May Chat with a Mom: Kate of Did That Just Happen?

I’m a guest over at Little Steps today! Please go check out my interview about being a mom!

I’m going to turn off comments over here, so please show Dean how total cool we are and leave your comments over there! And if you don’t already follow her, you should!

Little Steps

Kate of Did that Just Happen is candid, funny and witty.  She’s one of the bloggers whom I’ve had the pleasure to connect with through blogosphere and though I’ve never met her in person I know that she is probably one of the kindest, warmest and most sincere person I’ve ever met whether in person or in blogger land.

I follow and enjoy a number of blogs but I can only think of a few bloggers who are genuine in their writing and she definitely is!  With Kate, you know that what you read is what she is – a pure delight, lovely (both in and out) and a person who emanates warmth.

Tell us something about yourself and your little ones (age & sex)

I’m a single mom of a 15-year-old boy. I love to read, and do crafts to give away as gifts to my friends. We live…

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