Holiday Weekend Time!

I’m so ready for the day to be over!  We are going camping this weekend and we are all very much ready for the time away!


Here is how we camp – mini fridge and automatic coffee maker (not seen).

I surprised Mr. T with his very own tent about a month ago. It’s not big, but it’s easy to set up and he gets to take it with him when he moves out.  He’s excited, in his own laid back way.

We also borrowed a pop up canopy from mom and dad for our time down by the lake’s edge.

I also have a new cooler, slightly bigger than the last one – which broke on me!

Oh, and I have my new car to pack this all into! My new and bigger car.

My new and bigger car didn’t feel any bigger when Mr. T and I were loading up last night! We finally decided that it was the extra tent, canopy and ice chest!  They were taking up too much room!

Mr. T playing horseshoes

Mr. T playing horseshoes

I ended up having to unpack my dresser and pack the contents in a different container.

Yes, I said dresser.

Then we came inside after it was all said and done and discovered the two food tubs.

Out we went, again.

Eventually we did get it all in the car.  And then part of it out again so I can go fill up the coolers with ice!

Then I had to give major props to Karen, who is the one that asked if I had done a “dry fit” of the camping gear in the new car! Our Facebook conversation cracked me up.  I decided that since my conversation about camping involves the words “astro turf entry” “pee bucket” and “dresser”, well, that probably tells you all you need to know about how I camp!

Having said that – I can’t sit at my computer any longer!  Have a wonderful weekend – and if you all would refrain from blogging this weekend so I don’t miss any of your wonderful blogs, that would be awesome! 🙂

Camping tents

Okay, the best part of this last picture is – I don’t think any of us are using those same tents!  In fact, I can promise you we aren’t!  The first one is my old one – and I have a bigger and easier to set up one now.  The middle one is Pam’s, and she has an easy up – that white one she is bringing for her granddaughter to use.  And the last one – I think that is my Amy’s, and she has a new easy up tent, too!  I’ll have to get a new tent picture this weekend!

On a more serious note – a big thanks to the men and woman of our Armed Forces and their families.  May you all take a moment this weekend to remember those that gave their all for you.  (To my neighbors up North, I know this doesn’t apply directly to you guys, but hey, we’ll take all the good energy we can get for our troops!)

Memorial Day

41 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend Time!

  1. *StrongNewMe* says:

    The first time I went camping, I was surprised just how much stuff needed to be packed! Even “roughing it” required a lot of equipment. No dressers, though! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, you are so funny with your luxurious camping! A dresser, a coffee maker, a fridge! HAHA wow! I bought The Boyfran a tent for his birthday last autumn but we have yet to use it…. I’ll admit, the last time I went camping was with a group that included two eagle scouts so I woke up to french press and breakfast casserole that I’m fairly sure they grew and hunted the night before. SO all that to say… without someone to coddle me, I’d be dead in the woods! I like your style 😉

  3. Looks like you are heading for a great weekend!! Have some fun for me too.

    And honouring the troops is not a matter of which flag they fly – it’s honouring what they have accomplished, and sacrificed, for the good of the world.

  4. Ha! You got me. I read your sentence with “dresser” in it and I said to myself- “Did I read that right?” So I went back and re-read, and then read further. Yes you, in fact, did say “dresser”. Hmmm…”dresser” and “camping”…it’s a somewhat awkward combination…:) have fun!

  5. Haha, I’ll show this post to my hubby and he’ll never complain about the amount of stuff I pack along (and personally I think I learned to survive with very little in my backpacking days but I have recently had a “few” comments “hinting” my touch may have slipped a bit lately…;) )! Happy camping, hope you had a good weekend!

  6. Oh this looks so much fun! You guys are my ideal camping-mates, especially since you bring along a fridge, not to mention a dresser! 🙂

    • Oh yeah – and I was laughing because just a few weeks ago I drew the line in the sand that we were not doing electric griddles, we are camping after all!

      yeah, I moved the line in the sand this weekend… Now the line is that no microwaves are allowed!

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