25 Songs in 25 Days – Day 7

25 Songs in 25 Days – Day 7 – A Song That Reminds You of the Past Summer

My past summer was rough.  Beyond rough.  Blessings by Laura Story was one of the songs that we played at Lee’s funeral, and while it is a beautiful song, unlike almost all of the other songs I’ve picked, I couldn’t listen all the way through!

To those that were with me last summer, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all of the support and love you showed.

For those who weren’t with me, here is a link to my favorite post, and a good summation of my life last year.

Then he Kissed the Back of my Hand. 

And check out these awesome people that are playing along with me:

Melanie Jo Moore

Surviving the Mad House

Life in the Wylde West

Bishop Eddie Tatro’s Study

Four Calders



37 thoughts on “25 Songs in 25 Days – Day 7

  1. I’ve got goosebumps. What an amazing song, although I can understand why you could only make it half-way through. It’s amazing though, the timing of this post. I’ve been really struggling with my faith, my belief and the goodness of God. This song is an excellent reminder for me that even the bad stuff can be a blessing in the long run. Big hugs and lots of love.

    • Thanks Holly. I’m glad you stopped and listened to it, cause I know that you have got a lot on your plate right now, and extra stress, like lots of extra stress, and that can’t be easy. It’s hard to understand the “why” of it all. And that applies to so many different things – I get that we aren’t always supposed to know “why” things happen (Lee, your court battle, etc) but darn it – if I can’t know why then at least can I have a break in the struggles!?!

      • I agree. However, my therapist has advised me to “stop being pissy” about the court case lol. She said it will make it a lot easier on me. I also said my fav quote is “I’d like to take all my troubles one at a time but they won’t get in line.” So we’re working on control issues. Apparently, I’m a lot more messed up than I thought I was. :S

      • did you tell your therapist that you weren’t done being pissy over the case yet? And you’d let her know when you were? LOL

        I’m bad about that, hanging on when I should be letting go, but gosh darn it, sometimes it just feels good! It doesn’t feel as good as letting it go does, but I don’t know that at the time!

  2. Once again, not familiar with the song. I just listened to it now and it made me cry. How apt. I just learned this morning that someone dear to me just passed away. He was my uncle, my mom’s brother who was really more like a grandfather to me. It somehow still feels a bit surreal at the moment and hasn’t really hit me yet. Ugh. Lovely song though.

  3. The Story, by Brandi Carlisle. My Mama P was just told that her breast cancer had metastisized to her brain, and I was struggling to run without her. I would play this song over and over and picture her speaking to me.

  4. Oh this was such a difficult one to read (and I am sure to post). Funny, how a prompt such as “A Song that reminder of the Past Summer” would normally stimulate fun, summer memories. Your posting reminded me that we never really know the path that another walks and what they may be experiencing.

    • Thanks! I had one of those moments, when I first read the prompt I was like “Summer! Yay!” and then I stopped and went “Oh yeah… that’s what I was doing last summer…”
      I’m glad it touched you, though, and that you stopped to let me know!

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