Best Buy Gift Card Giveaway



And the Winner is NancyTex! Mr. T said that your Tweet made him laugh!best buy gc

It’s giveaway time here at Did That Just Happen Blog!  I have a $5 Best Buy gift card that was “free with purchase” that I’ve failed to use the last two times I’ve been back to Best Buy – so I figure it’s a sign that it is time to pass it on! Since I’ve never done this before, the rules and contest will be simple!

The first rule is that I have to be able to mail this to you.

It’s no secret that I’m in love with all of you and the community that has been created in my computer!  Just yesterday, I was talking to Ort of Sorts on WP about clean eating, and I mentioned that she had probably seen on Pinterest that I’ve recently decided to try a homemade pizza (which is a nice way of stating that I flooded my feed with about a dozen different pizza and pizza dough recipes!) and she offered to re-post her homemade pizza dough recipe for me!

Score!  I can’t wait to try this – and I highly recommend you check out her blog! She provides such great food inspiration!

The second rule of the give away is that you have to pick a post of mine and tweet it – and – this is the best part – hashtag it ILoveKate.  Yeah, totally self-centered, I know, but Mr. T and I were in the car trying to come up with a contest, and we decided on Twitter, and then needed a hashtag so that we would be able to go back and find your lovely tweets.  Thus, #ILoveKate was born.  You can go one step further and tweet me @KateandMrT, but it won’t win you any bonus points!

Quo eye shadow

But look what I won!  I opened the mail box this week and I had a package!  I had won this eye shadow kit from My Hole in the Head, and while I’m a make up fiend, it was also the inspiration to host my own giveaway!

I love getting things in the mail, and now I want to share that joy with you!

The third rule is that Mr. T gets to pick the winner.  I know that I would have a hard time being fair and objective because I love you all so much! So, Mr. T will search the hashtag and since he doesn’t know you guys, he’ll pick the winning tweet.

Let’s recap:

  1. I have to be able to send you a letter
  2. Pick a favorite post of mine and tweet it using the #ILoveKate identifier.
  3. Mr. T will pick the winning tweet.
  4. Contest ends August 2nd and a winner will be selected around August 3rd.

You’ll see that there is no limit to the amount of times you can enter – Mr. T will go through every post with the #ILoveKate hashtag and make sure it has a link back to a blog post.

Good luck to you all!

35 thoughts on “Best Buy Gift Card Giveaway

  1. Saving My Belly Button Ring says:

    Such a cool thing for you to do! I’d be all over it, ‘cept I don’t have a twitter account and signing up for something else is the last thing I need. hahaha

  2. I have so many questions… Maybe you can help. What, exactly, is a hashtag? And why do they call it Hashtag? It’s a pound sign. And why do people use it all the time, like when they’re talking, or on Facebook? I don’t twitter (quite obviously, or, maybe it’s “I don’t Twit”?) How do you put a whole post up on twitter? I thought twitter comments had to be short, like, 100 characters or something, for the ADHD set.

      • Okay, yes the pound sign has become a hashtag. And the original purpose was to help you search for a word or phrase on Twitter. “Here is my new blog post #DIY #artsandcrafts”. So when I did a search for “DIY”, that post would come up. It really is just a way to help search for a term or phase.

        Sadly, our culture can’t leave well enough alone and it’s been perverted! Now people are using is every where (Including Facebook which does drive me a little bit nuts!) and using it to emphasize words and phrases. “This kid won’t sleep #mommyneedsanap #imightnotsurvive #whydidihavekids”

        And, you can’t put a whole post up – you can just link to it! Clicking the Twitter button on most sites will pop up a preset tweet that you can publish. Yes, you are limited to like 140 characters!

      • Yeah, that clip is my life blood!!!

        And, I really don’t use Twitter much except when I’m entering a contest (House Party, for free goods, is a good example), but I noticed a lot of bloggers do use it – so I thought this would be an excellent way to get them participating…

        I’ve had one person enter. One. Single. Tweet. Not gonna lie, I thought more of my followers used Twitter! 🙂 I’m doing a Pinterest contest next time!!

      • Tons of people do! I really resisted Pinterest, for a long time – but now? My life wouldn’t be complete without it!

        Of course, I resisted Facebook, too…

        And, I really only have Twitter to see what my son is up to – cause he and his friends use that instead of FB b/c so many parents don’t tweet!

  3. You are awesome! I will tweet out this post, just because I like you a bunch! 🙂 Mr T can exclude me from the contest as I’m sure even if I won, Murphy’s Law would dictate that just as you mail the card to Vegas, I’d be leaving for Toronto… 🙂

  4. I have to smile at this- I love that you provided a “recap” at the end. I am not sure of your career- but is it somehow related to teaching? because this has “teacher” written all over it 🙂

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