Wordless Wednesday 8/20/14

until further notice, celebrate everything

Batman lunch

Okay, seriously, who has time to make these lunches? They cut out honeydew melon with bat shaped cookie cutters! I don’t even have a clue what those black bats are made of – but they cut grapes in half! Who does that?!? Sure, cut the grapes if you have a kid that can’t chew.  But if they are taking a lunch to school, they can have a full grape!  And is that sandwich even enough food for a kid? It looks like they cut half of it off to shape the face! Kudos to you moms that take the time.  

As for me:

aint nobody got time for that

28 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 8/20/14

  1. Wow! I can’t even imagine how long it takes to pack one lunch! That is crazy! An what does the poor kid say, “mom why can’t you just pack me a normal lunch like the other kids”?

  2. I think this should be on your Kitchen with Kate page! I’d love to see your version for the time pressured moms out there 😉
    Seriously though – Love the celebrate everything message. …. I think I’ll do just that for the rest of the day 🙂
    Val x

  3. Eclectic lamb posts pretty much every day awesome lunches, which I enjoy to see but that I would never even think of myself! I like the play in these but to do them… I’m with you: how do you make time for that?!

  4. LOL! I am celebrating this day! Especially your post. I go in cycles of wanting to be ‘that mom’, feeling guilty for not being ‘that mom’, and wanting to slap ‘that mom’ for making me look bad. (I wouldn’t really slap her) I feel blessed if I get to see my kids in the morning or the evening…making lunches for them is not an option!
    Thank you for your amazing sense of humor!

  5. This was great. I looked at that lunch box with a sense of horror. I think the best I have ever done was throw in some candy here and there because I think everything goes better with sugar- including a school day 🙂

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