A Bakers Dozen

1. I had a nectarine for dinner. And a cinnamon roll.

2. I started a new challenge and I currently hate Lisa at 40 is the New 30 for posing it as just such a dare that I immediately latched on and said yes.


3. You should join!! It’ll be fun!!

4. My mom is in the hospital. She didn’t feel well Tuesday. Didn’t feel any better on Wednesday and thought she’s call the doctor on Thursday. Meanwhile, while sitting at her desk Thursday all of the sudden a spot on her ankle started hurting. She was sent home with bronchitis and either a blood clot or cellulitis. By Friday they were admitting her for IV antibiotics because the oral meds weren’t working.

5. Turned out to be cellulitis. Good news, the strong antibiotics have kicked the butt of the bronchitis. Still waiting to see the antibiotics work on the cellulitis.

6. Mr. T got a Fitbit.

7. I’m feeling extremely jealous.

8. I have been doing yoga every day for over 2 weeks now and it feels good! I know that in the past I have made it very clear that as much as I want to be a yoga person, it just wasn’t for me, but I’ve found a teacher that oh my goodness, I’ve found my love for yoga!

9. All I want to do is go buy 10 pairs of yoga pants!

10. I’ve also decided to aim for a minimalist lifestyle and declutter my life. Toss/Recycle/Donate approximately 500 things this month. 1 thing on day one. 2 things on day two, etc.


11. I don’t think buying tons of yoga clothes fits with my minimalist goals.

12. But maybe selling some of the old stuff can finance the new!

13. I may have a second cinnamon roll 🙂

49 thoughts on “A Bakers Dozen

  1. *StrongNewMe* says:

    I love challenges! As soon as I saw push-ups, I averted my eyes and hummed like I never saw it, ha ha.

    How is your mom doing now?

    • LOL – not going to lie, I’m not doing the push ups, I’ve modified it to be a plank, and I just count. Cause yeah, even that is pushing it for me!

      Mom finally got released Tuesday, she’ll do IV antibiotics for the next week, but she gets to administer them herself , so hopefully she is on the mend! Thanks for asking!

  2. I hope your mom is feeling better and I am SUPER excited you have found your love for yoga. I agree, the teacher has a lot to do with it. I haven’t been in weeks because of vacation and I miss it terribly. It is so hard to start over after a long break but once the kids are in school I will get back. I have started my hula hooping back up after a week off. I always feel so much better when I am doing something so kudos to you for always challenging yourself to be better in every aspect of your life. You rock! And save me a cinnamon roll 😉

  3. Martha B says:

    Hope mom is getting better!
    I definitely am on a yoga leggings kick right now… I want them all, but like you I have this pull towards decluttering my life! I guess that just means I will have to get rid of some other clothes 🙂

  4. 500 things? That is one hell of a decluttering challenge.

    Hey – I must have tossed out/recycled that many broken pens/crayons over the weekend. Do you think that counts?

    (We are doing a slower-paced version where we take one room per week. We have been completely moving everything out of the room, as in, furniture too, and only putting back the things we want to keep. Then we get ice-cream so not sure how that fits with your first challenge but I figure we deserve it.)

    Glad your mum had something manageable in the end.

    • Thanks Dean! It’s pretty scary, because she doesn’t have an immune system (due to advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis) her body really can’t fight an infection. We think she’ll be able to come home on Monday – which is only one day later than most patients would, so that’s a plus!

  5. Loved the number of topics you were able of covering in this ONE blog 🙂 I do hope your Mom is feeling better.
    I am happy, through the distance, to participate in #9 with you. Really like the decluttering idea. 500 items seems so overwhelming, but when you break it down as you show- it is much more doable.

    • Yes, breaking down the decluttering made it very manageable! And they do suggest 1 item on day 1, 2 items on day 2, but I really think if I do it by section per day, I’ll easily hit 500! So far, so good! It helps me breath, lol, by opening up space in my home!
      You’ll have to let me know how it goes on your end!

  6. Best wishes to your mother. I did that IV antibiotics thing for cellulitis two years ago. It came back this year, but we found some oral antibiotics that were more targeted, and I was able to kick it without hospitalization.

    I’m going to pass on your first challenge, though I am going back to Curves tomorrow. 🙂 But I’m loving the idea of the declutter challenge. I might have to adapt that for the crazy categories in my life.

    Love the baker’s dozen thing!

    • Thanks Deborah – and it’s good to know that your second round of cellulitis was fixed with the oral meds, that is great news!

      I did see you were going back to Curves, and I’m excited for you! I went to join ours a few months ago, only to discover that they moved/didn’t make it at that location/ who know’s what! I was bummed, cause I really thought it would be perfect! So cheers to your experience and getting healthy! 🙂

  7. I love all these thoughts! First, glad your mom is doing ok. That looks like a hard fitness challenge. Good luck decluttering, I am still working on it and have a huuuuggge pile to give to a rummage sale this week. I love that you now love yoga. I also love that you and Nancy seemed to learn to love it at the same time!

  8. You are on a roll!! Ride this wave Kate with your whole heart 🙂
    I’m actually exhausted now … lol
    2 pairs of yoga pants are just fine (if you have a washing machine)….. I have bought so many over the years and always end up wearing the 2 pairs that I feel good in.
    Val x

  9. Firstly hope your mum is ok Kate hopefully the cellulitis will clear up with the strong antibiotics. Secondly well done you for taking on the fitness challenge it looks really good, I might give it a go after I finish the 30 day bum challenge (which has taken me more than 30 days to complete – just not as committed this time around I think), I love the idea of decluttering and that challenge looks awesome it’s a great way to declutter in an organised manner. Lastly you should definitely have the second cinnamon roll you have earned it xxxxx

    • You’ll be happy to know, I had the 2nd cinnamon roll! 🙂 And yes, most 30 day challenges have taken me more than 30 days! But, I’m a big believer in modification and making sure I take a “rest” day!

      I’m kinda excited about the declutter challenger – and I’ve modified it so that I get rid of 500 things this month – overall – and I’m not worried about hitting a daily goal. That’ll help me, because my closet alone I plan to purge big time!

      • I am glad it’s not just me that is taking rest days through the challenge (the AB challenge had a rest day every three days, so I’m following the same thing with this one.). Yes my closet could definitely use a massive declutter. Good luck I’ll look forward to reading how you go. Xxx

  10. Saving My Belly Button Ring says:

    1. I hate you too. 2. I hope your mom is right as rain as soon as possible. 3. De-clutter goal totally fantastic!! 4. I know nothing @ Fitbit so I can’t comment. 5. WOO HOO FOR YOU on the yoga front!! So cool!! 6. It looks like I don’t have a baker’s dozen. So I guess I will always be half the person as you. hahaha

      • Saving My Belly Button Ring says:

        Yeah, me calling you out might get old soon! hahaha I am enjoying the challenge too, thanks for doing this with me!! 🙂

  11. Great post! I’m an advocate of cinnamon roll therapy! 😉

    I think I may have missed it, but are you doing yoga with an actual person or a DVD/console?

    • I was very please with the cinnamon roll therapy!!

      And I’m doing videos on YouTube 🙂 Namaste Yoga by Dr. Melissa West. She has been great at providing modifications to moves, which helps me out! I sometimes need lots of modification!

    • Day 1 I was in a rush and figured I could blast through – and oh my goodness, I think it was the lunges.. I KNOW BETTER, but still, I did something and it’s been so painful!!

      I’m sure I’ll stretch past it – but next time I won’t rush!

  12. Awesome goals. I am jealous of your commitment. Why am I so darn lazy? I can’t even force myself to get off the couch when I get home from work, much less exercise, do yoga, and declutter. You rock!

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