Lee Was Here

For those of you who have followed my blog for any amount of time, you know that a year and a half ago I lost my (28 year old) baby brother.  

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, mom and dad were on vacation and I was house and dog sitting.  Well, I thought they had an under slab leak, as all of the sudden there was a puddle in the living room! I totally freaked out, and spent hours trying to figure out where the water was coming from.  I finally traced it back to an ice maker that is supposed to be turned off.  

However, I got the water cleaned up, the ice maker turned off and we thought all was fine.

Until the wood floors in the kitchen / breakfast room started warping.  Apparently the water had been leaking under the kitchen / breakfast nook floor for several weeks before it even made it to the living room. 

Needless to say, this Saturday morning we ended up spending time pulling up the wood panels in the worst areas.  We got a big section pulled up and hauled out to the truck and as Mr. T was rolling up the thermal barrier, he goes “Look, there is Lee”

And we all stopped – and not going to lie – I was looking for a ghost! 

Not a ghost:

Lee Was Here

Lee Was Here

Lee would have been about 17 when he wrote this on the concrete under the new floor.  It was a wonderful surprise to find in the middle of less than pleasant circumstances.  

He is still with us.  

In the Kitchen with Kate Homemade Pizza Edition

I can’t decide between In the Kitchen with Kate or Cooking with Kate.  They both have the “kha” sound, and I like the shorter Cooking with Kate, but like the look of the two “K”s in In the Kitchen with Kate.

cooking from scratch

Obviously I’m not that good at naming thing, not very inventive.  And apparently I’m a bit self-centered.

I think we knew that latter bit already, though.

Anyway – if you have any suggestions, I’m open to them.


I’ll try to be open to them.

But I’ll be really open to someone who wants to make me a cute little jpeg that I can use for these episodes!

Moving on.

I’m currently obsessed with pizza.

Specifically, homemade pizza!

I’ve made a couple lately, from spinach feta to chicken broccoli, and I have no plans of stopping as they are turning out so very yummy, and so much better for you than take-out!

I love it so much that I have to share!

I started with the ortsofsorts – Pizza Perfection post.  This pizza dough was so simply, so easy and so very yummy!

Homemade pizza dough

I made the dough, rolled it out on a lightly floured surface and then put it on a pizza pan – I know pizza stones are popular – but I don’t have one of those! Then I lightly brushed the crust with some EVOO.  And if you don’t know what that is, then you didn’t watch enough Rachael Ray.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Next, I took the bulb of garlic that I roasted… oh but the house smelled delicious – and I smeared it all over the dough.  It doesn’t look pretty, but trust me – I almost baked the bread just like it was!

Roasted garlic on homemade pizza dough

It’s a good thing I didn’t bake it right then and there – because the next step was to amp up the mouthwatering factor.

grilled onions on homemade pizza dough

Grilled onions baby!  Low and slow that onion simmered away on my stove caramelizing and tantalizing me with its smell.

spinach on homemade pizza dough

Hello spinach! And lots of it!  Pile that stuff up!  At this point you may be wondering why I didn’t put down pizza sauce.  I’ll be honest, I don’t use sauce very often.  I’ve found it really distracts from the other flavors, and I don’t want wasted calories on my pizza!  I’ve found that a bit of EVOO and roasted garlic makes a great base.  I highly suggest you try it!

Your next step is to get carried away piling toppings on and forget to take a picture, so then you have to go back and open the oven door because Pix or it Didn’t Happen!


On top of the spinach I piled cheddar cheese and then – wait for it – FETA!  If you’ve never had a pizza with feta cheese, I’m telling you, your life isn’t complete!

homemade spinach pizza

Do you see that? It’s heaven on a plate!

Now, this pizza was made on our meatless night, but you could easily add any topping you wanted, sausage, pepperoni, peppers, etc.  As I mentioned, the other day I sauteed some chicken and broccoli and using the same pizza crust, with roasted garlic and oil base, I tossed on the chicken and broccoli and topped it with mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan.  It was delightful!

That concludes today’s In the Kitchen with Kate episode featuring Homemade Pizza.  I hope you all enjoyed it and I would love to hear back from you if you make your own pizza!


A Bakers Dozen

1. I had a nectarine for dinner. And a cinnamon roll.

2. I started a new challenge and I currently hate Lisa at 40 is the New 30 for posing it as just such a dare that I immediately latched on and said yes.


3. You should join!! It’ll be fun!!

4. My mom is in the hospital. She didn’t feel well Tuesday. Didn’t feel any better on Wednesday and thought she’s call the doctor on Thursday. Meanwhile, while sitting at her desk Thursday all of the sudden a spot on her ankle started hurting. She was sent home with bronchitis and either a blood clot or cellulitis. By Friday they were admitting her for IV antibiotics because the oral meds weren’t working.

5. Turned out to be cellulitis. Good news, the strong antibiotics have kicked the butt of the bronchitis. Still waiting to see the antibiotics work on the cellulitis.

6. Mr. T got a Fitbit.

7. I’m feeling extremely jealous.

8. I have been doing yoga every day for over 2 weeks now and it feels good! I know that in the past I have made it very clear that as much as I want to be a yoga person, it just wasn’t for me, but I’ve found a teacher that oh my goodness, I’ve found my love for yoga!

9. All I want to do is go buy 10 pairs of yoga pants!

10. I’ve also decided to aim for a minimalist lifestyle and declutter my life. Toss/Recycle/Donate approximately 500 things this month. 1 thing on day one. 2 things on day two, etc.


11. I don’t think buying tons of yoga clothes fits with my minimalist goals.

12. But maybe selling some of the old stuff can finance the new!

13. I may have a second cinnamon roll 🙂

Best Buy Gift Card Giveaway

Don’t forget to enter the contest! 🙂 It’s free and easy!

Did That Just Happen Blog

best buy gc

It’s giveaway time here at Did That Just Happen Blog!  I have a $5 Best Buy gift card that was “free with purchase” that I’ve failed to use the last two times I’ve been back to Best Buy – so I figure it’s a sign that it is time to pass it on! Since I’ve never done this before, the rules and contest will be simple! 

The first rule is that I have to be able to mail this to you. 

It’s no secret that I’m in love with all of you and the community that has been created in my computer!  Just yesterday, I was talking to Ort of Sorts on WP about clean eating, and I mentioned that she had probably seen on Pinterest that I’ve recently decided to try a homemade pizza (which is a nice way of stating that I flooded my feed with about a dozen…

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