31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 7-23-14

  1. Saving My Belly Button Ring says:

    Awesome! So, what is the deal with this name on cokes thing? I haven’t heard anything about it, but I have seen several pics of names on cokes. PS – Coke rocks, therefore you are very cool in my world!

    • With as folded as we are, I’m surprised that you haven’t heard of it! Coke is doing a huge push of “Share a coke with” and then the bottles and cans have names and such. Share a coke with Kate/Sam/mom/pal/soul mate/ family, etc. It is cool, for a gimmick!

  2. right there with the “inconvenience and hungry” comment. It is not pretty…( I am always so thankful there is not a video camera on me when I am in that state!! It would be UGLY)

  3. *StrongNewMe* says:

    I will never find my name on a Coke bottle! But I laughed when I saw the picture, because the other day, the kids thought it would be funny to bring me a Coke bottle that said “Share a Coke with…” and then had Gary’s ex-wife’s name on it. They kept telling me it was sweet how I was sharing a Coke with her. I’m glad they can find humor in the situation, because her behavior sure isn’t funny to me!

    • Yeah, I didn’t buy it – but I had to take a picture while I was waiting in line!

      Mr. T is just now discovering how bad coke is, whether the real version and all the calories or the diet version and all the chemicals. I have a feeling he’s about to start drinking less! Fingers crossed!

      • Fingers crossed!! I’m trying to convince my niece. I keep telling her that if she just made that one change (eliminating pop) that she would see big changes (weight loss). So many empty calories just being gulped down mindlessly (not to mention how awful the contents in that can/bottle are).

      • p.s. Here is the link I mentioned in the comment on my blog. The theme of this session sounds very compelling. I’m going to try it tomorrow as I just finished a different 3-part series today.

      • I did another one of her sessions today – and really, I’m actually enjoying it! She started a move and stopped and immediately offered up modifications in a very non-judgement way, and I was blown away!

        Let me know what you think of this series – I may have to try it! I’ve been working double time so I can fit in an extra hour of work out time – but it’s been worth it so far. I’m so glad I went back and read your “Fight the urge to quit” the other day!

      • YAY!!! I’m so happy to read this! Some of the classes have been a little on the ‘out there’ side, but I’m really challenging myself to stop judging and to continue to fight the urge to quit.

        The 3 part series on Kriya yoga I just finished today had some really advanced poses. The guest instructor did offer modifications, but some poses were still really hard. (And some of his chanting and such was pretty out there…) Not sure I’d necessarily recommend this 3-part series. Will continue to explore and share the great ones as I find them.

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