What Have I Done?

Okay so if nothing else, I have blog fodder for the next 30 days because I have officially lost my mind.

I signed up for



I’ve filled out my profile – and I’m not going to lie, but my little “About Me” essay was pretty much a copy/paste from my “Getting to Know Me” page.  I worked really hard on that blurb! And, I couldn’t come up with anything else! But, please feel free to let me know what else I can add and/or improve upon!

I added a few pictures.

I forgot how uncomfortable I look in pictures.


It took all of 3 minutes before I got my first message!


I was actually tempted to respond.


I took a personality test.

My color is “Blue”.

Blues Are

Analytical Committed
Compassionate Dedicated
Deliberate Dependable
Emotional Loyal
Nurturing Seek Quality
Respectful Sincere
Thoughtful Well-Mannered

Dependable.  Loyal.  Well-Mannered.

Apparently I’m a dog.

This does not bode well for my love life.

But I think it will provide excellent grist for the blog! Can’t wait to update you guys!


65 thoughts on “What Have I Done?

  1. Kate, I met my bf, Michael, through online dating. Before I met him, I met lots of guys through okCupid (my favorite site) and other sites, over the course of several years. I was able to maintain my sense of humor, my sanity, and other important aspects of my personality. Plus, I met a wonderful person. Best of luck to you, and I look forward to following your adventures about this.

  2. I just watched Catfish. Some guy met this girl who put up a fake dating profile. She put up a fake pic of this girl who was, like, a supermodel, and it turns out she was 600 lbs and ad a fake eye. OMG. That shit is all kind of wrong.

  3. How Leaders Manage says:

    Hmmm. Do I smell an episode of “Catfish” in the near future? Ha Just kidding. Have a good day.

      • It’s a TV show on MTV where people who are doing on-line dating meet up with the person they are talking to and discover – it’s not at all who they thought it was! You know the really super cute guy in profile pic, he’s 10 years older, has lost his hair and is married. That super hot blonde chick you’ve fallen in love with, is 30 pounds heavier and a brunette.
        There was one episode were this guy fell in love with this girl, and come to find out – it was his ex who set out to get revenge on him.
        not that I’ve ever watched the show!!

  4. This will be fun! Kate!! …
    I wish I was blogging when I was dating via Match.com and EHarmony! Some funny stories that’s for sure. You have to be able to laugh!!
    There are a lot of nice guys out there too.
    I met my hubby on Match.com. Go with an open mind but hold back until you find the real deal!
    Hugs Val x

  5. Okay, this was such a tease…you know we will all be awaiting the update blogs in reference to your dating life 🙂 Will you warn any potential dates that they may make an appearance on this site? (Names changed to protect the innocent, of course 🙂 )

  6. Oh good luck! How exciting 🙂 You have got to keep us updated every time you get a date 😉 If your about me section is as witty as this post, you absolutely have nothing to be worried about 😉

  7. I think it is truly exciting! I (like an early comment) have also thought it would be fun but think The Hubs would take issue… 🙂

    I love a good adventure and think this is definitely going to be one for you. And, look at the bright side of your personality quiz. You should end up with a dog lover!

    All the best to you!

  8. Oh JUMPY CLAPS!!! I’m so excited, Kate!! Several years ago, when I was visiting my bestie, the Russian Princess, in Denver she was on a bunch of online dating sites. She would walk me through the winks and the smiles and the jargon each site offered to indicate that someone had shown interest. OMG. Every time we’d get back home from an outing, we’d fly immediately over to the laptop to check all the new men out. I likened it to a trip to Marshalls. Sometimes you score big, with a serious designer piece on markdown. Other times you just find a pile of dated and passe junk. 🙂


  9. Oh Kate, I love it!!! Can you please tell me what dating site you’re using so I can go on and drum up some business for you? I be like: This is my blog buddy Kate, go check her out. She’s TOTALLY hot. Oh, how do I know? Ummmmmm…
    BTW- I met my husband on Match.com. I had a really fun time on it, met some really interesting/crazy/fun people on there, and ate a ton for free food. It’s a win/win for us girls. Just don’t give anybody your personal information until you’re sure they’re not an ax murderer.

    • My secret staff of wing men: Check
      Personal references: Check
      Verify they aren’t an ax murderer: Check


      I’m super glad to hear that you met your husband through a site! And yes, I’m looking forward to the free food, not even going to attempt to lie about that!! 🙂

  10. I think it’s a brilliant idea. I’ve often wished I could do the online dating thing for the pure entertainment of it all. However, I happen to be attached to the Mister and something tells me he would not agree with the type of entertainment I was seeking…lol. If he ever kicks me to the curb – it is ON! 😉 Good luck – I can’t wait to hear about your escapades!

  11. Saving My Belly Button Ring says:

    I loved your post! And I so can’t wait to read about your adventure. Best of luck!! PS ~ I would never do it, therefore you have my respect. hahaha

  12. I met one of my boyfriends (as if I had lots!) online! I was in an internet cafe, this was long before we had internet at home. We chatted for several weeks (I went to this same cafe each time) before I realized we were in the same internet cafe! I just froze! LOL Lots of fun memories. Good luck Kate!

  13. The spammers are usually very sweet, but just refuse to commit. 😉 It’s too bad really. Good luck with online dating. My friend tried that and had some doozies. Hopefully, you will find someone nice.

  14. You are so brave!! I’m so proud of you – stepping outside your comfort zone. I tried online dating briefly the year before I met Mike. The most interesting and compatible guy I connected with lived in Ohio. I set the parameters for “within 60 miles”, but it didn’t count Lake Erie as an obstacle (his hometown is within 60 miles of where I live if you go directly across Lake Erie and make an illegal border crossing).
    I am so looking forward to reading about your adventures!!

    • Okay, that is funny about the distance!! And thank you – several people have said something about dating, and after the 3rd person (one of them was in fact Mr. T), I figured it can’t hurt anything. Well, it can and I’m totally freaked out – so thanks for acknowledging that I am stepping out of my comfort zone!!

  15. That is awesome Kate! Go you! My sister did that before she met her boyfriend who she actually met in a bar but the dating thing was definitely good fodder….for humor and some really cool guys. A few she met out and were really nice. I can’t wait to hear the good, bad and ugly of your experience and I really applaud you for doing it! I would add to your “get to know me”…”I wear loads of tie-dye, I am supportive and uplifting, I have tons of fun, and I love Meatloaf! 🙂

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