… um, collector. Yeah, we won’t say pack rat or hoarder, but a collector! And she can’t toss or donate easily, but she can “give” to my sister and I. Many years ago my sister and I would just take the stuff and either use it, toss it or donate it – but then it became too overwhelming and we both finally had to stop just taking it so it left her house!

      • Haha, I know the feeling. But have to say, my mum has started to get rid of stuff herself too. But still she always finds things we may some day need… 🙂

  8. #Winning
    You are a winner…There is no fail when you try! You Kicked A$$!

    As you know, I love challenges! I’m glad that you are challenging yourself with something new! Keep winning!

    • I have to keep up with YOU! You’ve been rocking your challenges!! And, while mine have been more self-centered (which I’m totally owning because it was what I needed to take care of myself) You’ve totally taken on another RAK one and are doing so much good out there – spreading kindness and love! #winning!

      • Is this where I need to remind you that you inspired me to do last years RAK Challenge? Thanks so very much for your inspiration, and way to go for Rocking Your Challenges!

  9. Go you! And LOL at wanting your stuff back so you can shed it again. :mrgreen:

    Getting rid of 365 things in a single month qualifies you as a CROWNED CHAMPION in the 365 thing challenge . . . which asks folks to shed 1 item a day each month. And you did a year’s worth of de-cluttering in a month.

  10. Well done for achieving so much! I’ve been wanting to declutter our whole house too. From T’s outgrown toys, clothes etc… We have a small house and so much stuff. Wish me luck! As for you, I’m sure you’ll do well in your new challenge 😉

    • Good luck! I actually really enjoy the process. Every year before school we got through Mr. T’s clothes, donate what doesn’t fit and that gives us a better idea of what he actually needs. And each summer (when he was little) we went through his toys to donate, his birthday was coming up and then Christmas, and he knows that if he isn’t using it, there could a child out there that would give it a great home. It was so important to me that Mr. T grow up with a generous heart, I involved him from the start – and it has stuck with him! 🙂

  11. As someone who is suffering from muscle stiffness from doing 100 squats in the last two days, I COMMEND YOU for doing that many squats…or for holding a plank that long. Good luck on your arm challenge!

  12. I really liked how you outlined everything in this process. You could have looked at some things as “failures”, but as you realized- you had not replaced the things that you had gotten rid of. That is HUGE in my book! Sometimes, we don’t even realize how much we are changing or transforming and then something like this simulates our awareness. Kudos to you- you are definitely a winner here 🙂

    • Thanks! There were some rough days – and I even told a friend that I was cheating and counting stuff I had given away/sold the previous month – and even cheating I couldn’t meet the challenge – and that’s kinda when it hit me! So, really, thanks, because it was a really good feeling to recognize the change!

  13. lardavbern says:

    You are always into these challenges. Good for you for doing some purging. I’d like to think of myself as a minimalist.
    Take a visit to Miss you over there Miss.
    P.S. Cowboys are going to stink!

    • I can’t argue with the prediction about the Cowboys – I think we are all believe we won’t have an 8-8 season, again, because it’ll be worse!

      I thought you were on hiatus with new posts – I haven’t gotten any email notifications and no new posts have popped up in my reader, I may need to check to make sure I’m still subscribed!

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