25 Songs in 25 Days – Day 1

25 Songs in 25 Days – Day 1 – A song from my childhood.

Okay, Disney’s The Little Mermaid came out in 1989, and while technically I was a teenager, it was still part of my childhood.  All of the Disney movies that came out at that time were.  I even had the cassette soundtrack.  Oh yeah, I was that cool!

25 Song in 25 Days Challenge

My life is busy and getting busier. Yes, I know that all of your lives are busy, too, and I’m not attempting to outdo you or belittle your busyness!

But, it is busy, and I’m struggling to make the time to blog, much less come up with things to blog about!

First off, Mr. T is a varsity cheerleader!  His name is all over the cheerleader roster and we both are super jazzed.  We are also working on our conditioning.  Thanks to Erica, I’ve started a “wall sit” challenge.  I hate the wall sit.  It is deceptively hard! Mr. T has to be able to do a 1 minute wall sit, so I want to be able to do a 1 min wall sit.


I hate the wall sit.

Anyway, Yay! Mr. T is the new mascot, and we are busy with preparations for that.  He had uniform fitting after school today and tomorrow and then we start rehearsals.  I promise to keep you all very much updated on how that goes! 🙂

The second primary point of this post is the fact that my brain is fried and I’ve decided to take on a challenge.  Because yes, when things are busy, let’s add more to the daily to-do list!

Fortunately, this should help all of us out – it’s a Blogging Challenge!  So, now I get to blog and you wonderful people won’t forget who I am!

Thanks to Penney, at My Journey to Live an Authentic Life and one of my Pinterest pals, I have this!



I tried to follow this back to the source so I could provide proper credit, but it dead ended on me and I’m going to use it anyway!

Instead of working at work or at home, I shall now be searching YouTube non-stop! If you’d like to join me on this challenge, feel free to link to this post and I’ll add your blog!

What Do I Do?

What do I do when I’m no longer “Mr. T’s mom”.

That thought just hit me.  Right this instant.  I am standing in the kitchen with my laptop, using it to look up the recipe, and during the downtime I was catching up on personal emails and such.  There was an email from the choir director at church regarding the next drama meeting.  I don’t perform, but Mr. T does and I was copied on the email because – hey – Mr. T’s mom here!

I was copied because we go everywhere together.  It’s been just the two of us from the very beginning, so there wasn’t much of a choice most of the time, but I am used to it.  I have learned how to juggle a hungry toddler at the grocery store, a whiny kid in the toy store and the sullen teen at the mall.

What do I do when I don’t have to?  A few weeks ago Mr. T said that soon I won’t have to be copied on the emails because we can just take separate cars to church and he can stay and I can go home.

Excuse me while I go pick my heart up off the floor before it gets stomped on any more.

When Mr. T told me that, I just put my hand on his head and told him that would never happen, he would never drive anywhere by himself because he was to stop getting older.

It wasn’t real to me then.

It is real to me now.

Gotta go, he just called. Time for me to pick him up!


He should just stay like this – I’m just saying.

The Final Adventures of Baby Blue

It’s been an adventure, and I enjoyed Baby Blue just as much as anyone could enjoy a big blue brace that invaded your life for 12 days due to your own clumsiness.



Baby Blue went out to Diva Dinner with us Tuesday night, and he had a really good time! I think candlelight is flattering for everyone, Blue included!  (Funny enough, it was a live flame, so I’m not as close as it appears because I did worry about setting him on fire!)


It is Spring Break and so he took his nephew, niece and their friend, along with Mr. T out to play and eat.  Yes, it’s hard to see him as the sun was shining… but hey – the Sun. Was. Shining!!!

And then, the end was near.

The time was nigh.

Baby Blue was very brave but for those less than brave, we won’t think any less of you if you quickly scroll past the next picture!


Mom removed my stitches last night.  And as brave as Blue was, I will admit that I did yelp – just once though! And then we all stared at my finger for about 20 seconds waiting for me to step up and be brave enough to actually bend my finger! I did have a plan in place should the cut split back open.  I planned to freak out and tell my parents that it was all their fault.  Yup.  That was my plan!

Fortunately, that plan never needed executing.  And in the words of my dad “Isn’t skin amazing?”

I still have the mark of the cut and the indentations of the stitches, but eventually those, too, will fade!

Thank you all for joining me on this adventure, I actually had a lot of fun and I hope you did, too!

On to the next!

Do You Mind if I Change the Channel?

Hey mom, do you mind if I change the channel?

This question was asked yesterday.  I am working from the dining room table and Mr. T is home due to Spring Break.

I politely answered:

Of course not, go ahead.

When what I really wanted to say was:

Yes I mind!  This is my time.  I’m working here, I know what I like playing in the background, I have my routines and yes I’m glad you are out of your room and we are spending time together, but do you have to mess with my routine?

I’d like to say I get points for not saying that, but the fact that I thought it shows that some days I just suck as a mom!  Fortunately, I’m not going to wallow because I’m willing to bet that every single parent (and some non-parents) have had thoughts similar to that!

I have to constantly force myself out of my comfort zone, I started working on it several years ago, and I’m pleased to say that for the most part, it comes naturally now, but I still have moments when all I want is the world to just leave me alone!

P.S. On an apparently related note, Excedrin Migraine is a wonder drug!

And I think I owe Mr. T an apology!

Headache or brain tumor

P.P.S. Oh, on an unrelated note – Mr. T is the new school mascot!!!  We’ve been working towards this for weeks now and we are totally jazzed!  Yes, I said “we”!  Look forward to being thrilled with tales of the mascot next year!

P.P.P.S. I’ve discovered that choreography is my new calling.  I’m pretty awesome at it.  Granted, I only did 14 seconds of Mr. T’s 90 second routine, I still rocked it!

More Adventures of Baby Blue

I know it’s only been a few days, but Baby Blue has already had more adventure!

He is a trend setter! Most people drink with their pinky finger sticking out, but not Baby Blue!


Aren’t they so cute when they sleep!


He went out to lunch yesterday and had a really good time helping a friend celebrate his birthday!


And, due to the freezing cold weather, he is sporting a new accessory made by Mr. T! Image

He’s not really outside… he cheated and took a picture in front of my computer,  Did you not hear me mention freezing temps?!? But that scarf is pretty darn awesome!

Until next time!  Have a great day everyone!

P.S.  For all of you who are wondering: no, I’m not hopped up on pain pills (anymore), I just find this insanely silly and hysterical at the same time!

Adventures of Baby Blue

For those that know me or have followed me for a bit, my random accidents aren’t a surprise because I am a klutz!

If being a klutz was an Olympic sport then I would have a gold medal.

Yesterday afternoon, while taking the protective cover off of an S blade for a food processor, I sliced open the top of my finger.

Yeah, that happened.

Mom drove me to the urgent care clinic where we got to meet Baby Blue.


I have two stitches on my top knuckle. As such, it is imperative that I not bend that knuckle. I’m paranoid about accidentally bending that finger at all and causing more damage! So, since I’m hyper aware of it, I started playing a game.

Lucky you, there are two weeks we get to spend with Baby Blue and I’m documenting all of it!!


We tried out our new raincoat this morning. It’s a bit small, but kept him dry!


“Look mom! I can tie my own shoes!”
“Yay Baby Blue!! Good job!”
Mr. T was so proud he took the picture to document the event.


Baby Blue went for a car ride and loved watching everything fly by the window.

Currently, he has taken his pain pills and is sleeping, but he told me he’s really looking forward to sharing his adventures with you for the next couple of weeks!