25 Songs in 25 Days – Day 1

25 Songs in 25 Days – Day 1 – A song from my childhood.

Okay, Disney’s The Little Mermaid came out in 1989, and while technically I was a teenager, it was still part of my childhood.  All of the Disney movies that came out at that time were.  I even had the cassette soundtrack.  Oh yeah, I was that cool!


30 thoughts on “25 Songs in 25 Days – Day 1

  1. I love this movie! And although I can’t sit still with Under the Sea, this one is my favorite.”Thingamabobs?”… “What is a fire and how does it, what’s the word?, burn?” This one makes me cry!

  2. This post didn’t really get me into listening less kids music 🙂 But a good reminder, haven’t been listening to our Little Mermaid CD for ages! Some variation to Pippi Longstocking wouldn’t hurt!

  3. Awesome choice!! I love the little mermaid and had the soundtrack too!! I was the queen of cassettes. I had those wooden tape holders and thought I was the bomb. hahaha The songs on this soundtrack are great. I think this is still my favorite Disney movie. Thanks for the smile, can’t wait for #2.

  4. My daughter was born In ’89. Little Mermaid was her favourite movie from age 2 to age 4. When I say that I mean, we watched it every single day. Every. Single. Day.

    I can recite every word to every song, still. 🙂

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